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Chris Lott

Blog this? - 5 views

UPDATE: I see it is in the "more actions" tab-- wasn't there at one point a way to do it by right-clicking on a page and/or from the toolbar? Is there any other way besides going back to one's book...

blogthis blog tools

Joel Liu

Big Bug Publish to Blog - 75 views

I tested with the account you give me, but it worked well. Do you know a case I can test with?

blogthis bug


Highlights and annotations not included in Blog This - 20 views

Yeah! It is working again! Thank you for being so responsive and helpful. I have had other problems before because of the capitalization in the user name. Is it possible to change the user name...


Maggie Tsai

Highlights & annotations not extracted in blog this - 14 views

Directing this to our engineers. Wonder if there is somehow affected by changes in our new system. Will check.

blog blogthis

Joel Liu

Can't get "blog this" to work - 26 views

Hi Dhtobey, Could you check your blog ID? 1) Go to your blog, for example http://**** 2) View page source 3) Find the section like Here you can find the blogID Now in di...


Mark pearson

Setting up Blogthis with Elgg - 11 views

Elgg ( is a hot new social networking / blogging system. While it is still at beta 0.8 it's very good. I would like to get Blogthis working with it to encourage the students to use ...


started by Mark pearson on 11 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
Daniel Gauthier

Publish to New Blogger not working - 49 views

joel wrote: > With one blogger account , you can have several blogs. -That i can understand. Blog ID parameter was used to identify the different blogs you may have. -Okay. Your previous blo...


Joe Buhler

Blog This Problems - 10 views

Here's a follow-up on the problem. Just after posting the previous comment, I was trying again and the correct page opened up. Thought I was home free. After preparing the post and clicking on "pos...

blogthis bug

Joel Liu

Blog This leaves out comments - 19 views

We fixed it. :) You can include your comments in the blog this window now.

blogthis comments omitted


BlogThis doesn't pick up highlighted text - 18 views

I am having the same problem....which is weird, because I have never had this problem before. I have used the Blog This function many times and the highlights and comments were extracted and place...


compwoman t

Diigo Toolbar and Flock-"blog this" (bug) - 27 views

Thanks, Maggie! I install new version 1.0.2007061301 It works perfectly! maggie_diigo wrote: > We cannot reproduce here. > > What's your OS and computer specs? Can you send us your profile h...

blogthis bug flock toolbar


Blog this - 14 views

I frequently use "diigo" to collect highlights from webpages that I later add to my blog. I have noticed that all the highlights I collect from a single webpage accumulate under a single bookmark o...

blogthis feature highlight tag

started by flashjet on 13 May 07 no follow-up yet
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