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Debra Gottsleben

CBC Books - David Weinberger on the future of - 9 views

  • The other new feature is that the colour of the book's spine is mapped to the book's popularity. "We give weightings to the various ways in which users can have used the work. So you'll be looking at the shelf and you'll see not only a set of works that are like it in some way...but you also see, by the depth of the colour blue, how relevant that work has been to your community."
    excellent post on the future of libraries.
    Bilqis notice the part about the color of the book influencing how popular it is! Thought of you when I read that!
Mah Saito

Webサイトを進化させるWeb2.0サービス実践ガイド - 0 views

  • 51dA93fZNJL-_SS500_.jpg
  • Section 3.10 「ソーシャル・アノテーション」Diigo
    Section 3.11 Diigoで情報を整理する
    Section 3.12 メール・ブログとDiigoを組み合わせる
    Section 3.13 Diigoと他のSBMを組み合わせる
    This is the guidebook for web2.0.
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