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Kathy Gill

Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 32 views

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started by Kathy Gill on 01 Aug 11
  • Kathy Gill
    Looking for help - I have students using Diigo this quarter and some have avatars that show up with their bookmarks and others do not. See

    Cannot figure out what setting might be "wrong".

    Added: is this just a database lag? If so it is VERY long (days - a week?)
  • sandy_diigo
    Having checked just now,the avatar has been modified.As you can see in the image,the avatar of Holly b on the right side of this page is bigger than the avatar on the left side.Since you upload a big image, our system must change its size and make it display in accordance with the size allowed by our system .There may be some delay. How long it takes to see the avatar correctly?
  • Kathy Gill
    It is taking days (4-5-6) for avatars to be populate from the profile tothe group.
  • sandy_diigo
    Do they change their avatars or upload their avatars for the first time?
    This issue is maybe caused by the uncleared cache.
    Can you please clear the cache for testing?

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