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Thomas Miller

Trouble changing group avatar - 57 views

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started by Thomas Miller on 07 Jul 10
  • Dianne Krause
    I can't change mine either. Any help on this??
  • yc c
    Same problem happened to me - Must be a bug, a cache problem.
    I finally managed by taking my time:
    I 1st deleted it - waited until the old avatar disappeared - waited some more or else the old one came back... to be sure I let a day pass, only then did I manage to change it!
  • Thomas Miller
    thanks for the tip, not sure how to delete my avatar (which is the default group image). I only have the option to upload a .jpg or .bmp.
    I read on another post that the size has to be less than 200k, I've scaled down my image with no luck.
  • Thomas Miller
  • Manuel Menezes de Sequeira
    I'm having the same problem. Any hints? My group is,
  • Joel Liu
    We fixed the issue. Please check it again. All avatars you uploaded are visible now.
  • Manuel Menezes de Sequeira
    It is now working again. Thanks!

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