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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kathy Gill

Kathy Gill

Missing Descriptions, Missing Bookmarks - 25 views

bug help inconsistency educator frustrated bookmarks descriptions
started by Kathy Gill on 03 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
  • Kathy Gill
    I am using Diigo with a class this quarter and have problems with group bookmarks :

    (1) Some student bookmarks do not display a description, even though the description appears in the student's "edit" dialog.

    -- Screenshot of student library with edit screen open:

    -- Screenshot of how this bookmark appears in the group

    (2) Some student bookmarks do not show in their library although they show in the group.

    (3) Some student bookmarks show in their library but do not show in the group, even though they have been shared with the group. [This is not because another student shared the bookmark initially and their description is showing as a comment.]
Kathy Gill

Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 20 views

bug help educator avatar profile bookmarks resolved
  • Kathy Gill
    Looking for help - I have students using Diigo this quarter and some have avatars that show up with their bookmarks and others do not. See

    Cannot figure out what setting might be "wrong".

    Added: is this just a database lag? If so it is VERY long (days - a week?)
  • Kathy Gill
    It is taking days (4-5-6) for avatars to be populate from the profile tothe group.
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