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Jeremiah Hackett

Public Sticky? - 81 views

sticky notes public spam (electronic)

started by Jeremiah Hackett on 17 Feb 09
  • Robin Powell
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Hi
    > Can you offer the URL of the page that you are highlighting?

    I have the same problem: when I highlight something with the mouse, and then hit "highlight and comment", the only option is private. It doesn't matter what page I'm on.

    As an example, though, since you asked:

    I'm using Firefox 3.0.6. The "Comment -> Add a floating sticky note to this page" button does the same thing. My gf sitting next to me, using Safari, gets Public and Private for both those things.

  • Jeremiah Hackett
    Chris ---- I was getting ready to roll this out with a class as well --- a test run before integrating it into a course for the entirety of next year.

    The public sticky thing just started working --- but yeah, I wish I knew if it were number of friends, bookmarks, length of time or consistency.

    The collaborative, reflective applications for this in the classroom seems extraordinary.
  • Chris Lott
    To drift a bit: I have felt really good about how Diigo is working in class, far better than delicious ever did despite my own dedication to the latter for so long. The superset of social features (particularly the communities) on top of the annotations-- really makes clear how useful Diigo can be and how social bookmarking can be more than just remembering links. In those terms, I am really behind Diigo.

    On the downside, there are issues that make me consider going back to Delicious, at least for a while: continually broken search, lost advanced search, and no immediate way to search one's own "stuff" (shouldn't that be an option right on every users own pages?, broken watchlist feeds, and inaccessible registration (I have one blind student who still can't register and after some initial responses Diigo has gone silent-- their contact form also uses an inaccessible captcha).

    It's be nice to see some notion of a plan from Diigo as to what is on the menu for improvement.

    Of course, the relative size of Diigo is pretty tiny. While we are all using Diigo in class, I will be integrating Delicious into the class as a search tool just because the population difference is staggering. Search for Alaska on diigo and you get ~400 results. On Delicious 26000 ... that chicken and egg conundrum of the size of user base is what kept me with Delicious for so long!
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: review of bug

    Robin Powell wrote:

    > As an example …

    Diigo working fine today with

    Jeremiah Hackett wrote:

    > The public sticky thing just started working

    @ Jeremiah

    1. Has your use of Diigo/Diigolet been free of this bug since 22nd February?

    2. Can you recall which operating system, browser and version of Diigo/Diigolet you were using at the time?
  • Graham Perrin
    @ Jeremiah

    1. Has your use of Diigo/Diigolet been free of this bug since 22nd February?
  • anonymous
    I can't make any public comments or sticky notes either, get this message "To reduce spam, posting public notes is a privilege reserved for active and trusted users. ". Is it because I have no followers (friends) and I don't follow any one or because I have Firefox 3.6.12 ?

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