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Chris Lott

Urgent Q: Captcha and Accessibility - 34 views

accessibility captcha bug priority

started by Chris Lott on 19 Feb 09
  • Chris Lott
    I've recently switched my classes to Diigo instead of delicious and have an immediate issue: the captchas on Diigo don't appear to have any alternative for the blind/visually impaired.

    I personally find this unacceptable. Google and many other sites have alternatives... can Diigo please provide one? For educators trying to use Diigo this represents a real problem because of ADA requirements, etc.
  • Chris Lott
    I replied backchannel to the Diigo team with suggestions. the most obvious would be the ReCaptcha system that a lot of people are using. Really, there are many captcha systems out there that are relatively proven and the systems are either available or easy to replicate. I'm disappointed that the backchannel conversation has been dropped. I still have a blind student unable to signup and there's no good reason why that should be.

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