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Martin Burrett

The @UKEdPodcast - Episode 31 - #EdTech - Data Privacy and Behaviour - 3 views

    "Hosted by Colin Hill (@digicoled), we speak to Jamie Manolov about his research into how ClassDojo is used in classrooms globally, with potential implications to data, privacy and behaviours encouraged."

Singapore proposes changes to cybersecurity and data protection regimes - Data Protecti... - 5 views

    "To relax the requirement for organisations to obtain consent before processing personal data, making it easier for online businesses to collect and share data and encouraging the growth of new technologies such as Internet of Things devices and artificial intelligence; and"
mmdenne - 9 views

    • mmdenne
      There are moany online businesses on facebook. I can't even begin to htink about the number of people selling Rodan and Fields, 31, etc... - My negihbor works n the prison and she still can't have a cell phone - You have ti be careful what you ike and don't like because that could look bad to potential employrs. You have tore realize that your posts are seen by everyone. Ha! Line 23 just said wthe same thing! - Why can't stuents, exmployees, have personel lives and live them on facebook. How you are in a social speace does not define you as an employee, students, etc... Okay- this background- checking service that takes pictures and keeps themfor 7 years is skechy! - It is scary to think that anything we post can be used by anyone for any purpose.
    • mmdenne
      Really? We are monitored if we type in a cerain term? Pork seems abit scary in that a certain group is clearly being targeted here. - I do like the advanteages soical media can bring to horrific siutation: missing children. thefts, etc... It can really help people find who they are looking for: parents looking for birth children, etc... -- Streaming in our own state on facebook of cop shooting F"Facebook holds the cards , and its citizens have little recourse- other than to leave the service entirely." ( ) scary! page 9 - ads on facebook r targeted to us for what we search which is unsettling. Facebook knows alot about me! - Where do companies like Spokeo get all of our information??? Ahh- okay I see. But because they claim they are out there for entertainment that do not have to be accurate and can post that stuff??
H DeWaard

The Web We Need to Give Students - Bright - Medium - 31 views

    "Giving students their own digital domain is a radical act. It gives them the ability to work on the Web and with the We…
robert morris

When the Art Is Watching You - WSJ - 31 views

    Personalized learning, opt in or opt out.
Matt Renwick

Privacy Concerns for ClassDojo and Other Tracking Apps for Schoolchildren - - 44 views

  • “I have told all my staff, ‘You cannot display this data publicly,’
  • threatening them into compliance
  • ClassDojo does not seek explicit parental consent
Roland Gesthuizen

Seven privacy settings you should change immediately in iOS 8 | ZDNet - 91 views

    "Before you sync your iCloud or reinstall your apps, you need to lock down your iPhone or iPad. Here are seven important tweaks (and more) you can set to bolster your privacy."
Margaret FalerSweany

With Tech Taking Over in Schools, Worries Rise - - 43 views

  • Technology companies are collecting a vast amount of data about students, touching every corner of their educational lives — with few controls on how those details are used.
  • growing parental concern that sensitive information about children — like data about learning disabilities, disciplinary problems or family trauma — might be disseminated and disclosed, potentially hampering college or career prospects.
  • implications beyond education.
    Discusses laws proposed in 16 states "prohibiting educational sites, apps and cloud services used by schools from selling or disclosing personal information about students from kindergarten through high school; from using the children's data to market to them; and from compiling dossiers on them."
Anna Otto

COPPA & Protecting Students Online - 2 views

    A quick Adobe Voice explanation of COPPA and details on how our district handles account creation for students under 13.
Rachel Hinton

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Cyber-Related Scams Targeting Universities, Emp... - 10 views

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is aware of multiple scams targeting universities, university employees, and students across the nation. The scams range from Internet fraud to intrusions.
jilung hsieh

Failure Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Google Glass | Business | WIRED - 44 views

  • Today, for one day only, Google Glass goes on sale to everyone in the U.S. Everyone, that is, with an extra $1,500
  • Aggrieved Glass lovers could play out the persecuted nerd narrative, but such arguments miss the point.
Jon Tanner

Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Resources - 48 views

    The US Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center to provide stakeholders with data security best practices.
Steven Szalaj

Flipping the Switches on Facebook's Privacy Controls - - 31 views

    A description of what FB can do with your actions, posts and clicks and how you can control what FB does with that information.  Sort of.
Roland Gesthuizen

Is Parents Access To Their Child's Facebook A Privacy Issue? | The Cyber Safety Lady - 7 views

  • In the best of circumstances, you hope that as a parent you and your children can talk fairly openly about any issues they are having, and that issues can be resolved within the family, without the need for any “spying”. In families that are NOT in crisis, ways of fostering trust are all about respect, and open conversations held in a safe environment.
    "There is to be a discussion amongst the Australian Attorney Generals about the privacy laws in regards to parents having legal access to their children's Facebook accounts .. Unfortunately if you need to force your way into your child's Facebook account to "Spy" on them it's probably because there is already a problem with trust and your child's safety is probably in question."
Roland Gesthuizen

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did - Forbes - 108 views

    "Every time you go shopping, you share intimate details about your consumption patterns with retailers. And many of those retailers are studying those details to figure out what you like, what you need, and which coupons are most likely to make you happy. Target, for example, has figured out how to data-mine its way into your womb, to figure out whether you have a baby on the way long before you need to start buying diapers."
Janet McDonald

Protect your Privacy with Abine - 55 views

    This free app is GREAT! I've used it for a week and it has blocked almost 3000 sites from tracking me on the web.
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