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Nigel Coutts

Educators as Agents for Educational Policy - The Learner's Way - 6 views

    Education exists in an uneasy domain and the teaching professional is forced to navigate between a multitude of conflicting tensions. Our education systems are dominated by abundance of voices all shouting for attention and offering a solution to the problems they have diagnosed. Each individual claims expertise and insights gained from years as a student is sufficient experience to allow one to speak with authority. - Educators need to find their voice. 
Martin Burrett

E-safety policy for schools via @esafety_Kent - 5 views

    "With technological advances moving spectacularly fast, it is difficult for schools to keep updated with e-safety policy, procedures and advice for their staff and pupils. Ensuring that everyone is informed through following policy directives can be time-consuming, and producing the documents can be equally laborious."

Obama administration asks appeals court to toss decision that put brakes on immigration... - 2 views

  • 26 states sued in federal court and won a temporary injunction preventing the White House from mainstreaming more than 5 million illegal immigrants
  • Now the Obama administration is going over Hanen's head to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, demanding it overturn Hanen
Jac Londe

Statistics - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - 18 views

    The best way to understand our world and to educate people is to know what is happening with our lives. Better policies for better lives.
Steve Ransom

Students Battle School Districts Over First Amendment Rights On Social Media - 0 views

    Seems more reactionary and controlling. Stronger vision, leadership, and willingness to model social media use and engage students in these spaces likely would help a gread deal here. Conversation leads to learning/understanding. Harsh discipline simply leads to compliance much of the time.
Roland Gesthuizen

Teachers demand protocol for emails - - 101 views

    "Teachers across NSW will refuse to respond to student and parent emails unless all public and private schools put protocols in place to deal with the after-hours use of technology, privacy issues and legal concerns. "
    Check the date please... Dec 2002 is what shows when I read article. Were you doing historical piece on changes?
Thieme Hennis

Uruguay's One Laptop Per Child program: Impact and numbers - The Next Web - 18 views

    Interesting how OLPC may have an important impact in a country's wellbeing and creative workforce. I do believe in such programs. 
Josh Flores

PARCC Governing Board Quarterly Meeting | PARCC - 15 views

  • Retest
  • allow retest opportunities in the summer of 2015
  • PARCC will
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • offer retests once per year for grades 3-8 ELA/literacy and mathematics
  • three times per year for each high school end-of-course assessment
  • PARCC will make these retests available
  • states will set their own policies
    PARCC retest policy
Thieme Hennis

4 surprising lessons about education from data collected around the world - 81 views

    performance based pay and other insights from PISA research
Thieme Hennis

Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention | National Dropout Prevention Center/Network - 0 views

    several strategies for dropout prevention
Thieme Hennis

Homepage - Youth on the move - European Commission - 8 views

    EU program aimed at youth (unemployment, skill development, intercultural exchange, etc.)
Steve Ransom

Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools - 5 views

    This guide examines the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models in schools. It looks at the potential opportunities and benefits, as well as the considerations, risks and implications that arise when schools allow students and staff to use personally owned devices in the classroom and school environments. Strategies, tips and techniques are included to address the considerations and manage the risks.
Donal O' Mahony

Can you enforce a policy for parents/guardians of school-children? | eLearning Island - 16 views

    Can you enforce a policy for parents/guardians of school-children? i would like to hear your answers. Thank you!
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