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Pistos Christou

QuickD: Ctrl-Q - 92 views

FWIW, here are a couple of web searches re: Ctrl-Q in Firefox: ...

feature keyboard quickd shortcut

Joel Liu

Keyboard shortcut for full bookmarking dialog? - 377 views

To all those who are in need of this but can't wait: You should be able to get Firefox to do this using the Keyconfig extension. I've used Keyconfig set up a shortcut to launch the diigolet. A...

shortcut help suggestion resolved

tech vedic

A lesson on the "Internet Explorer shortcut keys - 0 views

    Internet Explorer shortcut keys can make browsing, surfing, downloading and even email communication faster and smarter. There are many shortcut keys that can be used to speed up the Internet browser.
Zaid Mark

How to Revive Your Shortcut Icons - 0 views

    Shortcuts are the expedient file associations for an easy access. A Shortcut file directed towards its concerned executable file .exe, and acts as a proxy. Shortcuts are usually placed on Desktop, Quick launch, and Start menu etc. These are also referred technically as Shell links, and use a .lnk file extension.
shohan tis

Keyboard shortcuts tricks for your computer - 0 views

    Keyboard shortcuts tricks for your computer
Graham Perrin

Diigo toolbar button/menu inconsistencies - three different behaviours for a single UI ... - 107 views

I have paid little attention to UI of installed versions of Diigo but I'm sure that 4.x add-ons for Firefox are greatly improved :) Tag: resolved

resolved Firefox toolbar GUI inconsistency

Hiren Ydoodle

Tech Blogging - Software tips, Facebook Tips, and Technology Tips - 0 views

    Do you know #Window-7's Most Useful #Keyboard #Shortcuts? These keyboard Shortcuts can #Boost your #Work and #Save your #Time. :-
shohan tis

Keyboard shortcuts in windows - 0 views

    How can you find a option in keyboard shortcuts?
Carrie Rittenhouse

Highlight - 62 views

I can confirm this is not happening. Everything's working as expected. Thanks staff ;)

highlight shortcut

Daniel Gauthier

Keyboard shortcuts issue in Firefox [Un-Solved] - 24 views

This issue is far from being resolved... I noticed that the customized shortcuts will work if: 1. I restore Firefox extensions via Mozbackup along with all the other backed up extensions; 2. Diig...

keyboard shortcuts

Dr. Fridemar Pache

How to turn annotation markers (highlights) on and off. - 114 views

maggie_diigo wrote: > Hi fridemar>We already offer a "Show Annotation" View Mode setting in the toolbar where you can easily toggle your viewing preference (All, private, group, disab...

annotation discussion view

gaming hulk

Chrome no keyboard shortcut assignments - 201 views

I still find Diigo and Google Chrome browser is excruciating to use when searching for tags even after enabling search via the URL bar. Seems Diigo new features have stalled. I may just go back to ...

Chrome firefox shortcut keyboard

Zaid Mark

Windows 8 Shortcuts to Bypass the Elongated Routes - 0 views

    Windows 8, according to some perspectives, is considered to be challenging in use. Many functions have been relocated and many new features are not visible and recognized. A new user logged into Windows 8 is similar to child caught in a maze. To avoid such confusions, this article is concentrated on the Shortcut keys, through which one can easily bypass the standard route to access a function or application.
Graham Perrin

Bug? Random sites bookmarked by diigo - 53 views

@ Philipp Re you might like to discuss with Sue; she, too, uses Delicious and has (or had) bookmarking issues.

Delicious bug


Diigo Sidebar Shortcut Key in Firefox? - 173 views

Please go to the toolbar options and you can customize keyboard shortcuts in the miscellaneous menu.

Firefox diigo-sidebar

Graham Perrin

maxthon support - 142 views

Subject: acceleration/shortcuts: AutoHotKey + Diigolet Betty Lu wrote: > I think there are other ways to assign a script to a keyboard > shortcut, such as AutoHotKey. So I'm going to try it, whil...

maxthon suggestion

Graham Perrin

Rapid results from My Bookmarks with the search field in Safari (Diigo search menu cust... - 33 views

1. UK is better for me, I wonder how to vary the US examples above. 2. A few of the products that allow you to customise search behaviour in your browser: Inquisitor http://www.inqu...

review search syntax help hint tip experiment gpd4

Graham Perrin

Private/Public Bookmarking - 204 views

> we get the system default for annotations set to "private" > and have to recheck it manually, each time > when we want to make a public annotation. Nowadays, it's the opposite. Not good for p...

group privacy tag suggestion

Jessica Smith

Split Screen: App To Manage Windows On Your Mac - 0 views

shared by Jessica Smith on 17 Feb 17 - No Cached
    Split Screen allows you to manage windows on your Mac with window snapping and keyboard shortcuts.

[suggest] Add READ LATER keyboard shortcut - 13 views

Sounds interesting. We will take it into consideration.

suggestion toolbar keyboard shortcut

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