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Noel Reid

Keyboard shortcut for full bookmarking dialog? - 377 views

shortcut help suggestion resolved

started by Noel Reid on 02 Jul 07
  • Noel Reid

    Could you tell me if there is any such thing as a simple keyboard shortcut to summon the bookmark dialog? I like to minmize my use of my mouse where possible.

  • Maggie Tsai
    Ctrl Q will call QuickD and allow rapid bookmarking.

    We don't have a keyboard shortcut to call the full bookmarking window...
  • akapisten
    I'm also missing this! (think I've mentioned this in another post aswell).
    Sure, Ctrl Q and rapidbookmarking is nice, but I always bookmark different sites and need individual tagging each time, so I _always_ need the full bookmark dialog.

    Considering usability this is also important to notice:
    The full bookmark dialog _requires_ keyboard input, so activating this with the a keyboard shortcut would also be the most natural trigger.

    Please, a shortcut for this is really needed! What disadvantage can this posibly introduce??

    Thanks a lot for looking into this :)
  • Maggie Tsai
    Ok - will add this to our to-do list.

    Any recommendation on which key is best for this? We want to avoid as much conflict as possible.
  • akapisten
    Maybe: CTRL + SHIFT + S ?
    (like a form for "save". Easy to remember, and requires only typing with one(left) hand on keyboard..)
    I remember this beeing used on the spurl toolbar, and worked quite well (and I guess no one use two toolbars)
  • Noel Reid
    Thanks for creating this shortcut - much needed.

    Any chance of giving the option for changing the keys from Ctrl + Alt + S as this is a little tricky on a normal QWERTY keyboard.

    If not, I would still be pretty happy.

  • marqpdx
    i'd say Ctrl+Alt+S is a bit awkward, even Ctrl+Alt+K could be good (booKmark...)
    but this rocks anyway so low priority, but here's my 2 cents.
  • fullness Time
    To all those who are in need of this but can't wait: You should be able to get Firefox to do this using the Keyconfig extension. I've used Keyconfig set up a shortcut to launch the diigolet.

    A similar feature request for those of us using the diigolet: could you make use of firefox's ability to pass arguments to bookmarks (the '%s') so I could set up the keyboard shortcut to not only load thediigolet, but to, say load it and bring up the bookmark window.

    To be clear: The keyboard shortcut is really a separate matter that I can configure with Keyconfig. I would like to be able to set the keyword for the diigolet to 'diigo %s'. This would allow me to call the bookmark (by typing in the location bar) with commands like 'diigo b' which would launch the bookmarking window, or 'diigo c' which would show comments for the page.


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