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Communication as a form of learning - 2 views

    Libraries have long been a source of mostly free information for many people dating back to the Library of Alexandria. Early libraries used scrolls, but Tod Colgrove suggests that more learning may have taken place via person to person learning in those spaces, then from the scrolls themselves. 2000 years later, although we have vastly upgraded the technology and have an abundance of information at our fingertips, right now we are still learning from each other by taking part in this MOOC and sharing our information and knowledge so that we can learn from each other. Another important point Colgrove makes is that as long as librarians can come up with cutting edge ways to share knowledge, there will be a place for libraries in our schools and public places.
    Libraries have a role to play in our lives and the libraries of the past did the same on our ancestors. They continue to undergo metamorphosis in response to the demands of the future. Viva the spirit and the resilience of libraries!

Medieval Access to information - 4 views

    This interesting inset describes an early classification system for medieval manuscripts, taking early steps to make information easier to access. I thought that it would be interesting to add for the group.
    The reality is the present is the foundation for the future. The medieval libraries were effective and serving the needs of that generation. The same generation found loopholes that led to the development of what we call modern libraries. We no w know who to thanks for the wonderful and life and time saving GPS!
    The future will always trace its existence from the past which laid down the foundation. The shape of the libraries of the future is being crafted now. The GPS we see now has its roots in the Medieval libraries.

Open Access as a Factor of Enhancing of the Global Information Flow - 3 views

    "The paper reveals the historical process of the emergence of the phenomenon of Open Access."

web 2.0 the teachers challenges. - 1 views

    establishes the importance of teaching update

Historical perspectives on open knowledge - 0 views

A newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Historical perspectives on open knowledge The web Link is :

Historical perspectives on Knowledge open access Open Module5 Module 5 learning openknowledge MOOC

started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Gerald Louw

Intellectual Property - 1 views

Intellectual property is a brought term. Talking about intellectual property than it means that the terms like copyright, patent laws and trade laws are included. Each one of these terms has its ow...

module 5 intellectual property

started by Gerald Louw on 06 Oct 14 no follow-up yet

La revista Orsai, un ejemplo de conocimiento abierto | Nuevas tecnologías apl... - 4 views

    Esta es la historia de Hernan Casciari, bueno una de sus historias porque él se dedica a contar historias. Es escritor y periodista y según nos cuenta, debido a circunstancias personales vino a Europa a recoger un premio literario y se quedó en Catalunya. Nos habla de como se unió al conocimiento abierto.
    Esta revista es una maravilla. Ojalá tuviéramos la amplitud de miras y el deseo de conocimiento que tiene Casciari. Un placer.
c maggard

short video-intellectual property for business - 2 views

While it may not be univeristy-calibre, attached is a down-and-dirty video outlining and defining intellectual property. Again, it's very simplistic, but it gets the point across. There are things ...

open access module 5 publishing open knowledge mooc intellectual property


German universities scrap all tuition fees | The Times - 1 views

    All German universities will be free of charge when term starts next week after fees were abandoned in Lower Saxony, the last of seven states to charge. "Tuition fees are socially unjust," said Dorothee Stapelfeldt, senator for science in Hamburg, which scrapped charges in 2012.
    Could this also be 'open access'?
  • see the full text you need to subscribe ...ironically I hit pay wall again!

Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing - 3 views

shared by koobredaer on 01 Oct 14 - Cached
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    RE: the multimedia editing activity. Paint.NET is free simple image editing program. It has more advanced features than windows paint, but less than a full editor like GIMP. Thus, you can use it to do some quick high quality editing when you don't want to mess around with a full editor. It is also interesting in terms of Open source, since it started as open source, but is no longer open source, because the author felt there was problems with plagiarism...
    Awesome! I've saved this and can't wait to test it out. Thanks for sharing!
Aruna Maruthi

Intellectual Properties : History - 1 views

Links to Additional resources that show a brief glimpse of IP down the ages

Module 5

started by Aruna Maruthi on 27 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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