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Kelly Furey

The Definition Of Digital Literacy - 4 views

    This article does a great job of defining digital literacy reflecting on the overlap between digital literacy and digital citizenship. "Digital literacy is the ability to interpret and design nuanced communication across fluid digital forms."


    The guidelines provides a conceptual template to guide the creation of information literacy (IL) programs in academic and school libraries as well as public libraries. It is meant for the educators, librarians and information facilitators at the international level to help them to frame the IL efforts. In fact it is also of value to anyone who may need to start an IL program and would like a general conceptual framework.
    The document is divided into ten chapters that comprise the organizational spectrum of information literacy work, including a definition of concepts, a
    proposal for information literacy standards, a section on obtaining institutional
    commitment, the management of the learning process, including personnel development, educational theories, among other basic topics on how to implement the program, plus a list of key IL terms with their definitions, and a bibliography for further reading.
    Thank you very much for sharing this document that even if not updated is still valid in its fundamental ideas and framework
Alexandra Finch

From Distraction to Engagement: Wireless Devices in the Classroom - 0 views

    a. Finding a balance between technology and teaching has proved challenging in the traditional classroom. Some institutions, such as University of Chicago Law School, have altogether banned internet access in the classroom, claiming that it imposes on the integrity of the education. Although the authors draw attention to research demonstrating the rampant frequency of distractions with laptop and mobile technology amongst students, they beg the question of whose fault it really is - and begs educators to reflect on their own teaching, and the educational institution as a whole. Fang describes possible solutions for the distraction dilemma for educators to apply to the modern classroom. Filtering applications can help to create a temporary filter on computer applications to ensure a singular task, or set of permitted tasks, are accessed. Network switching allows faculty and network administrators to determine which, if any, applications can use a network at a given time. Social solutions can also be effective; by educating the student on the issue of technology-related distraction in classrooms, and assessing teaching styles, class formats and institutional practices. In the modern classroom, the professor and technology should coexist peacefully; yet it will take social and technical finesse in order to find the right balance for the maximum benefit of the student.

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. - 2 views

    The Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, adopted by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in 2000, have become an essential document related to the emergence of information literacy as a recognized learning outcome at many institutions of higher education
    As one of the academic libraries in the Philippines, we are also using the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education as bases for our Information Literacy program though its more than a decade. We recognize its competencies for outcomes based education.

Media Smarts: Kids Learn How to Navigate the Multimedia World - 3 views

    Teachers are discovering the value of imparting media-literacy skills, from critical analysis of news programs, commercials, and films to basic design and video-production techniques.
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    Y mediante el uso de las herramientas que nos da el acceso abierto a la información, enriquece la manera en que los docentes pueden acercar el conocimiento a sus estudiantes.
    This is an excellent video summarizing all the skills and necessity of them in a participatory culture. Everyone is spending more and more time in the multimedia world these days, especially the youth, who can be considered the most vulnerable. An ability to perceive all the information we are getting through a critical lens is profound, as is an ability to dissect and understand the logic of multimedia. Learning the tricks of graphics, cinema, music studies (collectively called "communication studies"), young people learn to understand and create media, find new ways to express themselves efficiently in an ever-changing world and supplement the traditional ("written") curriculum, which is behind the needs of today's man. The point is illustrated nicely by George Lucas, founder of The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF): "Everybody is affected by this, and it should be taught in school." I agree 100%.
    Re-thinking communication skills is absolutely essential for all educators, since much of the communication students are faced with during a day comes in the shape of different kinds of media. But the result of this is also that we need to address the fact that not all educators are necessarily equipped to teach about media because it's rarely included in teacher's programs (especially if you were trained twenty or thirty years ago). So the video makes a lot of good points about media-literacy and hopefully our educational systems will make sure that educators are given the tools to include this in their classrooms.

New media literacies - 3 views

    Cool short video describing skills we need to be part of the participatory culture.
    This video did a great job of illustrating the shift from critical media consumption to more participatory culture. We are no longer just consumers, we are now producers, curators and publishers. We must develop critical digital literacy skills in order to creatively express ourselves online.

La explosión de la información: retos y propuestas para el bibliotecario - 1 views

    En el contexto de la proliferación de información y nuevas tecnologías se
    ha fortalecido la idea de que estamos en la sociedad de la información y
    del conocimiento. Pero estos términos no gozan de la claridad y el consenso
    que se requieren para dar pasos firmes. Ambos tienen varios significados e
    interpretaciones y hacen referencia a diversas realidades y posibilidades
    de la sociedad. Veamos qué implicaciones tiene la creciente explosión de la
    información en la misión y el trabajo de los bibliotecarios actuales.
Diane Vahab

Media and Information Literacy for Teachers - 3 views

    This guide for teachers published by UNESCO is available in multiple languages.

Information Literacy Standards for Teacher Education - 2 views

    This is a very practical document that can be used for preparing school teachers. Information literacy skills are important skills that young people should aquire at schools, and teachers need to have specific training for this.

Information Literacy - 2 views

UNESCO has a program on Communication & Information. Here's their perspective on Information Literacy --

Module 10 Information Literacy

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Attention literacy - 0 views

    I opened my first class session this semester by projecting the word ATTENTION on a screen and telling my students that class begins when they turn off their telephones, close their laptops, and shut their eyes for sixty seconds.

Evaluating Information Sources - 1 views

    This vídeo is one of the most clear, I have find, telling us the criterias to evaluating information. "Criteria to apply to evaluating both traditional and open web resources, including authority, timeliness, bias, and accuracy/credibility of content". Video make by: bbaker48 on creative commons licency. I will go on sharing content about openness.

Information Literacy song - 2 views

    IL song
    Buena canción.

The 5 Main Fluencies of The 21st Century Learning ~ Educational Technology and Mobile L... - 0 views

    October 29, 2014 Today I want to share with you this awesome read I came across in Global Citizen Education. The article is entitled " 21st Century Fluencies" and is basically based on Crockett et al.'s book Literacy is Not Enough .

Grimly Letting Go of the Old Story " how to save the world - 1 views

    cartoon by David Sipress from the New Yorker I have noticed a subtle change over the last year or two in what (and how) both mainstream and alternative media are reporting (worse news, more indifferently, more dishonestly and more under-reporting).
    For a blog called "How To Save The World", this post seems to end right before the writer gets to the "how to". The points made are accurate, but there's no call to action. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories for the reasons discussed in this post, but things like this frustrate me because they don't foster discussion about "what can we do about it?" Making sure people understand that everything is awful and needs to be fixed is good, but that isn't the end of it -- circulating information is only step one.

21st Century Competencies - 0 views

    Ideals from my old high school that are supposed to be worked into the curriculum of every class, with echoes of Rheingold's five literacies

Teaching critical literacy - 2 views Very cool resources to teach kids critical literacy skills. Check out the PPP's.

Critical literacy Module10

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Information literacy and Overload filters - 5 views

A newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Information literacy and Overload filters The web Link is :

Informationliteracy Overloadfilters Information literacy and Overload filters Knowledge open access Open MOOC module10 Module 10

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Module 10 - 1 views

I would like to share with you this article dealing with the informationliteracy skills.

Information literacy skills

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