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Contents contributed and discussions participated by moonlove

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past-present-future-of-knowledge module13 mooc
started by moonlove on 24 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
  • moonlove
    The past of the world knowledge, the age where the bases of all our recent knowledge built, the infrastructure of the present and the future of the knowledge.
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module13 past&future of knowledge mooc
started by moonlove on 17 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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    History of Knowledge, a book written by Charles Doren 1991. I enjoyed reading some chapters of this book. It is a interesting rich book of knowledge, its past, knowledge of today, and its future.

    It handles the progress of economic, moral, political knowledge, the progress of art, the progress of behaviour, and the progress of the individual itself supported by the knowledge he inherited across generations creating the world we have now.

    Some of our knowledge are certain like our Faith in God, others are based upon our assumptions.

    Does knowledge make us happier? If yes, why animals appear to be happier than us all the time, and even feel more comfortable and satisfied with the world they live in. Don't animals have knowledge like us ?

    We have the desire to know, every man and woman, and even every child wants to know more and more. Everyone has the right to know. Not only that, but also the next generations have the right to know, to know that one time we were here and we did knew, and this a chance hasn't been available to our very old ancients, to many cities that were born and died and no one knew anything about them.

    The Knowledge is the proof that the man exists.
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global perspective of open knowledge module11
started by moonlove on 07 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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    Does anyone hear before about the global festival of open Knowledge? Does anyone attend it ?
    I think we shouldn't talk about the global perspective of open knowledge without mentioning such huge event.
    It is a great event held in Berlin, Germany, where about more than 60 countries all over the world participate in it, discussing the new approaches for openness, accessing, and sharing.
    This site contains stories, a kind of indymedia, from people attended the festival, telling their experience and how they do work together to make open knowledge available to everyone especially in the low income countries. A festival where people from around 60 countries, 60 different cultures, 60 different languages, did gather in the same place at the same time, sharing their knowledge, their tools, their perspectives, using one language, the language of knowledge.... TO CREATE.
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information overload module10
started by moonlove on 07 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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    This is a link from Mindjet, It describes, briefly and statistically, through using graphics, the meaning and the negative effect of information overload on our daily life.
    It is exotic to know that the information which are supposed to help us making good decisions, can also make us do very bad ones when it becomes overloaded and it seems that our brain gets fired.
    This infographics also shows how to deal with information overload simply, and getting rid of all the spams.
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MOOC module3 indymedia and citizen journalism
started by moonlove on 03 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
  • moonlove
    I think this site should be in the core reading, about indymedia
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mooc module1 knowledge
started by moonlove on 03 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
  • moonlove

    As long as we are talking about knowledge, and as long as this knowledge is unlimited, I have to post this audio book about knowledge, but a different type of knowledge. It is the inner knowledge
    The inner knowledge is as important and vital as the knowledge that lies outside. Mainly, our knowledge should starts from inside. We should recognize ourselves, our hearts, our minds, our ambitions, and our passion toward the life we own.

    This audio book, written and recorded by Allan Rufus, is about 4 hours and half, you can listen to it over a week, and you will discover the power it gives to you. The power of Knowledge. The harmony between the knowledge we have and the knowledge that lies inside us. The peace that knowledge can bring to us.
    I loved this audio book a lot about knowledge, and I am sure you will do too once you listen to it.
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