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Few great ways to teach critical thinking and problem solving - 1 views

    The article shows the differences and similarities between critical thinking and problem solving - one of the pillars of the 21st century.
    Great article. Thank you

The recipe for a better life | OECD Insights Blog - 7 views

    Here's best Indian Escorts
Walco Solutions


Walco solutions was designed and conceived with the vision to mold professionals and students to meet the challenges in the real world industry with the aid of excellent training.For more details...

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Walco Solutions

Training & Placement Programs Industrial Automation Training - 0 views

Walco Solutions offers Automation & embedded internships program. The internship program provides practical work experience and an introduction to Automation and Embedded systems for the coll...

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Así es el rediseño de EL PAÍS | Actualidad | EL PAÍS - 1 views

    El Pais cambia diseño. Simplifica tipografía a dos fuentes: Majerit y Benton

10 great technology initiatives for librarians - 4 views

started by noku2la on 29 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Recursos educativos abiertos (REA) - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - 2 views

    El Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo y el INDES, comprometidos con mejorar el acceso al conocimiento en América Latina y el Caribe, ponen a disposición los Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA). Los REA son recursos de enseñanza y aprendizaje abiertos a todo el público para usarse libre y gratuitamente.

The Power of Open - 4 views

    Creative Commons began providing licenses for the open sharing of content only a decade ago. More than 400 million CC-licensed works are now available on the Internet, varying from music, photos, research findings to entire courseware. Creative Commons provides the legal and technical infrastructure that allows effective sharing of knowledge, art and data by individuals, organizations and governments. Millions of creators world over are taking advantage of that infrastructure to share work that enriches the global commons for all humanity.
    The book The Power of Open collects the stories of those creators, some such famous creators are like ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative news organization or the nomadic filmmaker Vincent Moon. The breadth of uses is as great as the creativity of the individuals and organizations choosing to open their content to the rest of the world.


    The guidelines provides a conceptual template to guide the creation of information literacy (IL) programs in academic and school libraries as well as public libraries. It is meant for the educators, librarians and information facilitators at the international level to help them to frame the IL efforts. In fact it is also of value to anyone who may need to start an IL program and would like a general conceptual framework.
    The document is divided into ten chapters that comprise the organizational spectrum of information literacy work, including a definition of concepts, a
    proposal for information literacy standards, a section on obtaining institutional
    commitment, the management of the learning process, including personnel development, educational theories, among other basic topics on how to implement the program, plus a list of key IL terms with their definitions, and a bibliography for further reading.
    Thank you very much for sharing this document that even if not updated is still valid in its fundamental ideas and framework
Jannicke Røgler

Sowing the seed: Incentives and Motivations for Sharing Research Data - 4 views

    In sharing knowledge and learning, research data must be included. I agree that there must be incentives to motivate researchers share the data and its result. we are not what we are now if we have not learned what, who, why and how we were.
    thank you very much for sharing this document that effectively connect the dots on an economic ground and made me know the LARM audio research project that might be helpful for this one field of research of mine

Accessing the Content Knowledge Repository - 2 views

    Its all about how to use what

New online library aims to 'equalise' science education - University World News - 6 views

    This is really a good initiative. One can only wish that African states finally realize that internet access is no longer a privilege but a right because without it such brilliant initiatives do not spread to all corners of the developing world.
    I like the "equalization" word, even if it seems to make it too simple, but it is also making it sound possible

D - 0 views

shared by neviob on 13 Dec 14 - No Cached
    The directory of open access journal I found out in this course is a precious mine of hight quality research works and I found some very useful articles in this library

What really make learning assimilation - 1 views

shared by neviob on 13 Dec 14 - No Cached
    Another resource I've learned of in this course is the Open Economics organization, and what I really appreciated is not only the accessibility to very interesting data and research, but the clear way in which they're presented

The Three Keys To Unlocking The Sharing Economy | LinkedIn - 2 views

    collaborative consumption is one of the ways of sharing
neviob - 1 views

shared by neviob on 13 Dec 14 - No Cached
    Looking for open audio resources I've found where I was able to get some very nice sounds to use
Sergio Leal

Learn making videos - 4 views

    An excelent tool to engage students in class.


¡Gracias! De hecho no tuve la oportunidad de elaborar mi proyecto en el tiempo establecido. Voy a ver la manera de hacerlo como una actividad autónoma postcurso. ¡Felices fiestas de fin de año!


Guaraciara Silva


Si tiene algun problema para enviar su proyecto y evaluar sus pares, envie un email para: Kevin -

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Open Access Opportunities and Challenges: A Handbook - 5 views

    Today, on the one hand we have the Internet that allows access to information worldwide and at any time on the other hand librarians are facing tremendous pressure with the exorbitant price rise of the subscriptions to academic journals and unable to meet their responsibility of providing information. Simultaneously. This has called for the development of new models of information provision to meet user demands. Open Access is one of the models under discussion that has implications for educational, research, legal and economic policy. This handbook is designed to contribute to this debate and provides an interested public with information on Open Access, a subject which, despite its great social importance, has hitherto been mainly discussed by experts.
    The handbook is the outcome of a workshop that brought together 25 experts coming from German Federal Ministries, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Commission, the academic community,major academic organisations, the publishing sector, and the Open Access community
    This handbook presents the various views of major stakeholders and covers
    a wide range of issues relevant to open access.
    I found this is quite useful for open access! It kinda of introducing open access in depth. Thanks for sharing!
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