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encrytion works - Google Custom Search | Diigo - 1 views

    Micah Lee's whitepaper on open source encryption tools available in an post-snowden era.
    Micah Lee's whitepaper on open source encryption tools available in an post-snowden era.
Leticia Lafuente López

Periodismo en la era digital - 4 views

Soy licenciada en Periodismo. Estudié la carrera hace 20 años, así que no hice el grado de 4 años, sino la licenciatura de 5. No puedo estar más en desacuerdo con el contenido de este artículo. Me ...

module3 Periodismo ciudadano Era digital


Education in the Digital Era - discussion online - 0 views

In the framework of the European High Level Conference «Education in the Digital Era», a prior debate is taking place online. You may contribute to it at #EdDigEra

conference #EdDigEra Europe

started by ricbruno on 13 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

European High Level Conference - Education in the Digital Era - 0 views

    The European Commission is organising an High-Level Conference on "Education in the Digital Era". It'll take place in Brussels on the 11th December. Discussion will also take place online. Themes will be adrressed in advanced, promoting an online debate feeding into the conference, and during the day allowing anyone to follow-up and contribute to the debate on spot. Bookmark the page and go back to it during the comming weeks. Ricardo Twitter: @ricbruno71

Periodista es criticado por publicar fotos trucadas - 1 views

    Romualdo Maestre, periodista de ABC, publicó una imagen que pretendía demostrar que yihadismo e independentismo catalán son lo mismo. Sin embargo, esta instantánea era trucada, por lo que el comunicador fue duramente criticado. Luego de publicar el tuit que aparece en la parte posterior, el periodista fue inmediatamente increpado por los internautas, que descubrieron que la imagen era trucada.
    No se conformo con compartir una foto trucada si no que al retirar la primera publico otra peor.
Maria Romanova-Hynes

Is There a Text on This Screen? Reading in an Era of Hypertextuality - 2 views

  • Does a literary text retain the same status once it has become virtual? What is the status of any text in today's era of hypertexts and linked computers? What type of materiality are we dealing with? What forms of reading, what forms of knowledge?
  • The computer and the internet radically change our relationship with texts, the methods of their production, and our ways of reading. But do we know the real capabilities of the instrument we use with such increasing frequency? Do we really understand what we're dealing with? The computer is no longer simply a tool — it is a medium.
  • It is providing us with a set of new media forms and genres, just as printing, the cinema, radio, and television have done before
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  • One does not approach a literary text the same was as a news item. With the linked computer, these generic markers lose their relevance. Books and magazines, literary texts, and press releases share the same space, the window of a browser, and they are subject to the same initial reading strategies.
    Highly recommended to those interested in hypertextuality and the transformation of reading practices in the digital age.

The IRL Social Clubs - Overcoming social media isolation - 1 views

    Back to face-to-face encounters: In an era where people flock to Facebook to find friends or communicate solely via text, a growing niche of entrepreneurs is building businesses that help people meet the old-fashioned way: in person. As digital connections have blossomed, so too has a sense of loneliness among some users.

OpenID Connect may usher in a new era of federated online identity - 1 views

    In the world, there are many issues that people hate about privacy, because many organizations, government, etc. have access to personal information. It also exists a problem about creating accounts to use a service from a website, but there are different solutions, one of them to use OpenId Connect, that is a standard log in website through a third party entity that guarantees complete security in our personal information, with benefits like easier and faster access.

When Is it One Gadget Too Many? - 4 views

    Do you own too many devices? Posted: How many tech gadgets do you own? Chances are, you have a PC, Mac or Windows, desktop or laptop and a smartphone. Maybe you both kinds of PCs, a desktop workstation and a portable laptop. Maybe you have a tablet -- large or small? You might also have a Kindle e-reader.
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    If I had to pick just one gadget to keep and turf all the rest, I'd pick my iphone. I'd move all the files on my desktop/laptop into the cloud and use my iphone as the means to connect to everything. A project I'd like to undertake in the future is to do a complete MOOC on my phone. Right now I migrate between an ipad, laptop and my iphone but I think I could do it all on the phone. It would be frustrating but doable.
    I find myself constantly needing more devices, even though I know one is enough. We do live in this gadget-centric world, and with every year that Apple introduces something that blows away their last invention, I feel the need to acquire it. Though, what's actually stopped me from acquiring anything, is that I know year after year, there will be another 'revolutionary product' that will 'enhance' my life. So for now, it's just a laptop and a phone! Though a tablet does sound tempting...
    In my household we have two adults, two children, one Mac desktop, two smartphones, a nexus and an iPad. It seems to work out that we have enough for my husband to be learning and practicing coding on the mac, my son learning Italian on an app, my daughter watching animal videos all while I'm looking up a recipe online. So far so good. I wouldn't add any to it. And sometimes I want to subtract, but we're in a new era and I'm done fighting it. I'm trying to embrace all the wonderful qualities the device era has to offer.

Towards an open scientific publishing system for the digital era - 1 views

started by claudiacarvajal on 07 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Amanda Hill

Watch "TEDxKC - Michael Wesch - From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able" Video at TEDxTalks - 3 views

    As we move toward an era of openness, where information is instant and infinite, it is not enough to simply have the tools and skills to access information. We must make meaning, not only through analysis and critical thinking, but also by engaging directly with knowledge, by taking it apart, putting it together, by sharing it, and by creating it.
    It is an amazing presentation. Changing people attitude toward the value of knowledge and make them more involved in creating it is coming.
Kevin Stranack

ABC del derecho de autor para bibliotecarios de América Latina - 0 views

    "Este es un material educativo autoguiado en línea y abierto sobre conceptos básicos de derechos de autor para bibliotecarios de América Latina, presentado a través de School of Open en P2PU, una comunidad global de voluntarios centrada en proporcionar oportunidades de educación gratuita sobre el significado, la aplicación y el impacto de la "apertura" en la era digital y su beneficio para los esfuerzos creativos, la educación, la investigación, entre otros. School of Open en P2PU es coordinado por Creative Commons y P2PU, una comunidad de aprendizaje entre pares y la plataforma para el desarrollo y realización de cursos en línea gratuitos."

The Dawn of the Zettabyte Era [INFOGRAPHIC] - 1 views

    It's common knowledge that the amount of online rich media consumption is increasing exponentially on an annual basis. But how much video traffic is projected over the next five years? And what does this growth really mean for global residential, business, and mobile subscribers and the service providers that support them? I have used this infographic many times since I have found it. There are times in presentations or when trying to educate people on the size and scope of the internet that words do not do enough. The pictures and numbers and scaling provided by this infographic conveys the message quite well even if the numbers are losing their meaning because they are so large. The other important part of this infographic is that is is updated constantly. When I first found this link it was referring to the year 2014, as of this post it is now referencing 2015 and what will be available on line at that time.

Publishing in the Era of Big Data - 1 views It is said that although this report targets the publishing community many of the ideas discussed ...

Module9 publishing

started by shirley on 01 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

Will paper books exist in the future? Yes, but they'll look different. - 6 views

    The change has come more slowly to books than it came to music or to business correspondence, but by now it feels inevitable. The digital era is upon us. The Twilights and Freedoms of 2025 will be consumed primarily as e-books. In many ways, this is good news. Books will...
    when I take a book in my hands, I always start with smelling paper (old or new), can we do the same thing with technology?
    I do like physical book in my hand, but I find e-books more convenient either when I am writing my research paper or I want to read certain book right away. I heard that more and more universities are supporting e-book system, and getting rid of physical textbooks due to costs and other reasons. A lot more e-books will become useful in the future. I think paper books will exist, but it will be rare in the future.

Privacy in the Internet of Things Era - 0 views

    Privacy concerns for when the interconnectedness of our world gets even tighter.
Leopoldo Basurto

Criaturas digitales - 1 views

    Edición México ¿Cómo nos relacionamos con la tecnología? Hace no muchas décadas era sorprendente imaginar un futuro en el que las computadoras y otros enseres automatizados servirían lo mismo para la participación política que para la vida privada.
    Evaluación. Este recurso presenta una visión crítica acerca de los medios digitales; resulta interesante leerlo porque revela una suerte de Zeitgeist. No obstante, considero que cae en una sobrevaluación de las posibilidades de estos medios, y no hay razón para hacerlo. Quiero decir, la gente ha inventado maneras cada vez más sofisticadas de entretenerse, perder el tiempo y ya, ¿por qué habríamos de poner tan grandes esperanzas democráticas y de apertura política en tales sofisticaciones postmodernas?

video evaluation -socialnomics - 1 views

Totally agree with the term "21st century" :)


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