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Gerald Louw

Intellectual Property - 1 views

Intellectual property is a brought term. Talking about intellectual property than it means that the terms like copyright, patent laws and trade laws are included. Each one of these terms has its ow...

module 5 intellectual property

started by Gerald Louw on 06 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Nataša Ljubić Klemše

What is IP Law? - 1 views

    AMERICAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW ASSOCIATIONAn Overview of Intellectual Property What is a Patent, a Trademark, and a Copyright? An Overview of Intellectual Property Our legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. The kind of property that results from the fruits of mental labor is called intellectual property.
Kaitie Warren

Local Contexts - 3 views

    Local Contexts is a new forum for applying Traditional Knowledge licenses or labels to materials from Indigenous communities. They work a lot like Creative Commons licenses. There are often different categories of Indigenous knowledge meant only for the community, or only for women, or only for leaders, and these licenses offer a way to label materials accordingly. These labels and licenses are added onto existing copyright, which is often held by the person who made a tangible material rather than the community where the idea comes from (an anthropologist who filmed a traditional ceremony owns the copyright on the film, and the community has no copyright). These TK labels are asking people who come across materials like this to think about how they are using the materials, and to think about whose intellectual property they are. This is a very new initiative, but a really valuable tool. This is part of a different conversation that challenges how we normally talk about copyright and intellectual property.
Kevin Stranack

Open Scholarship As Intellectual Activism - 4 views

    "Progress has been made toward making academic research, knowledge, and resources accessible to the broader public. This is a great cause. It is certainly a matter of justice and equality. Ironically, a number of scholars - particularly those from marginalized communities themselves (women, people of color, LGBT people) - cannot or are hesitant to participate in the move toward open access. However, many scholars, particularly marginalized scholars, participate in a different form of open scholarship: intellectual activism. "

Theories of Intellectual Property - 1 views

    "Those, then, are (in order of prominence and influence) the four perspectives that currently dominate theoretical writing about intellectual property:  Utilitarianism; Labor Theory; Personality Theory; and Social Planning Theory.  What accounts for the influence of these particular approaches?"
Alefiyah Shikari - 3 views

The Politics of Piracy: Intellectual Property in Contemporary China

module4 intellectual property open knowledge access

started by Alefiyah Shikari on 22 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Abdul Naser Tamim

What is Intellectual Property? - 6 views

    I have found all information needed about IP at this website.
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    Yes, a very comprehensive resource on Intellectual property. Thanks for sharing. However, I always check to see when a website was last updated (often indicated at the bottom of a page). WIPO does have this here, but on searching the website under 2014, there updates as recent as October 2014.
    Agreed that this is a very useful site for intellectual property rights. However a word of caution - there are also differences in the way these rights are dealt with in individual countries, due to those county's laws.
    This site is very helpful in terms of resources, such as definitions of terms and seminars for learning how to apply IP
    Thanks for sharing this information, it increases the understanding about Intellectual Property.

Balance between open access and protection of intellectual property - 1 views

    With the changes in technology, it is harder and harder to protect author's intellectual property. However, we can try to achieve a balance between open access and intellectual property.

State of Intellectual Property Worldwide - 1 views

    Here's some interesting topline figures year 2012 report about the state of intellectual property around the world. It quickly shows us the countries that take the business of innovation & patents seriously. For 2013 World Property Indicators, here's the link:
    I like how this article breaks down where the patents are coming from in the world. I also like this because it always reminds me of the story (that is likely untrue) that the US patent office was almost closed at the beginning of the 20th century because all the good ideas had already been thought of. Progress marches on!

The rise of intellectual property - 0 views

Throughout the Islamic lands, too, there was no concept of intellectual property for many hundreds of years. All knowledge was thought to come from God. The Koran was the single great scripture fro...


started by salma1504 on 01 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
c maggard

short video-intellectual property for business - 2 views

While it may not be univeristy-calibre, attached is a down-and-dirty video outlining and defining intellectual property. Again, it's very simplistic, but it gets the point across. There are things ...

open access module 5 publishing open knowledge mooc intellectual property


Understanding intellectual property - 1 views

    Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and can be an invention, a trade mark, a design or the practical application of your idea. IP can be a valuable business asset. It is important that you understand how to protect it.
Kim Baker


    Traditional Healers Organization For Africa: " Biopiracy and Indigenous Traditional Medicine Knowledge The blatant plunder of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources in South Africa continues unhindered and without State monitoring. Since 1997, We have been monitoring private and public enterprises (or their intermediaries) who are actively collecting, sampling and acquiring traditional knowledge for the development of pharmaceutical products. What concerns us is that international organizations are entering South Africa to carry out this research. Not even the World Health Organization are free of scrutiny in this regard. "Biopiracy" refers to the use of intellectual property laws (patents, plant breeders' rights) to gain exclusive monopoly control over genetic resources that are based on the knowledge and innovation of indigenous peoples. Biopiracy and bioprospecting don't just happen in the field ; biopiracy is even more likely to take place in the laboratories of industry and academia, and in patent offices in the cities not even in South Africa."

Intellectual property Rights in India - 0 views

shared by geeta66 on 30 Sep 14 - No Cached
    Intellectual property rights in India-. What are intellectual property rights? International considerations.Treaties and reciprocal agreements
Kaitie Warren

WIPO Pearl - 0 views

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launchd a new portal last week, providing technical terminology from patents in ten languages. This is an interesting way to help share knowledge and connect scientists who speak different languages. It has a really cool Concept Map Search function too!

Intellectual Property Easy to fill Documents - 0 views

IP Intellectual Property Documents

started by tatiananl on 11 Oct 14 no follow-up yet

Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Resources Standards for Intellectual Property Prot... - 1 views

    A great article clarifying the definitions of indigenous knowledge and traditional knowledge

When MOOC Profs Move - 7 views

    Mooc is a sign and pioneer of open knowledge,but since it was born, it has had a bunch of problems. MOOC appeal to open access and open intellectual property, however, MOOC even has problem with their teacher who produce course in MOOC. Open is a good but ideal concept, but society needs time to change the logic and be more selfless to be open.
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    Interesting discussion.
    Algo bastante interesante y contradictorio.
    La política de propiedad intelectual de Harvard contiene un lenguaje, animando a difundir su trabajo "en maneras que son significativas en el interés público." Si de la universidad "La participación en la creación y desarrollo de materiales con derechos de autor es más que incidental", sin embargo, Harvard debe compartir los derechos.
    MOOC is licensed under Creative Common license.
    If the University invested money in the project , they may feel they have aright to the MOOCs. Are MOOC, Profs and academics are very quick to use IP to avoid sharing their Knowledge.

Is Intellectual property still existing today - 0 views

    In this society crowded with information, people can freely access to any kind of information. Intellectual property seems to unimportant. Many people even don't aware that they steal intellectual property from others. Is this a definite trend or do we have ways to protect authors?
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