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Chris Betcher

Seymour Papert: Project-Based Learning | Edutopia - 115 views

    An expert on children and computing, Dr. Seymour Papert is a mathematician and one of the early pioneers of Artificial Intelligence. He is a distinguished professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of major books on children and learning. Here he describes learning environments in which children collaborate around meaningful projects and powerful ideas.

Wolfram|Alpha: Examples by Topic - 9 views

shared by kyates on 24 Oct 11 - Cached
    • kyates
      Type in the search box what you'd like to know! Great for math and science! WOW! 
Amy Rille

Free Sound Effects FX Library, Free download - GRSites - 19 views

    Awesome site for getting souund clips. Includes nature, people, machines, transportation, household, people, cartoon, horrow, medical and more!
Peter Beens

Notifications and engaging with others - Google Docs Help - 4 views

    Comments are most useful when you leave them for others to review. You can easily target your comments at particular people, respond to comments from within email, and easily keep track of the comments people leave in your document without having to continuously return to the document.
web2write Idensen

Langwitches - 70 Tools in 70 Minutes - 213 views


    a) a Slideshare
    93 Slides - 70 Tools in 70 Minutes :-)
    b) Jog the Web - all Links to navigate
    c) Sharable Tabs 

    Try all 70 Tools in 70 Days :-)
Gerald Carey

Make study more effective, the easy way « Mind Hacks - 5 views

    Mindless revision versus intentional reorganisation of the course material. Which is better?
Martin Burrett

Microsoft's Kodu Game Lab - 15 views

    Download this 'must try' game creating and editing suite from Microsoft. Build characters, objects, scenery and design the structure of the games. Build and play entire worlds. It's an ICT teacher's dream.
Suzanne Nelson

Get the Most out of Online Quizzes « classroom2point0 - 156 views

  • Unfortunately, life is not multiple choice; it’s a story problem. If we want to prepare our students for the demands of college and the real world, we cannot afford to whittle away their knowledge to a, b, c, d, or e: all of the above. At the same time, our time as teachers is at a premium and very few of us can afford to spend hours grading essay tests.
  • Fortunately, the powers that be are aligning in the classroom teacher’s favor, and there are two great tools you can use to reduce your grading time.
  • So what does QuizStar have that other sites don’t? My favorite feature of QuizStar by far is the “choose all that apply” option. You can create a
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Edmodo has finally created a quiz application!
  • Edmodo’s quiz feature allows you to create a quiz that mixes multiple choice, short answer, true/false, and fill in the blank.
  • But like QuizStar, Edmodo also analyzes results for you.
  • Rules for ALL Online Quizzes

    1.  Never, ever, EVER copy a question from a textbook or a quiz you found online. I can almost guarantee that some enterprising student somewhere has copied the question and placed an answer key online.

  • Getting the Most out of Formative Assessments

    1.  Set a time limit that will simultaneously allow students enough time to an

  • Getting the Most out of Open Note Formal Assessments

    1.  If you are going to permit students to use notes and worksheets from class, design your questions so that they must apply the information they have at their fingertips. I

  • Getting the Most out of Closed Note Formal Assessments

    1.  If no notes are permitted, reduce the amount of time students have to take the test. For multiple choice at the high school level, 45 seconds per question is fairly standard.

  • Experimentation and Feedback

    As you play around with online quizzes, ask your students to give you feedback. They’ll let you know what’s working and what isn’t.

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