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alexis alexander

Week 5: Adding images and attribution : Challenge Yourself to Blog - 80 views

    a great resource for teachers teaching students about copyright and the web
Glenda Baker

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc. - 3 views

    Lovely color search tool that taps into Flickr Creative Commons images
Christine Munro

Purdue zipTrips - 1 views

    Virtual Field Trips
Mark Gleeson

Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0 - 3 views

    Very useful blog focused on Mathematics
Dana Huff

SideVibe - 157 views

    "A simple way to place useful, formative classroom lessons over any Web page. "
    Interesting... So many ed tech tools, so little time.
Roland Gesthuizen

Comparison of Citation Software at MIT - Overview of Citation Software at MIT: Managing... - 74 views

    Overview of Citation Software at MIT: Managing Your References. Endnote, RefWorks and Zotero
    There's so many other options out there now...Mendeley, Qigga, etc.
tom campbell

Big Five personality traits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

    look for these qualities when staffing
Stacy Olson

Math Apprentice - Real World Math - 4 views

    Games to explore careers that are related to math.
Stacy Olson

Kikutext - Connecting Teachers and Parents through Text Messaging - 3 views

shared by Stacy Olson on 02 Apr 12 - No Cached
    A texting service for teachers to communicate with students and parents via text message - free service.
Mr. Bedingfield

8thSC - home - 1 views

    A student maintained wiki filled with plenty of tutorials and other web 2.0 tools that educators might find useful.

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