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Kimberly Herbert

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Why Plan Your Novel? - 50 views

    • Kimberly Herbert
      I really like this idea.
Steve Ransom

June 13, 2011 : The Daily Papert - 23 views

    "While it's true that most people in math class don't learn much math, most kids in French class don't learn much French. But, we don't say that they are not "French-ly minded." We don't say that they don't have a head for French because we know that if they grew-up in France, they would learn French perfectly well. And I think that my image of learning mathematics is that if we all learned mathematics in "Mathland," we would all learn mathematics perfectly well. "

Unique Online Teaching Method at UWM Earns National Attention - 70 views

    Describes an online teaching method for Psych that improves retention for at-risk students.
Donna Canuel

3 ps for grading - 109 views

    Grading based on participation, progress and proficiency
    Would love to view this site from school. Reviewed it at home and it had some innovative ideas.
Mariusz Leś

EBSCOhost: Lista wyników: cloud and computing - 33 views

    On the Clouds: A New Way of Computing.
    By: Yan Han. Information Technology & Libraries, Jun2010, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p87-92, 6p, 1 Black and White Photograph, 1 Diagram; Abstract: This article introduces cloud computing and discusses the author's experience "on the clouds." The author reviews cloud computing services and providers, then presents his experience of running multiple systems (e.g., integrated library systems, content management systems, and repository software). He evaluates costs, discusses advantages, and addresses some issues about cloud computing. Cloud computing fundamentally changes the ways institutions and companies manage their computing needs. Libraries can take advantage of cloud computing to start an IT project with low cost, to manage computing resources cost-effectively, and to explore new computing possibilities. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]; (AN 50741403)
    Tematy: CLOUD computing; COMMUNICATION in learning & scholarship; INTEGRATED library systems (Computer systems); INSTITUTIONAL repositories; LIBRARIES -- Automation; ACADEMIC libraries; INFORMATION technology; EFFECT of technological innovations on
    Baza danych: Academic Search Complete
Tasha Hayes

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video | Center for Social Media - 90 views

    The article provides information to current personal and nonprofessional video practices and on fair use.
xs rumination

Legal Research Instruction - Law Librarian Blog: - 19 views

    Electronic Resource, Legal Research, Legal Research Instruction
Beth Panitz

Helping Students Motivate Themselves - 175 views

    by Larry Ferlazzo. Elementary, middle, high school level.
June Griffin

Possessive Nouns - 99 views

    Resources to help you teach possessive nouns.
    grammar games --This one is for you, Sarah!
A Gardner

Classroom 2.0 LIVE! - Archive and Resources - 141 views

    Incredible number of maths resources. Thanks Mr Dan Meyer.
June Griffin

Google Tips - 123 views

    Great way to set up email accounts for young students who may not have their own -- this will allow you to use services that require email accounts.
    Thank you. Sure beats everyone using my dummy account or a mask temp email. I was never comfortable teaching them to use the temp address for fear they'd use it at home.
Ted Curran

Student Learning with Diigo - 109 views

  • With Diigo you can keep track of those favorite websites and revisit them from any computer at any time.
  • With Diigo  you can keep track of those favorite websites and revisit them from any computer at any time.
  •  Diigo is a great web-based tool for teachers to utilize, to motivate, and to engage students of all ages in the learning process.
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