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Tom Hinrichs

Khan Academy launches iPad app with complete library of over 2,700 educational videos |... - 3 views

    • Tom Hinrichs
      This is an extensive website
  • 2,700-and up educational videos.
  • Khan Academy account; get credit for watching videos, and track goals and achievements
Terri Douglas

Math, English programs, games, worksheets for grades K-8 - educational site - 3 views

    Different computer games for different subjects.
Terri Douglas

ToonDoo - World's fastest way to create cartoons! - 2 views

    A good way to summarize a story or create a story using photos. (ex. summary of the end of a unit, each child pick out one thing to say about what they learned, build off each other.
Terri Douglas

The Stacks - 2 views

    People give their take on a book and send it on. There are some celebrities that kids might be interested in.
Martin Burrett

SETI Live - 49 views

    A great site for citizen science. Get your class to watch for signals from space with the SETI project. Who will you find?
Martin Burrett

Drawz It - 107 views

    A useful drawing application which works well on whiteboards. It has lots of tools and easy to use for children.
Devin Page

My Files - 47 views

    Awesome file storage site and way to connect with other educators!

Blended Learning white paper - 82 views

    Results from a pilot project involving Khan Academy and blended learning.
Tu Loan Trieu Trieu

Infographic: Get More Out Of Google | HackCollege - 10 views

    a great site to show kids the little tricks they can use to google more efficiently.
Jim Tiffin Jr

TeacherGeek - Innovative products to inspire young minds - 5 views

    Resource page for materials associated with TeacherGeek products. Models and machines that can be built by students.
Bob Rowan

WordWeb Online Dictionary and Thesaurus - 3 views

    From Gretchen Schroeder: What I like about WordWeb Online is its ability to do "fuzzy" spelling suggesting words close to the spelling you entered. Cross linking to related words, and if it doesn't find a word in its, more than 300,000 word database, it will search the web for definitions for you. It is also available in both an iApp and an Android app.
Maureen Greenbaum

Call for Submissions - The Classroom 2.0 Fifth Anniversary Book Project! - Classroom 2.0 - 2 views

  • anthology of the most compelling practices and best examples for using emerging technologies in school
Kyle Pace

Tammy Worcester's Tech Tip of the Week - 7 views

    Great weekly Tech Tips from Tammy Worcester. Add the RSS feed to Google Reader as well. These are great tech tips to easily share with others too.
Damianne President

ForgeFX - 3D Topographic Map Simulation Software - 3 views

    This real-time 3D simulation illustrates how topographic maps are created and used to depict changes in elevation. A topographic map is characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief using contour lines. Rendered in real-time 3D, it is easy to understand how topographic maps are created since the simulation shows the same virtual environment in both a 3D mesh and 2D map format.
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