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Martin Burrett

Research: Children see words and faces differently from adults - 2 views

    "Young children literally see words and faces differently from adults. Where adults can most easily comprehend a word when they look at it straight on, children need to look a bit up and to the left. For faces, they need to look a bit up and to the right.

    What's more, those differences are accompanied by previously undetected changes in the brain circuits responsible for processing words and faces, researchers report Feb. 23 in Nature Communications."
Glenn Hervieux

An American Chromebook Crisis: new report shows sad trends of how students are using th... - 29 views

    Blog post by Andy Losik, STEM Teacher "An American Chromebook Crisis: new report shows sad trends of how students are using the devices"
Martin Burrett

Magic Squares - 10 views

    "This is a maths resource that can be used to challenge pupils to complete a magic square, using only the numbers provided, to make sure that each row, column and diagonal all add up to the focused magic number. The resource provided challenges students to add up to 9, 12, 15 & 18, and could be used as a homework challenge, an additional classroom activity, or as a main activity within a maths lesson. Challenge pupils to work on two different methods for each magic number. This activity could be adapted with larger number, and other mathematic operations"

百度一下,你就知道 - 3 views

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Martin Burrett

Social media to blame for poor grades? - 11 views

    ""Concerns regarding the allegedly disastrous consequences of social networking sites on school performance are unfounded," says Professor Markus Appel, a psychologist who holds the Chair of Media Communication at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany.

    Markus Appel, PhD student Caroline Marker (JMU) and Timo Gnambs from the University of Bamberg have taken a closer look at how the social media use of adolescents correlates with their school grades. "There are several contradictory single studies on this subject and this has made it difficult previously to properly assess all results," Marker says. Some studies report negative impacts of Snapchat & Co., others describe a positive influence and again others do not find any relationship at all."
Martin Burrett

When Technology and Classrooms Collide…by @JMcKay1972 - 5 views

    "Development of technology within the classroom can aide the identification of contextual factors that may or may not contribute to effective use of technology in enhancing quality learning experiences. Factors such as organisational culture, teacher self-efficacy and their confidence and experience in utilising technology, resources and learner engagement all have to be considered to allow for an integrated approach."
Phil Taylor

Are Our Educators Prepared For Their Students? | My Island View - 8 views

  • The past learning experiences of educators are so different from the current and evolving experiences of their students that relevance as an educator is extremely important.
  • In the 20th century information was for the most part slower to change and often controlled by a small group of power brokers.
  • Smartphones, which are not really phones, but powerful computers with phone capabilities.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Developing students who are flexible and willing to continually learn is the best we can do to insure their future.
Martin Burrett

Sharing Professional Development & Up-Skilling Others - 13 views

    Join #UKEdChat at 8pm(UK) on Thursday to discuss Sharing Professional Development & Up-Skilling Others
Siri Anderson

Welcome to the Post-Text Future - 32 views

    When will the school curriculum catch up?
Martin Burrett

Bulk QR Code Generator - 32 views

    "Like to create treasure hunts, audio feedback printables, easy links to video instructions and more? Use this Bulk QR code generator. Simply add the link or text to this spreadsheet and the QR code will pop up ready to print."
Martin Burrett

UKEd Update - 20th February 2018 - 1 views

    All the education news, articles, teaching resources you need today, plus the best of edu Twitter.
Martin Burrett

What Should Teachers Actually Mark? by @RichardJARogers - 20 views

    "As teachers, we are messing up our schedules and creating added stress because we do not ruthlessly prioritise enough. It's absolutely essential.

    All marking is important: every student must receive feedback and acknowledgement for their efforts. However, you may have to give your exam-preparation classes greater quality feedback that your younger classes at certain points in the year. You may also have to give it back in a more swift and timely manner too (e.g. when you've just finished the mock exams, or when you've had an end-of-unit test)."
Martin Burrett

UKEdMag: Joined at the strip by @mrlockyer - 6 views

    "Have you ever had a class who are ready to work, have fantastic ideas, know the basic structure of a paragraph or story, yet seem to falter when actually writing? How about those children that freeze at the sight of a blank page of lines to fill? You must have taught one or two children who start a story well, then drift off into a tangent even they can't pick themselves back from.

    Structure Strips can help to solve all of these regular challenges for teachers, at the crucial stage of children demonstrating what they know and demonstrating this on the page."
Martin Burrett

UKEd Update - 19th February 2018 - 1 views

    All the education news, articles, teaching resources you need today.
Martin Burrett

Metacognition & the Growth Mindset by Rebecca Tusingham - 17 views

    "Metacognition or 'thinking about thinking', as I like to call it, forms the basis of the Growth Mindset theory. As a society we seem to have moved away from the truth that no matter what your starting point you can always make a huge amount of progress if you apply the right kind of effort over time. Struggle is a natural part of learning, take a shortcut and you don't learn as much; why then do we equate struggle with failure?"
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