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Siri Anderson

Social identity theory - Wikipedia - 5 views

    • Siri Anderson
      Remember the example of Us v. Them
  • Social identity theory is described as a theory that predicts certain intergroup behaviours on the basis of perceived group status differences, the perceived legitimacy and stability of those status differences, and the perceived ability to move from one group to another

Day of the Dead - Wikipedia - 11 views

    • mattiegallo
      Remember: Read the first paragraph of any article- it gives insight to what the article will discuss.
    Day of the Dead
Chema Falcó

A Teacher's Guide to Wikipedia | Edudemic - 83 views

    Pros y contras de Wikipedia. Pistas para utilizarla como recurso didáctico
Michelle Kassorla

Wikiwand - 31 views

    Wikiwand is a sleek new interface for Wikipedia, offering a significantly better reading experience. It is a free browser extension.

Who is Bigger? - 45 views

    We have developed computational methods to measure historical significance through analysis of Wikipedia and other data sources. We rank historical figures just as Google ranks webpages, by integrating a diverse set of measurements about their reputation (including PageRank, article length, and readership) into estimates of their fame, explained by a combination of achievement (gravitas) and celebrity. We correct for the passage of time in a principled way, so we can fairly compare the significance of historical figures of different eras. - See more at:

Creative Commons Announces "School of Open" with Courses to Focus on Digital Openness |... - 115 views

    some wonderful professional development opportunities for teachers

Children in Peru write their own history on Wikipedia - YouTube - 28 views

    youtube video showing Peruvian children contributing wikipedia content.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Ethics, Wikipedia and the History Textbook « Lisa's (Online) Teaching Blog - 1 views

    curating/freezing Wikipedia entries so stable/same for a whole course time period as a student resource (vs. textbook)
Mark Gleeson

Wikipedia | Common Craft - 4 views

    Common craft video explaining how Wikipedia works
Garth Holman

PediaPress - Home - 43 views

    Take several articles form wikipedia and save and print or send as PDF in book formate.  Digital content created fast and easy. 
Peter Beens

Wikipedia project to support OER | Hewlett OER Grantees Meeting 2012 - 11 views

    In theory, Open Educational Resources and wikis go hand in hand. In our ranks, we have some of the most dedicated and accomplished users and advocates the collaborative online tools. So why is it that the OER article on Wikipedia carries the site's second-lowest quality rating? It's not just one article - the Open Access article shows room for improvement; the Open Educational Practices article doesn't exist; and numerous related articles could be improved as well.
AnnMarie Furbur

WikiSummarizer - 7 views

    summarizes pages from wikipedia. Keyword cloud great for generating keyword search
    Fantastic! Thanks! Just shared.
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