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Educators - P21 - 9 views

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    P21's reports and publications support a vision for learning to ensure 21st century readiness for every student.

Telestream - 7 views

    Screencasting and Video Editing Software | Telestream ScreenFlow | Overview

Schoology - 0 views

    Explore Schoology's award-winning K-12 learning management system and accelerate student achievement with the platform that's so easy to use, it's second nature.
Clint Heitz

Noisli - Background Noise - 65 views

    Add nature sounds in your class.
    Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise
    - Mix different sounds to create your own background noise to relax or boost productivity.

Save to Pocket - Chrome Web Store - 15 views

    One way to read pages later as they are stored offline. The chrome (and Firefox?) addons store the pages on your laptop etc. The phone apps also store the pages

How to get Pocket saves offline on your PC or laptop. - 3 views

    Wayd you can save web pages onto your laptop or PC (also phone using the app) so you can read them when there is NO Internet access

How to: Export, Import and Migrate Your Delicious Bookmarks - 11 views

    Export your delicious bookmarks
Sharin Tebo

New Blog Series: Promising Policies for Personalized Learning - iNACOL - 10 views

  • How might policymakers remove barriers and support enabling conditions for optimizing learning for each student’s unique needs both inside and outside of classroom walls?
    • Sharin Tebo
      That is the KEY question, as teachers don't have control over systems' barriers and policies. 
  • Personalized learning is tailoring learning for each student’s strengths, needs and interests — including enabling student voice and choice in what, how, when and where they learn — to provide flexibility and supports to ensure mastery of the highest standards possible.
  • According to this RAND study, students attending schools using breakthrough, personalized learning models “made gains in mathematics and reading over the past two years that were significantly greater than a comparison group made up of similar students selected from comparable schools.”
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  • Redefine courses and Carnegie units into competencies.
  • Build educator capacity and professional judgement in calibration on assessing evidence on common performance tasks
Tim Cooper

Walker & Flower | Paper Mechatronics - 24 views

    amazing design ideas here. Paper contraptions with huge artisitic and engineering educational links.
Lauren Rosen

Why Growth Mindsets Are Necessary to Save Math Class - The Atlantic - 30 views

  • Students with a “growth” mindset are those who believe that their ability is not “fixed” and that failure is a natural part of learning. These are the students who perform at higher levels in math and in life. But students don’t get the opportunity to see math as a growth subject if they mainly work on short, closed questions accompanied by frequent tests that communicate to them that math is all about performance and there is no room for failure.
    Looking at math as reasoning and not just answering questions builds a growth mindset
Steve Kelly

Three Reasons Students Should Own Your Classroom's Twitter and Instagram Accounts | EdS... - 41 views

  • Three Reasons Students Should Own Your Classroom’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts
  • We must think more critically about how we communicate via social media.
  • 1. Genuine Digital Citizenship Opportunities
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  • 2. Publishing for the World (and the Classroom Across the Hall) is Powerful
  • 3. Establishing Your Classroom Brand
  • According to educators Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis, branding can be defined as “the marking practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” Within the past few years, this idea of branding our schools/classrooms has become extremely valuable, as it promotes transparency by painting an accurate, live picture of what is taking place. Yet, in reality, the majority of the time the educators are the ones telling these stories. While this certainly has its place, ultimately what matters most is how students feel about their experiences. Social media has allowed my students to share our classroom happenings through their eyes. It has allowed my students the opportunity to both establish and share the culture of our classroom and our school, and ultimately create our “brand”.
    Steve- do your students run your Twitter and Instagram accounts? How many students contribute regularly? any problems with parents?
Lauren Rosen

Dotstorming - 71 views

    Create a pinterest-like board, participants can add their own ideas, youtube videos, images, etc. Vote on the ones that you like the best. It's like combining padlet, pinterest, and the now defunct Google moderator. 
Steve Kelly

10 Ways Teacher Planning Should Adjust To The Google Generation - 113 views

  • 10 Ways Teacher Planning Should Adjust To The Google Generation
  • 1. Make the work Google-proof

    Put another way, design it so that Google is crucial to creating a response rather than finding one.

    If students can Google answers–stumble on what you want them to remember in a few clicks–there’s a problem with the instructional design. And asking them what they’ll do when they WiFi goes out probably isn’t compelling enough as an argument.

    Instead, anchor learning experiences around new kinds of thinking that force the synthesis of disparate ideas, media, and communities. Scenario-based learning, challenge-based learning, project-based learning, learning simulations, and so on.

    It’s all out there, ready to be integrated in your classroom.

Nigel Coutts

Developing and Maintaining a Growth Mindset - The Learner's Way - 83 views

    For educators, parents and learners Carol Dweck's research on the benefits of a Growth Mindset is naturally appealing. Those who have a growth mindset achieve better results than those who don't, are more resilient and accept challenge willingly. After two years of incorporating a growth mindset philosophy we are finding that the reality of shifting a student's disposition away from a fixed mindset and then maintaining a growth mindset is significantly more complex than at first imagined.

Social Media Strategies | Advanced Human Technologies - 48 views

    Social Media Strategies graphic for FlipSnack
Marco Antonio Manzano Quintero

Didáctica de la tecnología - 7 views

    Teoría y práctica del proceso de enseñanza Aprendizaje
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