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Patricia Marcino

"DE_design_ET" - 25 views

Hi All in EDUC 8844,I have used many multi-media tools over the past years both in my Masters class, at school with elementary and middle school students. I have also used different tools in this c...

started by Patricia Marcino on 07 Oct 15 no follow-up yet
Gerjuan A Gregory

Office Mix For Teachers - 43 views

    Office Mix for teachers is a collection of resources to help school administrators, teachers and student to get the most out of Office Mix.

#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens - - 71 views

    This is Anderson Cooper's Report on CNN, Being !3 and Social Media that aired on Oct. 6th. If you work with teens or a parent of a teen, check out this CNN webpage. Good information to share with teens and parents.
H DeWaard

Peer Pressure Will Help You Finish That MOOC | EdSurge News - 8 views

    using group structures in MOOCs to encourage completion - co-workers, book club 2.0 or virtual collaborators - success higher when teams can meet in person, teams average size is 4.2; start working with people you know; be creative with virtual collaboration; customizable design for personal projects
MaryLiz Jones

Daily Planning Worksheet - 74 views

    Weekly planners, whether digital, handwritten, or typed, can help you get a handle on your to-do's for each week. This sample daily planning worksheet is one example. Read more about strategizing your time in the associated post: " 7 Step-Prep: Make a Weekly Plan for YOU!"
Nancy Monaghan

Dolch Sight Word BINGO | ABCya! - 47 views

    listen to word to find HFW on bingo card
Weronika Gorska

DISCENTIA: ¿Qué pasa con la cultura? - 4 views

  • aledañas
    • Weronika Gorska
Norman Reynolds

Mindfulness Summit - 37 views

Over 30 of the world's respected experts on meditation and mindfulness are giving a series of online interviews, practice sessions and presentations. It is taking place for FREE from October 1 - 31...


started by Norman Reynolds on 05 Oct 15 no follow-up yet
MaryLiz Jones

Does Tech Improve Writing Skills? - 60 views

    From Connect Learning Today
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