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Francis Molina

Technology News - CNET News - 1 views

shared by Francis Molina on 05 Oct 08 - Cached
  • be AMD's first 45-nanometer processor. Company insists it won't make the same mis
    • Francis Molina
      Only for educators
Maggie Tsai

Teaching and Teching: Health Ed 2.0 - 2 views

  • I am incorporating a number of web technologies to enable greater learning within our group. To do this, I am using a number of tools for specific processes that will increase their interaction with each other in then learning. To the students, learning a new tool will no doubt be exciting, however it is the purpose behind the tool that is important.
  • I will be using Diigo to allow collaborative research. I love the Diigo Educator account,
  • Finally, I'm going to use dabbleboard as a psuedo-back channel. This will be a space for them to post questions and comments, and at the same time allow all of them to respond to the questions or comments. Any unanswered questions will be answered by me after the lesson, and the board saved.
Maggie Tsai

Q&A: What if I wish to keep my own bookmarks (public) and friends list from my students? - 26 views

While student accounts that you have created automatically become your friends to facility easier communication with your students, few educators have suggested that they would prefer to keep their...

q&a student account

started by Maggie Tsai on 01 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Q&A: Set all students as friends or not? - 39 views

Got a classroom setup question: "Can I set student accounts so that they can only send and receive messages from me (not to each other?)" The answer is YES! Here is how: When you create a ...

class friends q&a

started by Maggie Tsai on 01 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Share to class group not showing on bookmarking window - 32 views

Sync issue resolved. If you notice anything, please kindly report.

bookmarking bug group

Maggie Tsai

new! Delete student accounts | optional student personal profile - 43 views

If you already have created some student accounts prior to these new changes, and wish to have your students' personal info section completely disabled, please send us a private email and advise...

delete student account teacher console

Maggie Tsai

Shout Out: Diigo Educator Accounts : Edumorphology - 9 views

  • I personally think social bookmarking is one of the key areas of growth both on the internet as a whole and in education, and I’m really excited about Diigo’s product.  They’ve been trying out lots of new features and the offering has been getting more than robust.
Maggie Tsai

Welcome to the "Diigo in Education" ThinkTank - 49 views

Phase I of Diigo educator account just released last week While it's not a dedicated network yet, we've taken some important...


Maggie Tsai

Bill Wolff's Composing Spaces » Blog Archive » diigo anounces diigo education - 0 views

  • The outstanding social bookmarking and annotating application, Diigo, has announced the release of Diigo Education.
  • Diigo Education has the following features: Teacher accounts must be approved Personalized Teacher Console A teacher can create student accounts for an entire class with just a few clicks (and student email addresses are optional for account creation) Students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can start using all the benefits that a Diigo group provides, such as group bookmarks and annotations, and group forums. To protect the privacy of students, student accounts have special settings which only allow their teachers and classmates to contact them and access their personal profile information. Ads presented to student account users are limited to education-related sponsors. Educators, especially those in K-12 settings where Diigo is blocked by Internet filters, will benefit from this version. I strongly recommend you apply for a free Diigo Educator account and/or check out the FAQ and Getting Started tutorial.
Maggie Tsai

Ed Tech Trek: Announcing Diigo Educator Accounts! - 2 views

  • In short, it allows teachers to create students accounts without the need for email, something that is typically a stumbling block for many Web 2.0 sites given that many younger students do not have email addresses.
  • "Students on Diigo? Isn't that a social networking site?"Yes, it is, but safegaurds have been put in place with the student accounts that limit the social aspects of the program.
Maggie Tsai

Marking Up the Web with Diigo's Social-Annotation Tool | Edutopia - 5 views

  • Diigo definitely has a place in education. Envision a group of students working on a Web-based research project: Not only can they cite the pages they’ve used, they can also have conversations about resources on the very pages they are discussing. And to take it a step further, the students’ teacher can join the group, view how the students are using the Web resources, and comment on their note-taking -- right on the sticky notes. As the site states, “Diigo is about Social Annotation.”
Maggie Tsai

Steli Efti: You do what you do and Diigo what we do! - 1 views

  • Diigo let´s you bookmark, highlight and sticky-note the Internet! A really remarkable research tool that should be used by every teacher and student worldwide! > What´s really exciting is that you can share these annotations by making them "public" with everyone using Diigo or even create/join a group. This means if you use Diigo and visit a website I highlighted some text and made a sticky note about - YOU CAN SEE IT TOO:) > I just created the > Education Revolutionaries Group > at Diigo: > "This Diigo Group is all about new and innovative education solutions on the Internet. Search, bookmark, highlight and sticky-note the world of online education together with us. Let´s Rock´N´Roll!" > You can > join the > Education Revolutionaries Group > if you like :) Everyone interested in education is welcome! > Kudos to Jim > for making me aware of this killer tool for research - you > won´t believe it but there are people out there never heard of Diigo > before! I knew one of them - me ; ) And > Kudos to you Clay > for making the > cool Diggo video. >
Maggie Tsai

Flux » Articles » Hit the ground running… - 2 views

  • now I use the Diigo browser tool because it is so much better at annotating, archiving and linking to other communities - in fact Diigo has transformed my research recently because of its amazing level of functionality. This is another facet of working with web 2.0 - if I find something supercedes and is superior to other tools I won’t hesitate to ditch those and migrate to the newer development.
  • Diigo is a particularly smart tool in that it enables me to drill down to information I want and annotate it online quickly and dynamically.
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