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Jim Tiffin Jr

What makes an interactive whiteboard interactive? - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk... - 25 views

  • But many advocates of this technology (myself included), see IWBs as genuine means of bringing more interactivity, more student-focus into classrooms of traditional teachers
  • What we don't want to forget is that someone who is coaching a teacher is not really looking for "good technology use" but for just good educational practices. Having an IWB is not going to change a lecturer into something else.
  • Any item in the Instruction domain can be enhanced using an IWB.
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  • just because a teacher has an IWB doesn't mean it has to be used every minute of the day. And yes, a teacher can create truly interactive lessons without using any technology whatsoever.
  • use the SmartNotebook software that works with the hardware to organize materials, to find and share lessons, and to seamlessly blend multimedia into lessons.
  • While popular (2007, 2010, interactive white boards (IWBs) are controversial even (or especially) among technology enthusiasts. The major complaint is that the use of these devices reinforces the "sage on the stage" teaching methodology. "The IWB is little more than a fancy overhead projector and its touch sensitive screen is only used to save the teacher a couple steps back to the computer to change a slide."
    Blog post that articulates some of the best practices for incorporating an interactive white board (IWB), like a SMART Board, into your classroom in meaningful and instructionally sound ways.
Roland Gesthuizen

Death of the IWB? | Australian Teacher Magazine - No.1 national education sector public... - 84 views

    "IT'S been over a year now since I removed an interactive whiteboard (IWB) from a classroom wall for the first time. Yes, you read that right: removed. And not to put another one up. In fact, what went in its place was a good old-fashioned non-interactive whiteboard - the same sort we tore down just two years earlier."
Mark Gleeson

AirServer - 30 Apple TVs for the price of One (and instant sharing and engagement in th... - 5 views

    Multi-view. This is the 'game changer' ( ugh! I swore I'd never use that cliched buzzword but…). The biggest difference between Apple TV (0nly one screen at a time) and AirServer is the fact that you can mirror multiple iDevice screens on the computer/iWB/TV screen at the same time. nstead of waiting for control of the whiteboard pen, students and teachers can just project their iPad screen straight onto the larger screen. No longer do we have to wait for the teacher of student to finish writing on the board and then getting out of the way so we can actually see it. The work that is done on the iPad screen can be instantly shared without wasting time reproducing it on the iWB. Time saved, time used more productively. This has so many possibilities in the classroom.
Todd Williamson

Education Week's Digital Directions: Whiteboards' Impact on Teaching Seen as Uneven - 31 views

  • That finding highlights one of Marzano’s key conclusions from the study. The teachers who were most effective using the whiteboards displayed many of the characteristics of good teaching in general: They paced the lesson appropriately and built on what students already knew; they used multiple media, such as text, pictures, and graphics, for delivering information; they gave students opportunities to participate; and they focused mainly on the content, not the technology.
    • Todd Williamson
      Interesting list of "good teaching" practices in an explanation of IWB use
    Article presenting both sides of the IWB story: excellent teaching tool or expensive chalkboard?
Aaron Shaw

The Innovative Educator: The Ten No Nos of Teaching with a Projector or Interactive Whi... - 183 views

    "there is something that I've noticed in many classes I've visited - there are still some educators that don't seem to know the no nos for teaching with a projector or interactive whiteboard (IWB). Perhaps it's easier to notice when you're sitting as an audience member or an observer which is not often the case for teachers. If you're an innovative educator teaching with a projector or IWB, you too might be engaging in a no no or two."
Suzanne Nelson

How to Adjust to your Interactive Whiteboard: Understanding Layers « classroo... - 119 views

  • Understanding Layers As you grow accustomed to using your IWB (interactive whiteboard) on a regular basis, you’ll doubtless come up with ideas that you would like to implement. At the same time, you may not feel ready to experiment with actions, sounds, and other properties. Fortunately, you can do a lot with your IWB if you understand layers and use them wisely. Using layers on your IWB is easy and a great step forward in getting your kids to interact with your board.
Suzanne Nelson

IWB Classroom Management Solutions « classroom2point0 - 81 views

  • When the overhead projector was introduced, teachers everywhere celebrated.
  • With the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs),
  • The slate is portable, wireless, and designed to respond to an electromagnetic (or similar technology) pen.
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  • Home Office Bundle – $15-$150 Buy a cordless mouse and keyboard bundle that utilizes a USB port or bluetooth technology.
  • As much as possible, have your students use your IWB. Your students should be front and center, writing vocabulary words, solving equations, drawing pictures, making diagrams, and transcribing classroom discussions.
Steve Ransom

The Innovative Educator: Erase Unnecessary Costs by Getting Smart about Interactive Whi... - 48 views

    A nice dispelling of common myths of IWB adoption
Suzanne Nelson

How to Adjust to your Interactive Whiteboard: Dos and Don'ts « classroom2point0 - 178 views

  • If you’re like many teachers, you find IWBs (Interactive Whiteboards) both exciting and intimidating.
  • In this first of this two-part post, we’ll explore dos and dont’s with your new IWB. In my next post, I’ll give you some basic lesson plan tips I’ve found that have worked and provide links to some amazing IWB resources.
Suzanne Nelson

How to Adjust to your Interactive Whiteboard: Use Old Lessons on your New IWB... - 99 views

  • If you’re new to Interactive Whiteboards, chances are you’ve had a couple of training sessions that focused on creating pages from scratch. While I am definitely a big advocate of being innovative, I also strongly believe that time is precious and teachers have too little of it.  In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to seamlessly incorporate your pre-existing lesson activities for use on your new IWB.

E-Books and Whole Class Reading - Via Kindle - 0 views

    Free Kindle download allows you to read book on IWB with whole class.

Math Live - 105 views

    An amazing, vast and well made maths site with interactive animated lessons on every area of the primary curriculum. Make sure you check out the glossary section for a superb interactive maths dictionary. A must try site!
    Great math animations and activities to teach math concepts on the IWB
Martin Burrett

ABC Teach - 111 views

    A vast resources site with lots of printables, IWB activities and even create your own worksheets.
Stacy Olson - 9 views

shared by Stacy Olson on 01 Mar 12 - Cached
    Science interactives to use with IWB
Joanna Gerakios

The interactive whiteboard in your classroom - 87 views

    Ideas for using the IWB to really transform teaching
Carol Roth

Interactivate: Activities - 6 views

    Huge number of choices. Could be great with IWB use.
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