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Maggie Tsai

Diigo: Why I use it. « Rhondda's Reflections - wandering around the Web - 0 views

    • So why do I use Diigo?  

      • I like its ability to enhance my bookmarking with highlights and sticky notes, that are retained with the page when I go back to it.
      • I like that you can highlight and publish easily from Diigo to you blog or an email, and a reference appears automatically along with the posting.
      • I like the ability to create lists on specific topics that can be shared.
      • I like the ability to create groups to pool resources for specific subjects. I recently joined a few Diigo groups and have had some very useful sites brought to my attention.
      • I like that you can access and search the bookmarks anywhere by full-text and tags.
      • I like to search for the most popular bookmarks on a particular subject.
      • I like the different ways to share and aggregate information that  Diigo offers. I have set it up so that a list of my new bookmarks appears on this blog on a weekly basis but this is just one option. You can now choose to automatically
      • The tool bar is easy to download and makes it easy to use and aspect of Diigo whenever you are on line.
  • Of course you can keep things private if you choose to but that is really defeating the purpose of Diigo in the first place.

    Diigo also began offering, on Sept 19th, a Diigo Education Account Facility. I haven’t investigated this yet but a post about it was put onto the SLAV Bright Ideas blog. It is worth looking at. From Diigo

    ‘The Diigo Educator Accounts offer a suite of features that makes it incredibly easy for teachers to get their entire class of students or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful web annotation and social bookmarking technology.’

    For an educator account, you do have to apply and fill out how/why you want to use Diigo in your school.

Terry Elliott

HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into a Podcast on iTunes for Free - 1 views

    Easy poetry readings/ lectures/ audio diary.
Maggie Tsai

Happy Thanksgiving - 31 views



started by Maggie Tsai on 26 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Filtering/Cyber Bullying - 61 views

Someone did bring this topic up in our last conversation. Anyone know whether there is some existing technology that we can leverage? We haven't had time to look into yet. Thanks (note: we ...

filter CIPA Compliance

yang hongmei

Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0 - CNET News - 0 views

  • He suggested a "hybrid" learning approach. Schools can teach essential knowledge and critical thinking through somewhat traditional means. But they should complement that teaching with what Seely Brown called "passion-based learning" that focuses on getting students more engaged with topic experts.
    • Tom March
      This should be useful way for the less "techy" to accept and accomodate the contribution Web 2 can make.
    Good comments about using Web 2 to connect learners to others (experts) passionate about topics of shared interest.
    Good comments about using Web 2 to connect learners to others (experts) passionate about topics of shared interest.
Dennis OConnor

6-Traits - 0 views

    KMSoul is a student publication of personal narratives from 7th and 8th Graders. These pieces can be used as practice pieces for 6-traits assessments.
Dennis OConnor

6-Traits - 1 views

    Annotated links describing various online resources related to the writing process. A strong site for teachers looking for quality resources.
Dennis OConnor

6-Traits lesson plans - 0 views

    You'll find lesson plans for each of the 6-traits. Developed to support an online 6-traits training class at UW-Stout.
Dennis OConnor

6-Traits Search - 0 views

    This is a specialized search engine that is focused on 6-traits resources. It's built with the Eurekster system that uses Yahoo Technology.
Dennis OConnor

Top News - Report challenges online-learning assumptions - 0 views

    Some critics of distance learning say face-to-face classes give students a better learning environment, but a recent Indiana University study found that online learners reported deeper approaches to learning than classroom-based learners.
yang hongmei

Teacher Librarian » Blog Archive » Web 2.0 Tool Review: Diigo - 0 views

  • Other people with similar interest would also be able to see your highlights. Diigo also allows a group of people to pool findings through group bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes and forums. Diigo has groups that are already formed. You can join any Diigo group for collaborative research. People are also using Diigo by posting to their blog depending on tags.

    For me the best feature is the highlighting of the website. As we all know, research on the internet can be overwhelming. The highlighting feature makes it much easier. Not only do I have favorite websites bookmarked but I also have certain parts highlighted on that website. Educators can join the education group to search the web for anything that can help them with their classrooms. I also think that teachers can use Diigo to teach students how to do research. Better yet, educators can teach them how to do some collaborative research.

Dennis OConnor

Welcome to the secure portion of SpokenText your personal text to audio converter - 4 views

    free account. Creates an audio recording of text, pdf, webpage. Recording can be downloaded and added to materials to improve accessibility.
Dennis OConnor

Welcome to dimdim - 4 views

    Synchronous software service for free use. Easier than elluminate or Breeze, seems quite simple to use. No conversion needed to use PPT or PDF. free. Give it a try!
Maggie Tsai

Diigo Blog » Wear your "Diigo Education Pioneer" Badge with pride :-) - 1 views

  • With all the interaction and kind help that we’ve received from the education community, we’d like to recognize those educators who are taking pioneering steps in getting their students and/or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful features. To express our appreciation, we’ve designed a “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge especially for you! Along with that, a big “Thank you”!
  • So, who gets to have this “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge?  Well, once your account has been approved for the education upgrade and you have started using and sharing Diigo with your students and/or colleagues in an educational setting,  you can get your own in your “Teacher Console” area >> Get Your Own Badge!
    We have a whole array of nice looking badges to suit your own personal style :-)
    Hi Maggie and everybody,
    I asked for a students account for my students but we are using a normal account. Why? Because my students are 16 or older and most of them use several services like Messenger, tuenti (a very popular social net of sharing pictures and comments), photolog... and I'd like to teach them to use REAL internet, the net they use at home and in real life.

    Now I have some frontbattles at the same time in different ways. My groups are:
    Unfortunately all of them are written in Spanish, but feel free to take a look and give me your opinion.
    thanks to the Diigo Community and specially to Maggie for her quick replies to my mails.

    see 'virtualy' you,
Dennis OConnor

California State University to Offer Moodle through Moodlerooms - 1 views

    Long Beach, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) November 20, 2008 -- Moodlerooms, a full-service provider for Moodle, the popular open source online learning management system (LMS), announced today that it will be collaborating with the California State University to provide essential services such as hosting, training, and support for the CSU campuses that choose Moodle for their LMS needs. Moodlerooms will be one of two options, Angel Learning was also selected, to provide learning management services for the CSU.
Maggie Tsai

OPLS blog » Diigo - Delicious killer? - 0 views

  • Although it pains me to say it, I think there is something better than Delicious out there. I first came across Diigo in the summer and have been playing with it on and off ever since.  Social bookmarking has been an absolute godsend to education and Delicious was at the forefront of that - but, in my view, it’s been surpassed.

    I had high hopes of the latest version when it was released at the end of July, but, to be honest, they just focused on the instructional design and look-and-feel rather than functionality.  You still can’t create groups or lists, or send messages to the people in your network, and you can’t annotate either.  All of which can be accomplished in Diigo and more

  • Diigo groups are ideal for team research
    If you have any need for team-based research, Diigo groups are ideal for you. A Diigo group can be public, private or semi-private.

    Pool and organize resources using group bookmarks
    When a member of a Diigo group comes across a web page, he can highlight, tag, and share it to the group. In this way, group bookmarks become a repository of collective research. Group members can also vote up bookmarks so important information stays on the top.

    Group sticky notes are great for discussion
    When adding sticky notes, you can make them private, public, or viewable only by members of a certain group. With group sticky notes, group members can interact and discuss important points right on the web page, preserving the original context.

    Group tag dictionary to enforce tagging consistency
    The group administrator can define a set of recommended tags for the group to help enforce tagging consistency.

    Diigo has recently launched an education version, where you can create class accounts and add privacy settings, so I recommend you have a look at this.

    Oh, and for those of you who can’t quite leave Delicious behind just yet, you can synch the two so that whatever you save in Diigo gets automatically put into your Delicious account as well.

Dennis OConnor

Student Technology Assessments Are Now Simple. Finally. | SimpleAssessment - 1 views

    SimpleAssessment is a revolutionary tool that takes all the guesswork out of assessing student technology proficiency. Free for k-12 Districts
Sharon Stephens

Kids Blogging - Group | Diigo - 4 views

    Looking for educators to contribute links to safe blogs for "Kids Blogging" group.
Maggie Tsai

ZDNet: Great educational websites (and an intro to Diigo) | Education IT - 0 views

  • As promised, I’ve compiled your suggested educational websites and posted them on Diigo, as well. Diigo, by the way, is a bit like delicious on steroids. It has a really straight-forward interface and allows you to highlight and annotate sections of a website (perfect for building web quests and helping direct research for your students). Feel free to check back on the zdneteducation page on Diigo for newly shared sites.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Nice collection.

      Also, very nice iframe implementation of sharing your Bookmarks!
      For those interested in doing the same, use codes like this (adjust the width / height to desired length):

      < iframe width="300px" height="500px" src=""/ >
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