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Gregory Louie

Students tap into technology - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 1 views

  • use their laptops to read "Don Quixote" and Dante's "Divine Comedy" on the Internet
  • Technology is the wave of the future
  • a computer program
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  • "Most jobs require computers," noted Brittnee Stephen, 16, as she assembled a slideshow on her HP Mini laptop. "It's good that we're learning it now."
    • Ed Webb
      The technology is still very visible, if students are talking in terms of 'computers' rather than the skills involved. We don't talk about 'paper' but writing, critical reading etc. Yet here the platform itself is emphasized. Early days, I guess.
  • has just begun incorporating technology
    • Ed Webb
      Uh, no. They have been using 'technology' forever, in the form of, say, books.
  • students seem far more interested in learning via interactive technology than they had been with a chalkboard and an overhead projector
    • Ed Webb
      Well, the problem here is that some of that can be ascribed to novelty. Once every class uses 'interactive technology' (yuk) then how much difference will there be? The tools are great. All tools can be useful. But focus on the pedagogy, people!
    • Scott Merrick
      I'm for focusing on understanding. I love the word "pedagogy" because most lay people don't really know what it entails--theory (which can be anything institutional or community deems effective or correct), practice (which, as we know, can be summed up with the phrase "mileage will vary"), and some third thing which if I could come up with it I'd have the magic 3 elements in an effective argument. I think effective tools used effectively by effective teachers (there! 3 uses of one adjective!) will remain effective as long as they are used to promote understanding. No argument here, Ed, just sayin'...
    • Ed Webb
      Perhaps the magic third thing would be 'attitude' or 'state of mind'? Alternatively, perhaps another of those non-transparent terms, 'praxis'. The point I was trying to make, of course, was that it ain't what you use, it's the way that you use it.
  • "I think the kids that have turned school off because it's boring to them will come here and see something familiar,"
    • Ed Webb
      Boring and familiar seem to me to be closely related, not opposites. I suspect that often when students say their learning environment is 'boring' they mean 'challenging'.
  • Educational technology does not come cheaply
    • Ed Webb
      The cost of books is astronomical!
  • "Learning is changing,"
    • Ed Webb
      Was it EVER the case that we could "just deliver a lecture and expect all the kids to get it"?
    • Gregory Louie
      Computer technology in my classroom has revolutionized my teaching of biology. Instead of static images on a printed page, or talk and chalk, my students can manipulate 3-D images of DNA, RNA and proteins. These have even been embedded in a research-based learning progression that leads the students to a robust understanding of the foundational elements of molecular literacy.

      1. Atoms and molecules are constantly in motion. (A visualization is not possible on a 2-3 printed page.)
      2. All atoms and molecules have a 3-D structure that determines how they interact with other particles.
      3. Charges and other intermolecular forces play a role in atomic and molecular interactions.

      My students can see these for themselves, change the number of particles in a box, or the distribution of charge on a large particle or the temperature of the box and other thought experiments which they can follow in real-time.

      There is no way, I could do that without the computer!
Cris Harshman

Unit Structures - Twitter as Courseware - 0 views

  • or example, a class must have an email list, a forum, website/CMS, each with its own space and identity.
    • Cris Harshman
      With newer web-based applications, this is no longer the case. For example, Wordpress will deliver RSS (replaces listserv), a static front page with organized sub-pages and articles (replaces CMS) and a built-in forum. There's no need to adopt Twitter, which replaces only the listserv.
Bill Genereux

New slant on writing encourages participation - 0 views

    Seems like educators could leverage the current generation's fascination with text, into substantive writing.
Kimberly Brosan

HowStuffWorks Green Living - Energy & Alternative Fuels - 1 views

    From How Stuff Works--Whether you want to know more about building sustainable communities to exploring alternative fuels and energy conservation or simply "go organic" at home - you'll find the resources you need to start living green.
Kimberly Brosan

The Environmental Literacy Council - Teaching Resources - 0 views

    Resource with links for topics including Air & Climate, Land, Water, Ecosystems, Energy, Food, and Environment & Society
Ed Webb

Sphere College - 0 views

    An experimental model of higher/further education, just being born.
    Intriguing experiment.
Ed Webb

The Scarlet "P" | TechTicker - 0 views

  • To me “sound pedagogy” isn’t a guarded gateway through which all things must pass before becoming true learning, it’s an ideal that should permeate and inform everything.
    • Ed Webb
      nicely put!
  • the perpetual conflict between the educational technology unit and the learning and teaching unit
  • The educational technologist are seen to be tech-obsessed, light on pedagogy and prone to obscure abbreviations; while the academics are stereotyped as waffley anti-technologists with a love of chalk-and-talk. Adding to this complexity, each sphere tends to be characterised by a distinct culture and common language.

    Often times the divisions are so clearly delineated that, despite units merging on paper, the two spheres operate largely independently of one another.

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  • We won’t always agree with one another, but once we start using language instead of hiding behind it we can begin to actually communicate.
Nicole Hill

The Price is Right: Free Educational Resources - 2 views

    This is a list of some of the resources that are available for free that could enhance your instruction. From Pete&C presentation
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