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Glenn Hervieux

You're Doing it Wrong! How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts - 131 views

    Top tip that will make your experience with Google Apps more efficient and enjoyable! Thanks to Kasey Bell for sharing this valuable tip.
B. Lawson

Exploring social bookmarking with Diigo | - YouTube - 48 views

  • 7 minute tutorial on how to set up Diigo
    Video on that give a great intro to Diigo and an overview of how to use it for education. This is a helpful overview when asking others to use Diigo.
    Video on that give a great intro to Diigo and an overview of how to use it for education.
Glenn Hervieux

Twittervention | Teacher Tech - 48 views

    Alice Keeler has several posts on using Twitter that are linked on this page. I've been on a webinar with Classroom 2.0 Live for teachers using Twitter and she has a very nice approach.
Glenn Hervieux

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Search for Publicly Shared Google Documents - 76 views

    Nice, short video tutorial on how to search for publicly shared Google Docs, Slides, Presentations, & lesson plans.
Glenn Hervieux

Sharing a Folder in Google Drive | Teacher Tech - 67 views

    Well thought out, step by step instructions on how to share folders in Google Drive. Thanks to Alice Keeler, Google Guru...great for using with both Ss & Ts.

Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools - 3 views

    • anorred79
      Use the Project Guide for any questions you have about your Science fair project.
  • Resources
    Free Topic Selection Wizard, science fair project ideas, step by step how to do a science fair project, Ask an Expert discussion board, and science fair tips for success.
    This is an AWESOME resource for STEM, science, and elementary teachers. Lots of lesson plans, project ideas, etc.
Roland Gesthuizen

10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps - 73 views

    The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget - quickly, and with no coding knowledge required.

Jac Londe

RSS AJAX XML - 12 views

  • RSS and AJAX: A Simple News Reader
  • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are two technologies that have taken the Web by storm. Most commonly, RSS is used to provide news to either people or other organizations. This is done by serving an "RSS feed" from a website. An RSS feed is simply a link to an XML file that is structured in a certain way. The RSS specification tells us the expected structure of the XML file. For example, the title, author, and description tags are required, and so all RSS XML files will have at least these three tags.
    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are two technologies root together by XML
Bob Rowan

First boot with the Raspberry Pi | How To - CNET - 49 views

    Clear introduction to the raspberry pi computer
Jac Londe

2D in Blender 2.6 - Tutorial (Part 1) | ALBINAL - Animation / Illustration / Stuff : Br... - 39 views

  • Here’s some links if you’re just starting out; Blender Tutorials / 47 Amazing Blender Tutorials / BlenderNation / Blender Artists
  • To enable the add-on go to File > User Preferences and select the Addons tab.

    Click on import-Export in the left menu and then choose Import images as planes.

    Put a check in the box in the top right next to the funny man.

  • Close the User Preferences Window.

    Then choose File > Import > Images as Planes

    If you are importing several images then put a check in All in directory.

    Change the extension drop-down if necessary.

    Then, for images like mine with a transparent background put checks in Shadeless, Use alpha and Premultiply.

    Put one more check in Use image dimensions if you want to keep them the same size.

    2D animation recipe for Blender.
    Not for beginners ...
Randy Rodgers

Greenfoot - 48 views

    Simple tool that helps students learn to program in Java.

Duke University Alice Materials Tutorials Repository - 35 views

    • anonymous
      Middle School students find this one hard. Has anybody tried this with an after-school class
    good tutorials to teach Alice coding
Powerof R10

10 Advanced Tips & Tricks For Google Forms - 191 views

    great tips for Google forms
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