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Martin Burrett

Outdoor Learning Opportunities - 4 views

    "No matter what the weather is trying to prove otherwise, it is summer in the UK and time to take the learning outside. Science, geography and art are often thought about when planning outside lessons as the 'resources' of mini-beasts, ow-bow lakes and scenic landscapes, on the whole, are found outside. But what benefits are there for doing DT outside (other than keeping your classroom mess-free) or music outside (other than annoying the teacher of 5B)?"

"My Outliners" Tutorial - Diigo help - 6 views

    • Go back to outliners homepage
    • Add items from diigo library to the current outliner: click on the icon and a side-menu will slide out, you can directly choose items or search for particular ones; already added items will be marked with a √ ; one more click on the icon will make the side-menu slide in.
    • Show all outliners

Free Technology for Teachers: Add Voice Recordings to Maps - 8 views

  • Google's My Maps tool
  • SoundCloud as the source of my audio file

Keep Students On the Cutting Edge of Learning - Tech Learning - 6 views


3 ways to promote grit via literacy instruction | eSchool News - 2 views

  • 1. Emphasize the journey over the accomplishment
  • 2. Teach their brain’s biology and give them the tools to influence it
  • 3. Help them find their voice

Cyberseek - 0 views

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