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Martin Burrett

Boys secure in their racial identity seek more diverse friendships - 0 views

    "Children often seek answers from parents, friends and media to better understand their racial identity.

    Middle school boys who feel secure about their race during this ongoing information gathering will likely befriend diverse people, according to a new University of Michigan study."
Jeff Andersen

The State of Social Media Demographics: 2017 Benchmarks [Infographic] - 0 views

    There's quite a bit of information out there to support the claims that people are moving farther away from broadcast television, and closer to the digital realm. And within that landscape, people are straying from their desktops and laptops, and opting to get online via mobile with more frequency.

    At least, that's what the folks at Nielsen and Google have found in their research. As the latter puts it, mobile devices are no longer "secondary," and people aren't just using them to get online -- they're using them to get social.

Memes in Digital Culture - 66 views

    Behind a firewall.

Kindle Cloud Reader - 85 views

shared by missydow on 19 Aug 11 - No Cached
NGUYEN Huu Cuong

Law 68/2014/QH13 Law on Enterprises - Cơ sở dữ liệu quốc gia về VBQPPL - Trun... - 0 views

  • private enterprises
    • NGUYEN Huu Cuong
      Private enterprises in this Law means the sole proprietorship - not all forms of private enterprises as mention in the investopedia's definition (see
Martin Burrett

Video: Where does gold come from? - @UKEdVideo - - 10 views

    "Discover how and where gold is formed… it's out of this world!"
Martin Burrett

Video: The Animated History of Spain - 29 views

    "A brief animated history of Spain over the past 2000 years, including multiple invasions, exploration and cultural upheaval."
Joe Hirsch

Teams and the Magical Number 150 - 24 views

shared by Joe Hirsch on 19 Mar 17 - No Cached
    What Gore-Tex discovered about optimal team size, and what educators can learn from it. via @joemhirsch
Nigel Coutts

Teaching in the 21st Century - The Learner's Way - 34 views

    The consistent message is that we are preparing our students for success in a world very different to that which was the norm only a short time ago. The implications of this change are immense and require a shift in our thinking about what matters most in our classrooms. Such is the pace of change that within any school there will be multiple generations who normalise different perspective on technology and its place in their lives. What becomes clear that the skills we most need within our schools at every level are those which are critical for individuals to be empowered, self-navigating learners. But what does this mean in practical terms?

Research | Children's Literacy Foundation - 14 views

    • jeromysusd
      We (the library) have to provide our students with a "print-rich environment" as many of our students do not have any other access to books. I see a print-rich environment as one that has many books.
Martin Burrett

Video: 4 Billion Years in Under 10 Minutes - 49 views

    "Detailed and engaging video about how the surface of the Earth has changed over its billions of years long history."
Michele Brown

Educator Resources | Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers - 14 views

    Creative way to practice math (place value and number line) Also is a virtual field trip to EA Madden NFL Video Games where they talk about the different jobs and people it takes to make a football game.
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