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Steve Ransom

Outdoor Preschool - Norway - YouTube - 8 views

    Wow... so much potential danger here. In America, we have successfully removed most all danger from any kind of learning. It's sanitized... and boring.
Nigel Coutts

The danger of teacher burnout - The Learner's Way - 59 views

    Teaching is by nature a high energy profession that demands a lot and while their is much to celebrate there is arena danger of burnout. Taking some time to relax and de-stress is important as is noticing the signs that you are reaching your limit. For all teachers understanding that a break and a change of schedule benefits not just you but your students too can be the catalyst for granting yourself permission for a genuine break.

Social Media Prank shows Danger of Public Status Posting | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education Community - 64 views

    Video worth watching. Great for a discussion point with students.
Kelly Boushell

GoAnimate4Schools - 103 views

    This is a superb site for GoAnimate and is specially designed to be used in schools. Make amazing animations in minutes. The teacher account allows you to administrate your class accounts and access their work.,+animation,+film+&+Webcams
    GoAnimate4Schools is an entirely private space for you and your students to let your creativity flow. A quiet place for your students to enjoy what's great about online creation tools, without the dangers of being out in the open Web. As a teacher on GoAnimate4Schools you get full access to all our tools. No virtual currency needed. And if you upgrade your School to our SchoolPlus program, all your students get the same unlimited access.
Kimberly LaPrairie

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy And Safety Month! | SimpleK12 - 1 views

    Did you know that July is cell phone courtesy and safety month? To see what you can do to help prevent "sexting" and other dangers teens face while using their cells, here's a quick video and some resources: Sexting isn't cool. Help spread the word.
Sydney Lacey

Educational Leadership:Improving Professional Practice:Improving Relationships Within the Schoolhouse - 19 views

    Relationships among educators within a school range from vigorously healthy to dangerously competitive. Strengthen those relationships, and you improve professional practice.
Holly Barlaam

Child Exploitation Online Video - 76 views

    An AWESOME video on child exploitation/social media dangers. I think everyone should watch this and maybe try to incorporate it into class or suggest to your administration to use it at an assembly or a similar venue.
Amy Roediger

Grading New York Teachers - When the Formulas Lie - - 48 views

    NYT article about the dangers of using a mathematical model to evaluate teachers.
Brian Mull

apophenia: spectacle at Web2.0 Expo... from my perspective - 34 views

    This is a fantastic self reflection piece by Dana Boyd about the dangers and the responsibility of the live backchannel.
Roland Gesthuizen

Incompetent Research Skills Curb Users' Problem Solving (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) - 95 views

  • In general, we almost never see people use advanced search. And when they do, they typically use it incorrectly — partly because they use it so rarely that they never really learn how it works.
  • or many problems, the actual answer is right there. But the concept that you might have to sometimes go beyond search listings is getting lost
  • any problems, the actual answer is right there. But the concept that you might have to sometimes go beyond search listings is getting lost
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Sadly, when one approach is so easy (and works much of the time), users never develop the research skills needed to try or even consider other approaches.
    "Today, many users are so reliant on search that it's undermining their problem-solving abilities. Ironically, the better search gets, the more dangerous it gets as people increasingly assume that whatever the search engine coughs up must be the answer."
Carol Caywood

The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - 95 views

    • Carol Caywood
      How has the child ravaged her?
  • I must not let her find me writing
  • sub-pattern in a different shade
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • John thought it might do me good to see a little company
  • John says if I don't pick up faster he shall send me to Weir Mitchell in the fall
  • nd Jennie is good and lets me alone when I want her to
  • and follow that pattern about by the hour
  • I know this thing was not arranged on any laws of radiation, or alternation, or repetition, or symmetry, or anything else that I ever heard of.
  • optic horror
  • it is such a relie
  • how I wish he would let me go and make a visit to Cousin Henry and Julia
  • He said I was his darling and his comfort and all he had, and that I must take care of myself for his sake, and keep well.
  • I must use my will and self-control and not let any silly fancies run away with me
  • he baby is well and happy
  • There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will.
  • ike a woman stooping down and creeping about behind that pattern
  • he faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, just as if she wanted to get out.
  • Of course if you were in any danger, I could and would, but you really are better, dear, whether you can see it or not. I am a doctor, dear, and I know. You are gaining flesh and color, your appetite is better, I feel really much easier about you."
  • "she shall be as sick as she pleases!
    • Carol Caywood
      talking to her in 3rd person
  • never for one instant let that idea enter your mind! There is nothing so dangerous, so fascinating, to a temperament like yours. It is a false and foolish fancy. Can you not trust me as a physician when I tell you so?"
Nigel Coutts

A healthy dose of scepticism - The Learner's Way - 63 views

    I want my students to be sceptics. I believe that in the present age scepticism is more important than ever. Easy access to information, ease of publishing, scams and confidence tricksters combine to create a climate where blind trust is dangerous for our security, our finances and our knowledge bases. For students of all ages a healthy dose of scepticism is much needed not just so they may reveal falsehoods but to allow them to discover new truths.

The dangers of encouraging dominance in debate by @viewthrudifeyes - - 6 views

    As a teacher, how do you react when one student (or a small minority) dominate discussion and class debate? Do you step in to include the rest of the group or just let the one-sided rhetoric run its natural course? If you intervene, what is the usua…

Resources Released to Teach about Dangers of Loan Sharks | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education Community - 3 views

    Resources support teachers to get pupils thinking about good loans and bad debts
Kenuvis Romero

Dangerous: an in-depth investigation into the life of John McAfee (Wired UK) - 0 views

shared by Kenuvis Romero on 23 Jun 13 - No Cached
  •  His business plan: create an antivirus program and give it away on bulletin boards. McAfee didn't expect users to pay. His real aim was to get them to think the software was so necessary that they would install it on their computers at work. They did. Within five years, half of the Fortune 100 companies were running it, and they felt compelled to pay a licence fee. By 1990, McAfee was making $5 million (£3.2 million) a year with few overheads and little investment.
  • His success was due in part to his ability to spread his own paranoia, the fear that there was always somebody about to attack.
Jon Tanner

It is Personal and Dangerous Now | Rethinking Learning - Barbara Bray - 54 views

    "Teachers need to know how to facilitate a different kind of learning environment that is flexible, personal, and creative. Personalized learning means that learners own and drive their learning not the technology using algorithms based on performance that controls learning. Learners need to learn how to think on their own. This will not happen if adaptive learning systems control how and what they learn."
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