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Martin Leicht

Leaders Don't Hide Behind Data - 6 views

    • Martin Leicht
      Staying busy is not the same as being productive.
  • A/B testing is a trap because it insulates us from A/J testing. A/B testing is an asymptotic stroll toward a local maximum.
  • And busyness is a trap because it allows us to believe that we’ve actually created value.
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  • What you’re not doing is inspiring your team to level up. What you’re not doing is inventing a new game. Instead, you’re playing someone else’s game.
    • Martin Leicht
      Creating a mechanics, dynamics, & aesthetics (game) comes with risk(s). And one can understand why we stick to creating value and management.
  • There are two traps
  • First, it’s easier than ever to do A/B testing
  • Second, it’s easier to stay busy.
  • Leadership is the art of doing things you’re not sure of, and doing them with enrollment instead of authority.
    • Martin Leicht
      Leadership = uncertainty + enrolment.
  • On the other hand, leadership is voluntary. Those who follow you must be enrolled in your journey and persuaded to follow (and contribute to) your vision.
  • Digital charisma doesn’t feel like management, and it requires alternative channels. Human channels. Channels that involve actually showing up, not hiding behind a system.
  • how can you possibly listen back?
    • Martin Leicht
      How do we listen back?
  • We can learn quite a bit from how the modern cultural leaders of Instagram and Facebook use their platform, despite so many of their habits we’d prefer to avoid.
    • Martin Leicht
      Through FB and IG modern cultural leaders affect change because they have "chosen" to do so. Not because anyone game them the authority. They chose to tell a different story.
Nigel Coutts

A stable foundation makes change possible - The Learner's Way - 7 views

    The foundational stability of schools might be our greatest strength.Getting the fundamentals right and protecting them during change efforts is essential. 
Martin Burrett

Building meaningful relationships in schools by @pruman21 - 10 views

    From September, I am starting a new role. I am going to be a year group leader for year 5. This has come about relatively quickly since my return from mainstream and so I have spent some time over the summer reflecting on my practice and how I am going to develop and inspire the people I work with. One of those people is an NQT. My sister is also starting her first post as an NQT in another school. After speaking on the phone for half an hour this morning, I realised that some of the stuff that I was saying to her is probably some of the stuff that I will be saying to the NQT I will be working with...
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Teachers Matter | George Lucas - 39 views

    "Kids today grow up immersed in a world of digital technology. Information is now freely available to everyone. It's powerful. Digital technology can get information, store information, do calculations and connect people in new ways. Digital technology can do so many amazing things for the learning process, but it can't be human."
Sydney Lacey

Share This With All the Schools, Please | Momastery - 49 views

    Begins as a slightly humorous take on how a parent doesn't get "new" math and needs to be tutored and then somewhere along the middle takes a turn that will punch you in the gut. Absolutely should be shared with educators and non-educators alike.
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Teachers Matter More in a Flipped Classroom - - 53 views

  • Teaching is fundamentally about human interactions and that can’t be replaced by technology.
  • The simple act of removing the direct instruction (lecture) from the whole group changes the dynamic of the room and allows the teacher to personalize and individualize the learning for each student. Each student gets his/her own education which is tailored to his/her needs.  Instead of a one size fits all education-each student gets just what they need when they need it.
    "Teaching is fundamentally about human interactions, and that can't be replaced by technology."
Don Doehla

Believing in Students: The Power to Make a Difference | Edutopia - 77 views

    After a morning Discipline With Dignity training, the high school principal and I walked to the cafeteria to eat lunch. He said, "I love your session, but it's not practical." I responded with my view that it was practical because it works -- but it's just not easy.
Roland Gesthuizen

What's the problem with 'inappropriate relationships'? « newteachersblog - 1 views

    "The news this week that a teacher and a student are in a relationship will come as a shock to many, particularly as the teacher is twice the age of his fifteen-year old pupil. But people of a certain age - those schooled in the 1970s and 80s for example - may be able to recall a variety of incidents of teacher-student flirtations, liaisons and even relationships that while never approved of, didn't seem to shock then in the way that they do now."
Brianna Crowley

Education Week Teacher: Five Practices for Building Positive Relationships With Students - 6 views

  • In a single moment, all 26 kids in that class learned three important things: 1) No matter how foolish your answer is, you will not be ridiculed in this class; 2) All of my students are equally important to me; and 3) While I want to have a close relationship with you, it will never be at the expense of another student.
  • "Do you prefer to work alone or with a partner?"
  • If I notice that the dynamics are off in a particular class, I will schedule an activity that does not require much guidance from me just so that I can use the time to reconnect.
    Clark lays out some simple, yet powerful reminders about how to build relationships with our students from day 1. 
Bill Genereux

Children's school performance tied to family 'type' - 20 views

    Home relationship patterns predict student success at school.
Sydney Lacey

Educational Leadership:Improving Professional Practice:Improving Relationships Within t... - 19 views

    Relationships among educators within a school range from vigorously healthy to dangerously competitive. Strengthen those relationships, and you improve professional practice.
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