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Martin Burrett

The Future of Learning - 10 views

    "It was once said 'It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future'. There are so many factors, technological, political, societal, which could change the course of learning, but in this discussion we are future-gazing and trying to imagine what learning will look like in a generation from now and beyond."
Phil Taylor

Are Our Educators Prepared For Their Students? | My Island View - 10 views

  • The past learning experiences of educators are so different from the current and evolving experiences of their students that relevance as an educator is extremely important.
  • In the 20th century information was for the most part slower to change and often controlled by a small group of power brokers.
  • Smartphones, which are not really phones, but powerful computers with phone capabilities.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Developing students who are flexible and willing to continually learn is the best we can do to insure their future.
Martin Burrett

Behaviour Management - UKEdChat - 8 views

    "Unlike Saint Nic we know that being either naughty or nice is a little simplistic. Behaviour management is just as much about the behaviour of the adults as the pupils and that in the dynamic environment of the classroom, everything influences everything else."
Martin Burrett

Top tips for re-engaging disengaged students - 33 views

    "Ideas for re-engaging students who seemed disengaged acknowledged that disengagement is a mutli-dimensional construct and that it does not simply refer to behavioural engagement, but emotional / relational engagement (including relationship with peers, staff and home) and psychological and cognitive engagement (how challenging and relevant the content of the lesson is). Therefore, suggestions to improve engagement ranged from using music or movement at the start of the lesson to set a tone / pace and expected participation, to demonstrating your own enthusiasm or passion as a teacher, showing them ' you are there for them not the job…knowing them as a person" (@TheBenHornbury)"
Martin Burrett

Teaching Creative Thinking - 21 views

    Too often, our students don't get the chance to think beyond the narrow constraints of a curriculum. The focus can be purely on developing the pupils to pass their exams, and not to creatively think how they can overcome challenges that they may soon be faced with. Teaching creative thinking is now, more than ever, crucial to prepare young people for future jobs, societal changes, and life situations which we cannot predict accurately. One thing is for sure, being able to creatively think is a life skill that will support them through the uncertain future ahead, and allowing space and time to develop this capability is essential, with schools well-placed to encourage growth.
Martin Burrett

Session 344: What is 'outstanding' in education? - 24 views

    "It is a beacon many professionals aspire towards, and the notion of being labelled as 'outstanding', or not, by others can make or break schools, teachers, and students. There are times where the label 'outstanding' is made by subjective criteria, or judgements are made based on data sets. Either way, aspiring to be outstanding remains high on the agenda for many within education - but what, exactly, is outstanding?"
Martin Burrett

UKEdChat Session 322: Good Behaviour Strategies - 10 views

    Following on from the results of our online poll, #UKEdChat this week will focus on Good Behaviour Strategies used in schools. Whether in the Early Years, Primary, Secondary or beyond, the behaviour of students can positively or negatively impact the rest of the class as well as interfere with teaching and learning.

    The session will release six questions (see below), so join the session on Twitter from 8pm via the #UKEdChat hash-tag.


    What student behaviours to you find to be the most annoying when teaching?
    Where do you go for support when you are finding student behaviour a problem?
    What has been the most positive intervention made in helping build a positive classroom behaviour?
    What are the foundations in ensuring positive pupils behaviour in any classroom?
    What are the most effective consequences used when dealing with disruptive behaviour?
    Think back to when you were a school pupil. What was the worst behaviour you displayed?
Martin Burrett

UKEdChat Session 320: The Educational Performance of Boys - 13 views

    Inspired by UK Parliament debate secured by @karlmccartney MP - Click here to read tweets from the debate - the #UKEdChat poll this week established that the discussion will focus on the Educational Performance of Boys.
Martin Burrett

UKEdChat Session 318: Modern & Effective Homework Strategies - 13 views

    Following on from the result of the #UKEdChat poll on Twitter, the chat this week focuses on: Modern and Effective Homework Strategies.
    The questions to be asked are below, which will then be released for discussion during the session.

    What are the greatest issues for teachers in setting homework?
    How do you communicate to parents your expectations of pupils completing homework?
    Does you school have a homework policy? How often is it updated?
    Homework and technology - How can we ensure all pupils have access to resources?
    Research about homework - John Hattie argues that homework in primary has zero effect (Radio 4 link). Do you agree / disagree?
    What is the most effective (and positive) homework strategy that you have experienced?
Martin Burrett

#UKEdChat Session 317: How do we ensure appropriate challenge for all? - 2 views

    Twitter discussion begins on Thursday 25th August 8pm(UK)
Martin Burrett

Session 315: Tips for dealing with disruptive pupils - 28 views

    "The discussion begun which participants talking about what they viewed as disruption. Most people agreed that swinging on chairs, being late and calling out were disruptive to learning (although many felt that the root causes needed to be identified and addressed), but there was genuine disagreement about pupil interaction and banter with some UKEdChatters saying this was an inappropriate distraction, while others said they enjoyed and welcome this, at least to a point."
Rachel Hinton

Nine Ways to Improve Class Discussions - 144 views

    "I once heard class discussions described as "transient instructional events." They pass through the class, the course, and the educational experiences of students with few lingering effects. Ideas are batted around, often with forced participation; students don't take notes; and then the discussion ends-it runs out of steam or the class runs out of time. If asked a few days later about the exchange, most students would be hard-pressed to remember anything beyond what they themselves might have said, if that. So this post offers some simple suggestions for increasing the impact of the discussions that occur in our courses."

Children's Prized Possessions - 24 views

    A great set of images showing the prized possessions of children. Great discussion stimulus.
Bob Rowan

Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation | Edutopia - 108 views

    Interesting tips for teaching students conversation skills
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