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05. Google Drive: Student Portfolios - YouTube - 1 views

Deborah Baillesderr - 8 views

    "Portfolio & Project Publishing for K-12"
Deborah Baillesderr

Seesaw - The Learning Journal - 57 views

    A student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and share artifacts of learning. Teachers get student work organized in one place and parents get a window into their child's day!
Lauren Parren

PD should be about learning, not control, compliance, and permission | Danger... - 57 views

    Let's own our own Professional development, and begin an evidence based practice just as we are expecting of students.
Robert Hochberg

Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios - 106 views

Kelsey Vroomunn

The Truth about Digital Porfolios & College Admissions - 60 views

    "Digital Portfolios Pull Double Duty"
Kelsey Vroomunn - 20 views

    Digital Portfolios- are they really worth it?
Don Doehla

Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Porfolios - 97 views

    Use of student blogs as portfolios of growth and reflection - very powerful!
Serene Pleasant

Student Blogs: Digital Portfolios | Primary Tech - 76 views

    • anonymous
      Student Blogging has become a wonderful way for students to write reflectively, add notes to remember later, or study for a test.
  • Students can build their blogging “skill set”.
    Using blogs in classroom for literacy as well as digital fluency.
    wonderufl primary staudent blogging site
Karen Korteling - 20 views

    • Karen Korteling
      Content Standards Students should create their portfolio for the purpose of demonstrating their proficiency in the four visual arts content standards: ■ Standard 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to perceive, interpret, and respond to ideas, experiences, and the environment through visual art. ■ Standard 2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of visual art as a basic aspect of history and human experience. ■ Standard 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to organize knowledge and ideas for expression in the production of art. ■ Standard 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply criteria for making visual aesthetic judgments.
    Portfolio Assessment Visual Arts by Maryland State Department of Education
Jon Dorbolo

How to Build a Successful Application Portfolio Management Solution « Because... - 33 views

  • 2.  Facilitate collaboration between business and IT
    • Jon Dorbolo
      In OSU's case this is analogous to facilitating collaboration between Faculty and IT.
  • 3.  Don’t try to boil the ocean
    • Jon Dorbolo
      Start with a small set of well integrated apps. Train to enterprise-wide proficiency. OSU is poised to do this with Google apps.
  • 5.  Build a repository of APM information
    • Jon Dorbolo
      Assess -- revise -- reassess -- til the end of time.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • How to Build a Successful Application Portfolio Management Solution
  • more often than not, these purchases happen in an ad-hoc manner within a specific department or business unit, resulting in a business owning hundreds (maybe even thousands) of redundant, overlapping, and ultimately, outdated applications.
Monica Lawrence

Foundation Stage Record Keeping (EYFS) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes Ap... - 57 views

    sounds great and its free
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