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Jeff Andersen

10 Famous Failures That Will Inspire You to Be a Success - 28 views

    Failure occurs everyday, in school, jobs, housework, and within families. It is unavoidable, irritating and causes pessimism. While the thought of flinging your hands in the air and walking away is all too appealing, take a second to connect with the people who have been there and survived.
Matt Renwick

Education Update:Approaching Race from the Inside Out:Why Glorify Failure to Enhance Su... - 10 views

  • When approaching any learning goal, experienced teachers typically know the misunderstandings students are likely to have and the kinds of errors they are likely to make. The key is not to wait for these problems to be verified through an assessment but to build lessons around them.
  • Regular formative assessments paired with structured, high-quality corrective activities can prevent minor errors from becoming major learning problems and failures.
  • Finally, we must help our students understand that the conditions for success are within their control and that we will help them remedy their learning errors when they occur. In other words, we, as teachers, must have a growth orientation to learning, and we must help our students develop the same orientation.
Matt Renwick

E-Portfolios Link Academic Achievements to Career Success -- Campus Technology - 35 views

  • Another area that's still hazy is the e-portfolio feedback system. As Pirie put it, "If I have no audience for what I'm doing, why should I care?" But the question is, who should do the reviewing and provide the feedback to the student — faculty members, the program adviser, somebody from the career services department or peers in the program?
    • Matt Renwick
  • "We don't know what the right choice or mix of reviewers is," she conceded, "but we do know [e-portfolios] should be reviewed on a regular basis" to get specific feedback to the student around content, structure and overall usability.
    • Matt Renwick
  • And there are questions around expanding the usage of e-portfolios within the online program. "Are we missing pieces?" asked Pirie. "What touchpoints are the most essential for the students throughout that three-year process?"
    • Matt Renwick
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  • the renewed focus on e-portfolios will help students reconnect with "their own purpose," Enders said. "That purpose is unique to them. It takes a lot of work and time to develop self-awareness about your strengths and passions and then understand why you're on this planet.
    Access-Purpose-Audience all addressed in this IHE ePortfolio system plan.
Matt Renwick

A Recipe for Success | Reading By Example - 53 views

    An analogy for integrating the Common Core
Javier E

Why Girls Tend to Get Better Grades Than Boys Do - The Atlantic - 40 views

  • Gone are the days when you could blow off a series of homework assignments throughout the semester but pull through with a respectable grade by cramming for and acing that all-important mid-term exam. Getting good grades today is far more about keeping up with and producing quality homework—not to mention handing it in on time.
  • girls succeed over boys in school because they tend to be more mastery-oriented in their schoolwork habits. They are more apt to plan ahead, set academic goals, and put effort into achieving those goals. They also are more likely than boys to feel intrinsically satisfied with the whole enterprise of organizing their work, and more invested in impressing themselves and their teachers with their efforts.
  • boys approach schoolwork differently. They are more performance-oriented. Studying for and taking tests taps into their competitive instincts. For many boys, tests are quests that get their hearts pounding. Doing well on them is a public demonstration of excellence
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  • “The testing situation may underestimate girls’ abilities, but the classroom may underestimate boys’ abilities.”
  • It is easy to for boys to feel alienated in an environment where homework and organization skills account for so much of their grades.
  • it appears that the overwhelming trend among teachers is to assign zero points for late work. In one survey by Conni Campbell, associate dean of the School of Education at Point Loma Nazarene University, 84 percent of teachers did just that.
Steven Szalaj

Is Music the Key to Success? - - 61 views

    It is amazing the number of people who attribute their success to a significant background in music.  Granted, I am a music teacher, but there seems to be more and more articles/stories/studies that point to a correlation.  It is not a particularly causal relationship (that is really hard to prove), but there is definitely a relation.
Steve Ransom

Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers - and transforms elementary school... - 62 views

    Funny... when you treat children with dignity and create beauty around them, they tend NOT to act like criminals. Create a school environment that's like a prison, and...
Mark Gleeson

Getting into the right mindset for better learning - 86 views

    Fixed mindset vs Growth Mindset. A reflection on how it affects education. (with a little homage to 'Coach Carter')
MaryLiz Jones

6 Important Skills for The Success of The 21st Century Students ~ Educational Technolog... - 215 views

    This is great - going to use this with my staff!
Mark Gleeson

The 6 Rs to success in school and life - 114 views

    "6 skills to reduce the risk and increase the promise of your students"
Mrs. Lail2

Success is a Four Letter Word - 37 views

  • it turns out that the one thing present in every successful person is one consistent trait. It’s not a person’s education or lack of it, or their IQ, their upbringing, their financial abundance or lack, their test scores, their birth order or their gender. It’s one odd, rarely mentioned quality: Grit.
  • But grit is more than just an attitude. It’s about the actions we take when faced with doubt and obstacles. In 2006, Drs. Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman discovered that the correlation between self-discipline and achievement was twice as large as the correlation between IQ and achievement.
  • A clear goal Determination despite others’ doubts Self-confidence about figuring things out Humility about knowing it doesn’t come easy Persistence despite fear Patience to handle the small obstacles that obscure the path A code of ethics to live by Flexibility in the face of roadblocks A capacity for human connection and collaboration A recognition that accepting help does not equate to weakness A focus and appreciation of each step in the journey An appreciation of other people’s grit A loyalty that never sacrifices connections along the way An inner strength that helped propel them to their goal
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  • “… Grit may be as essential as IQ to high achievement. In particular, grit, more than self-control or conscientiousness, may set apart the exceptional individuals who … made maximal use of their abilities.”
    And that word is grit
    Interesting article - I need to track down the original research! 
Eric Arbetter

Sharing Success in 140 Characters: This is #EduWin | EdReach - 48 views

    Twitter conversation to share great things happening in your school.

Parents Guide to Student Success - 63 views

    • chamart
      parents guide to student success
Miroslav Klobučar

YouTube - DRAZEN PETROVIC - Documentary Film - Part 1 - 19 views

    Vlade Divac govori o čudesnosti Dražena Petrovića kao košarkaša.
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