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Rhona Polonsky

connected classroom - 49 views

Hi Patricia, I would be interested. I am a MS librarian at the American International School in Johannesburg, South Africa. The only problem is time. Maybe we could share info another way: facebook...

connected classroom geography

Matt Renwick

The Connected Educator Movement Is Failing, And We're All To Blame | - 49 views

  • the reality is that we live in a bubble that feeds our own needs. It’s sometimes very hard to see outside that bubble, and it can often be viewed as successful when you can only see the fruits of your own work. 
  • When you have received teaching strategies,  Skyped in the classroom with an author, or had someone on the other side of the world- help you in a new way, it is indescribable.
  • Actually talking to people, instead of just emailing, tweeting, or blogging seems to work much better in getting any point across.
Matt Renwick

Where I Am Right Now with Being a Connected Learner | Reading By Example - 43 views

    Where I Am Right Now with Being a Connected Learner | Reading By Example
Matt Renwick

Digital Student Portfolios | Reading By Example - 120 views

    Looking forward to it!

Connected Coaching Tips & Tricks | Powerful Learning Practice - 1 views

    PLP CC tips and tricks

TechTalk | KPDSB's Connected Educators - 15 views

    PLP CLE group

Ask3 helps you teach from home with two-way screencasting. - 83 views

    for those with access to i-pads for teaching, this sounds great.
Kathleen Gormley

Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? | Video on - 49 views

    Sherry Turkle (TED Talk), a professor at MIT, discusses (2012) how our many devices isolate us. Just last week, I watched a group of seniors at a coffee shop sitting together and texting rather than conversing. It made me think about their definitions of communication. Thought provoking.
amy musone

Connected Educators, Connected Families / Browse Our Publications / Publications & Reso... - 29 views

    Joe Mazza shares how families connect at his school.
Jennie Snyder

83 The Bigger You Are, The More You Should Connect - 36 views

  • As I think about how big schools and districts can be, we have to less “automation” and more “personalization”.  Technology can either dehumanize or humanize; it depends how we use it.  The “social” is really the most important part of “social media” and we need to take advantage to not only share what we are learning, but to build connections in new ways.
  • If used correctly, that “machinery” can bring us more “humanity” than ever.
Jennie Snyder

No Name-Calling Week: Cultivating Kindness and Playgrounds of Respect | Edutopia - 16 views

  • They recognized that the only real solution for the "bad stuff" was building a solid foundation of the good: the empathy, connections and healthy relationships that create effective learning communities and bolster individual happiness and success. Accountability and amends are key, but discipline, punishment and "zero-tolerance policies" are not the answer.
  • This approach to learning benchmarks students' development of empathy and understanding of others, their ability to form positive relationships and demonstrate effective approaches to conflict resolution as well as other critical qualities.
  • No Name-Calling Week provides a critical opportunity to bolster the empathy and understanding that underlie respect of others from the earliest years and evoke the joyful sounds of all children as they play on playgrounds of respect.
    Not zero tolerance, but rather full inclusion. 
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