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Shannon Knight

Welcome! | LinkedIn - 4 views

    social networking community
Matt Renwick

E-Portfolios Link Academic Achievements to Career Success -- Campus Technology - 35 views

  • Another area that's still hazy is the e-portfolio feedback system. As Pirie put it, "If I have no audience for what I'm doing, why should I care?" But the question is, who should do the reviewing and provide the feedback to the student — faculty members, the program adviser, somebody from the career services department or peers in the program?
    • Matt Renwick
  • "We don't know what the right choice or mix of reviewers is," she conceded, "but we do know [e-portfolios] should be reviewed on a regular basis" to get specific feedback to the student around content, structure and overall usability.
    • Matt Renwick
  • And there are questions around expanding the usage of e-portfolios within the online program. "Are we missing pieces?" asked Pirie. "What touchpoints are the most essential for the students throughout that three-year process?"
    • Matt Renwick
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  • the renewed focus on e-portfolios will help students reconnect with "their own purpose," Enders said. "That purpose is unique to them. It takes a lot of work and time to develop self-awareness about your strengths and passions and then understand why you're on this planet.
    Access-Purpose-Audience all addressed in this IHE ePortfolio system plan.
Roland Gesthuizen

The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them | LinkedIn - 69 views

    "In the interest of helping more candidates make it past that first resume screen, here are the five biggest mistakes I see on resumes."

Advice for Progressing up the Teaching Career Ladder - 2 views

    Archive and summary offering advice on progressing your teaching career from ukedchat session.

Why teachers chose teaching - 1 views

    Having a sense of 'wanting to make a difference' is one of the main reasons teachers want to go into the profession, according to a UKEdChat Survey.
Roland Gesthuizen

88 Teacher Interview Questions | Teacher Catapult - 91 views

    "Below are some sample teacher interview questions. These questions are quite common for high school, middle school, and elementary teacher interviews.  The difficulty level of these questions vary from easy to more difficult, but all of which are typical of a standard interview.  When given an interview as a teacher, it is important to realize that you can prepare for it just as you would for an important test. "
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Great Teachers Are Fleeing the Profession - Speakeasy - WSJ - 98 views

    "Everybody agrees: a great teacher is the difference between success and failure, for a school, a class, and a student.  But right now, great teachers are leaving the profession faster than Dodger fans exiting the stadium during the 7th inning. "
Roland Gesthuizen

CV Template - Write A CV In Minutes - 89 views

    "Build a CV online in minutes Choice of CV template designs Save as Word, PDF, or plain text Packed full of examples Action words and phrases for CVs"
Adrienne Schroeder

Education Jobs and Career Resources from Education Week - 5 views

    Jobs and career resources for education
Joy Robinson

Your Unofficial Job-Application Checklist - Manage Your Career - The Chronicle of Highe... - 1 views

    • Joy Robinson
      annotated and illustrated CV. Great idea!
    "With more than 4,000 colleges and universities out there, no generalization about how academic employers view s"
Roland Gesthuizen

IT: Becoming less about tech skills, more about integration | TechRepublic - 1 views

  • Increasingly, working in IT is becoming less about technical skills and more about integration.
  • While there are still roles requiring deep technical experience, for most corporate IT workers their role will shift from implementation to architecting.
  • your staff are going to require new skills, modes of thinking, performance monitoring, and rewards structures. Essentially, facilitating your staffs’ transition is simply too important to leave to HR.
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  • Old vendor relationships may no longer be as critical, and you might end up dealing with anyone from Amazon to Apple, players who only recently began to play in the enterprise space.
    "Patrick Gray talks about a seismic shift going on in IT where knowledgeable technicians no longer rule the roost."
Christian King

How to Do What You Love - 35 views

    An interesting essay on the topic of career choices. Well argued and inspired by the changing approaches to work in society.
Tonya Thomas

How Great Bosses Motivate Employees | - 2 views

  • Without great employees, no amount of focus on goals and targets will ever pay off. Employees can only achieve what they are capable of achieving, so it’s your job to help all your employees be more capable so they—and your business—can achieve more.
  • Progress, improvement, and personal achievement.
  • So don’t worry about reaching performance goals. Spend the bulk of your time developing the skills of your employees and achieving goals will be a natural outcome.
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  • Never hope a problem will magically go away, or that someone else will deal with it. Deal with every issue head-on, no matter how small.
  • If that seems like too much work for too little potential outcome, think of it this way. Your remarkable employees don’t need a lot of your time; they’re remarkable because they already have these qualities. If you’re lucky, you can get a few percentage points of extra performance from them. But a struggling employee has tons of upside; rescue him and you make a tremendous difference.
  • If it should go without saying, don't say it. Your glory should always be reflected, never direct.
  • When you consistently act as if you are less important than your employees—and when you never ask employees to do something you don’t do—everyone knows how important you really are.
  • When that happens, you have a choice. You can blow the employee off... or you can see the moment for its true importance: A chance to inspire, reassure, motivate, and even give someone hope for greater things in their life. The higher you rise the greater the impact you can make—and the greater your responsibility to make that impact.
  • Remember where you came from, and be gracious with your stardom.
Martin Burrett

Me Tycoon :: Be who you want to be - 79 views

    This is a beautifully made resource which is a virtual game of life. Design an avatar and guide them through every tricky decision, like which career to have and what to do to make it happen. Find teacher resources at,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
Keith Rowley

Harvard Working Knowledge: Why Leaders Lose Their Way - Bill George - 1 views

  • Leaders who lose their way are not bad people; rather, they lose their moral bearings
  • we all have the capacity for actions we deeply regret unless we stay grounded.
  • Self-reflection: a path to leadership development
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  • narcissistic wounds from childhood.
    • Keith Rowley
      Their "crucibles." Or, as Eckhard Tolle calls it, "pain bodies".
  • What's the purpose of my leadership?
  • Why do I want to lead?
  • Often they reject the honest critic who speaks truth to power.
  • these problems are neither their fault nor their responsibility. Or they look for scapegoats to blame for their problems. Using their power, charisma, and communications skills, they force people to accept these distortions, causing entire organizations to lose touch with reality. At this stage leaders are vulnerable to making big mistakes, such as violating the law or putting their organizations' existence at risk. Their distortions convince them they are doing nothing wrong, or they rationalize that their deviations are acceptable to achieve a greater good.
    • Keith Rowley
      George W Bush!
  • Values-centered leadership
  • Leaders can avoid these pitfalls by devoting themselves to personal development that cultivates their inner compass, or True North. This requires reframing their leadership from being heroes to beingservants of the people they lead.
  • reframing their leadership from being heroes to beingservants of the people they lead.
    • Keith Rowley
      Values-centerd leaders are "Go-Givers"
  • Leaders can avoid these pitfalls by devoting themselves to personal development that cultivates their inner compass, or True North.
  • discipline
    • Keith Rowley
      Meditation is a good discipline to practice.
  • meditation
  • A system to support values-centered leadership The reality is that people cannot stay grounded by themselves. Leaders depend on people closest to them to stay centered. They should seek out people who influence them in profound ways and stay connected to them. Often their spouse or partner knows them best.
  • heir choices don't matter, as long as they relieve stress and enable them to think clearly about work and personal issues.
  • Spouses and partners can't carry this entire burden though. We need mentors
  • rue North Groups
    • Keith Rowley
      What is this???
  • Surround yourselves with people who will be honest with you about how you really are and what you are becoming, and then make them promise to not hold back… from telling you the truth."
    Values-centered leadership. Bill George is great!
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