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Diego J. Vigueras Gonzalez

MOSEP - More self esteem with my ePortfolio - 15 views

    Programa subvencionado por la Unión Europea (austríaco)
Roland Gesthuizen

Evernote Blog | How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) - 68 views

    "I started teaching 15 years ago and that is when I first came across this concept of a 'portfolio.' A portfolio is a storehouse for projects, writing pieces, art, and performances. It can be used by students, teachers, and parents to document what they're doing (either day-to-day things or through their best work or improvements they've made). I see portfolios as a way to hold onto and think about what you're doing."
Donal O' Mahony

An ePortfolio idea from Scotland - 90 views

    We are beginning to dip our toes in the water in Ireland where e/digital Portfolios are concerned.

    This is a blog post I wrote on a poster from Scotland on ePortfolios.

    Scroll down and look at the individual elements of a portfolio - excellent!
Gwen Eden

Debbie Blair TIE 2012 - 53 views

    ePortfolios via Google Sites
    Wow Gwen. Thanks for posting the info from my TIE session. I hope you find it helpful!
Scott Kinkoph

technology4kids [licensed for non-commercial use only] / globalprojects - 4 views

    Shell Terell website
Randy Rodgers

Become a Maker - DIY - 84 views

    I love this site. This site provides a safe online space for children to upload their art, craft and design creations to share with the whole world. For teachers, it is a great place to find inspiration for your own class projects.
    The DIY online club awards badges (called 'Skills' on the site) to students and kids of all ages in exchange for completing tasks. DIY Makers share their work with the community and get patches for the Skills they earn. Each Skill consists of a set of Challenges that help them learn techniques to get the hang of it. Once a Maker completes a Challenge, they add photos and video to their Portfolio to show what they did.
Deborah Baillesderr | create and share visual ideas online - 171 views

    • Scott Kinkoph
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    Create infographics online.
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    Create infographics with these very helpful tools--backgrounds, objects, shapes, themes, more.
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Peter Beens

Digitize Student Work With the Three Ring App - 121 views

    Three Ring is a new free service offering free Android and iPhone apps for digitizing and organizing student work. Using the app teachers can take a picture of a student's work and upload it to a free Three Ring account. Three Ring offers teachers a lot of organizational flexibility. You could organize artifacts by student name, class, date, or just about any other tagging system that works for you.
Patricia Christian

E-Portfolios as Digital Stories of Deep Learning on Vimeo - 32 views

    Dr. Helen Barret shares on Metacognition and Reflective Electronic Portfolios
Patricia Christian

Technology & Assessment - 29 views

    Electronic Portfolios
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