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Nigel Coutts

Growth Mindsets in the Great Outdoors - The Learner's Way - 20 views

    chool camps are a wonderful opportunity to observe how our students handle the challenge of a different learning setting. Away from the norms and familiar settings of the classroom, we see students in a different light. For the students, camps are an exciting and for some frightening challenge. For teachers, they are an outstanding assessment tool that should inform our practices long after camp is over. 

Growth mindset for teachers | ICTEvangelist - 83 views

    "growth mindset for teachers and students"
Jon Tanner

No child is just born gifted: Creating and developing unlimited potential | The Thomas ... - 44 views

    An interesting take on the nature vs. nurture debate as it relates to "giftedness." It adds support to the rationale for personalizing learning so that all students can reach their potential.
Nigel Coutts

Developing and Maintaining a Growth Mindset - The Learner's Way - 90 views

    For educators, parents and learners Carol Dweck's research on the benefits of a Growth Mindset is naturally appealing. Those who have a growth mindset achieve better results than those who don't, are more resilient and accept challenge willingly. After two years of incorporating a growth mindset philosophy we are finding that the reality of shifting a student's disposition away from a fixed mindset and then maintaining a growth mindset is significantly more complex than at first imagined.
Jørgen Mortensen

Never Too Late: Creating a Climate for Adults to Learn New Skills | MindShift | KQED News - 47 views

    "superintendent in Dobbs Ferry, New York, Dr. Lisa Brady"
Nigel Coutts

Good To Great Advice for Growth Mindsets - 61 views

    Recently I read 'Good to Great' by Jim Collins a book that describes the processes and structures that allowed eleven companies to transition from good to great and outperform the market by a factor of three for sustained periods. One story stands out as a metaphor for a growth mindset.
Davida Lindsay-Harewood

▶ Professor Carol Dweck 'Teaching a growth mindset' at Young Minds 2013 - You... - 31 views

    Growth mindset
    Now, the task is to get educational institutions to accept ......yet as a measurement of progress.
Sharin Tebo

Why the Growth Mindset is the Only Way to Learn | Edudemic - 83 views

  • The growth mindset is the opposite of the fixed: It thrives on challenge and sees failure as an opportunity for growth. It creates a passion for learning instead of a hunger for approval.
    • Sharin Tebo
      This is completely how I feel but it took me a while, a long while to get to this point. Convincing others that failure presents opportunities to do it better next time and the time after that is challenging.
  • Then again, that study was just about small children- but children grow up. And if they’re taught that their capacity to learn is fixed, they bring their intellectual insecurities into adulthood.

    They’ve been essentially taught to try to avoid looking stupid, and that’s a hard habit to break.

  • Find peers

    No one can put in the work or learn for you. But having a support community is the single most effective supplement to the learning process. Collaboration maintains focus, speeds up learning, and sustains interests. No matter what it is you’re pursuing, find a group or a mentor for it.

Jon Tanner

Six Reasons You Should Start Setting Learning Goals With Your Students | The Institute ... - 90 views

    Why we need to set goals with students
Matt Renwick

Can Minecraft Foster a Growth Mindset? - 38 views

    "Our students have shown an amazing ability to sustain focus"

Powerful Project Learning: The Growth of My Students Truly Amazes Me | Powerful Learnin... - 37 views

    PBL and students
Ruth Sinker

Talent Isn't Fixed and Other Mindsets That Lead to Greatness - 1 views

    "If we believe that someone's talent is fixed-including our own-we are effectively writing off any options for growth. But if we believe that talent, or intelligence, or any other ability, evolves as a result of how much effort we put in, the opportunities are endless."
Mark Gleeson

Planning for a new year in ICT - Can growth and change happen? - 8 views

    Changing the ICT culture of your school
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