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A Gardner

7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills | Edutopia - 105 views

    7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills via @edutopia #swcenteran
    7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills via @edutopia #swcenteran

April Fool's Resources on Edutopia via Common Core & Ed Tech - 61 views

    An interesting list from Edutopia, plus some brief commentary...
Don Doehla

Knowledge in Action: "AP+" Project: Research on a Project-Based Learning Approach to AP... - 25 views

    Knowledge in Action, AP+Project-Research-a #PBL Approach to #AP via @Edutopia #actfl #langchat @ascd @biepbl #pblchat
Don Doehla

Summer Rejuvenation Guide: Ten Teacher Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Summer | E... - 45 views

    Need renewal this summer? Here are ten great tips from Edutopia. Reflect while you relax!
Bob Rowan

Should Students Evaluate Their Teachers? | Edutopia - 66 views

  • online survey of 1,883 students from 10 European countries
  • what the students expect
  • what they experience from their instructors
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • looked at three characteristics
  • personality
  • classroom environment
  • teaching style
  • gap of 35 percent between what students expected and what professors were able to deliver
  • professors did best at being "confident" and "rational"
  • worst at being "inspiring"
  • wanted inspiring teachers that are approachable
  • clear idea of student requirements
  • good communicators
  • be alert to struggling students
  • student evaluations prove to be the most effective at providing specific information for formative evaluations
  • should be an important part of teacher evaluations
  • Informally, teachers are graded all the time
  • you could administer a formal climate survey
  • At the end of every test or quiz, put in a few non-graded questions
  • What did you like most about learning this topic
  • What was most difficult
  • could the teacher have done a better job
  • What would you recommend to improve this course? What do you want to see more of in this class? Less of?"
  • 21st-century education E-newsletter
    The author reflects on student evaluations, citing a study that asked students what they expect from their professors (also talks about how it applies to K-12 schools)
Kelly Christopherson

A Textbook Example of What's Wrong with Education | Edutopia - 0 views

    Edutopia article on textbooks.

Summer PD: Join The Web Tools Collective | Edutopia - 141 views

    "As part of Edutopia's summer professional development experiences, we are starting a Web Tools Collective to explore and learn with other teachers from around the world. We plan to "study" a variety of web tools and resources, and identify ways that they can be used in the classroom. The Web Tools Collective is a flexible, open-learning experience. We will provide a learning space (Edutopia blogs and groups) and a loose structure for exploration. You are welcome to jump in and out as your schedule and interest allows. You can post daily, weekly, just once or twice, or you can even just lurk. "
Eric Arbetter

Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards | Edutopia - 7 views

    A great post from Edutopia with a lot of good links to other resources on the Common Core.
Elizabeth Kahn

How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing | Edutopia - 61 views

    Great article from Edutopia explaining why we need to persevere with technology integration.
Don Doehla

Ten Tips for Becoming a Connected Educator | Edutopia - 87 views

    Great new post by +Elana Leoni via +Edutopia !
Don Doehla

Why don't US elementary schools teach foreign language? | Edutopia - 32 views

    WL Community Forum discussion @Edutopia
A Gardner

Creating Successful Collaborations | Edutopia - 6 views

    From @edutopia-Creating Successful Collaborations:
Don Doehla

How to Trust Your Students via @Edutopia - 31 views

    "Education is catastrophically deficient in trust. Pro-accountability education reformers presume that, absent carrots and sticks, classrooms would be overrun with lazy and incapable teachers. Traditional instructors presume that, absent carrots and sticks, classrooms would be overrun with lazy and incapable students. Both viewpoints emerge from a noble desire to make classrooms high-performance spaces, but in actuality they suppress excellence."
    An excellent article - must read! via @Edutopia
Annette Yono

Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers | Edutopia - 66 views

    I just made an account but I still need to try this service. Vicky Davis discusses this tool on
Jason Bihler

Digital Citizenship Week: 6 Resources for Educators | Edutopia - 81 views

    • Jason Bihler
      BrainPop is great for younger students!  Make sure to forward this.
    Digital Citizenship Week: 6 Resources for Educators | Edutopia Great article with a number of clickable resources.
Deborah Baillesderr - 61 views

    This is a parent's guide on 21st Century Learning
Liane St. Laurent

Edutopia | K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work - 16 views

    great educational web site for support articles
    Nice collection of back to school tips from our friends at Edutopia.
Glenn Hervieux

5-Minute Film Festival: 10 Great Video Resources for Teaching Math | Edutopia - 56 views

    This post on Edutopia presents a collection of 10 great videos sites for teaching math.
Roland Gesthuizen

Challenging the Model of 1:1 with BYOD | Edutopia - 87 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Interesting reading how this school implemented a hybrid BYOD 1:1 program. The emphasis is on a collaborative, co-teaching model rather than slabs of professional development around particular applications.
    This year my school district in Vermont ventured into a sort-of BYOD/1:1 hybrid program. We realized the importance of allowing our students access to technology to enhance their learning, but the infrastructure wasn't in place to tackle a traditional BYOD. .. Instead, we chose to be creative with our technology and professional development.
Don Doehla

The Persistent Appeal of Technology in Learning | Edutopia - 26 views

    What do you think? Why do teachers like technology in learning contexts? I am curious to know your perspectives!
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