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Matt Renwick

It's Not the Assessment - It's How You Use It | Assessment in Perspective - 78 views

  • We acknowledge that there is so much that is out of our control right now when it comes to assessment, but we believe we need to also remember what we can control.
  • These assessments can help a teacher determine the type of small group and whole class instruction that needs to be done to support her readers in using strategies effectively and flexibly. This type of analysis is typically not required — only the list of levels needs to be turned in.
  • When we simply look at these students based on the numerical score they achieve on these assessments, we lose so much data. Knowing a student or group of students did not reach a benchmark helps us determine that these kids need support, but it does not tell us the type of support they need.
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  • Assessing students counts as a conference!
  • Another way to translate assessments into day-to-day teaching is to use your conferring notebook while you are doing your required assessments.
  • It is so helpful to take a little the extra time after each assessment to think about what you learned, and how you can use that data tomorrow to lift the quality of your instruction.
  • we believe that what is most important is that you can assess the full profile of a reader and you use the assessment data to inform your teaching
  • Sometimes it is better to stay the course with the tools we have and understand it is the best decision for our district at this point in time.
    • Matt Renwick
      student portfolios
  • This work is messy and rarely precise.
Kelsey Vroomunn

Six Tech Characteristics to look for as a Perspective Student - Chimera EDUCATION - 28 views

    Guide to assessing schools based on tech usage
Lena Darnay

I'm a Teacher and After Tuesday, I Could Be Fired - 135 views

    This is an interesting perspective blog post from Huffington Post sharing the view of education reform from a High School English teacher in California.
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