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Martin Burrett

Grouping students into ability-based sets holds back less able pupils - 18 views

    "Students classed as less able are being hindered by being grouped into ability-based sets, according to new research published today in the Cambridge Journal of Education.

    Teachers' expectations of pupils in lower sets, which are based on their prior academic record and closely tied to the belief that their behaviour will be more challenging, could instil a damaging 'culture of dependency' on teachers among these groups."
Peter Beens

Does Spongebob SquarePants wreck children's ability to concentrate? | Mail Online - 3 views

    Watching fast-paced cartoons harms toddlers' ability to concentrate and solve logic-based puzzles, as well as undermining their short-term memory
Steve Ransom

What If We Stopped Teaching Kids What They Cannot Do? | HASTAC - 3 views

  • How do we understand our gifts without the certificate, the diploma?   That's the challenge.  
  • And, sadly, much of our formal education is about standardizing exactly
  • that shift, in teaching that kindergarten child who believes she can do absolutely anything that, no, she's a poor reader, or bad in math, or a poor speller, or a poor artist or has no musical talent (as my husband was once told when he was a child: 
    Great post by Cathy Davidson:
    "How do we understand our gifts without the certificate, the diploma?   That's the challenge."
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