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Martin Burrett

Every School needs a School Library by @ElizabetHutch - 10 views

    "I love school libraries! Well you would, I hear you say, you're a librarian. My love of school libraries is not about being able to work in a room in a school with a lot of books, or my ability to sit and read books all day (I wish) or even being able to play with the bleepy scanny thing (that is one of the many names for the book issue scanner). Nor is it my love for school libraries based on sorting out photocopier jams, or peeling the plastic from yet another laminator jam, or being called the library lady, shelf sorter or any other name that teachers or students can think of when what they are looking for is the librarian. Joking aside my love of school libraries is their ability to support and create literate, independent learners and this is why teachers should love them too."
Martin Burrett

Why do we need a Great School Libraries campaign? by @ElizabetHutch - 3 views

    "School librarians are information professionals, who can support and teach information, critical and digital literacy skills. Research skills from finding books via your school library catalogue to researching academic online resources such as Science in Context, helping students to navigate those online tools that can't be searched with a question (like they like do in Google), explaining and using keywords, creating good research questions and guiding them onto the internet searching with the knowledge and skills about how to do this safely."
Martin Burrett

School librarians helping children become independent learners with parental support by... - 13 views

    "As a parent, I have always been able to help my children find good sources of information in order to do their homework. How do I know where to find the best information? Do I have some inside knowledge that most parents don't? Yes! How? I am a librarian… I have long believed that if parents knew about the resources available from their school library to support their children's homework they would be relieved and happy. They would be able to guide them to use these good tools without worrying about quality or reliability. Many of our resources go unused for two reasons, firstly, many teachers and students do not know about these resources, how easy they are to use and reference and secondly, parents don't know they exist."

Why Gen Z needs librarians now more than ever | eSchool News - 1 views

  • hey are very often the person responsible for introducing students to new technologies, and are also on the front lines when it comes to connecting students to meaningful sources for research.
  • such as increased access to inappropriate content and fake news.
    • mavisschipman
      Find some examples of fake news.
victoria waddle

Why Do We Need Teacher Librarians? - 45 views

    Discusses how credentialed teacher librarians make a difference in students' lives and in their information literacy (including their ability to use technology ethically and educationally).
Debra Gottsleben

Annual Report | Services to Schools - 25 views

    post on how to create an annual report and what to include
Eric Arbetter

Teacher-Librarians at the Heart of Student Learning - 1 views

    A short video highlighting how school libraries are integral part of a school community.
Mrs. Casieri

9 Data Visualization Tools for Librarians and Educators | iLibrarian - 14 views

    Some great, user-friendly visualization tools to engage students and teachers.
Kathy Fiedler

Lexile® at School - 5 views

    "Lexile measures are powerful, versatile tools that educators can use to help their students grow as readers. When you use both Lexile reader measures and Lexile text measures, you can treat each student as an individual learner, rather than as below-grade, on-grade or above-grade. Site includes a "find a book" feature which allows you to search a book by title or author and find out the lexile level. There is a conversion chart on the site which will give you a guide to the approximate grade level equivalents as well. Here are some classroom ideas and applications to help you differentiate instruction for all readers in various situations."
Charlotte Ballard

Killing Librarianship - 9 views

    Vimeo presentation about librarians "thinking big"
A Gardner

Infographics for Librarians, Educators, and Other Cool Geeks - 221 views

    Great, great resource!! Thank you!
A Gardner

ALA | theory - 2 views

    • A Gardner
      Need to print, read, share
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