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Della Gordon

argumentintherealworld - home - 25 views

    Resources for Argument in the Real World
    Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks
    Published by Heinemann, November 2016

    Welcome to the companion wiki for our upcoming Heinemann book, Argument in the Real World. You will find here links to resources that are mentioned in the book, as well as additional tools to help you and your students develop their argument skills.

    We also hope that you will connect with us on Twitter @teachKHT and @hickstro). ~ Kristen and Troy

    Chapter 1: The Nature of Argument in a Digital World
    Chapter 2: Analyzing Arguments that are Born Digital
    Chapter 3: The Moves of Argument in Web-based Text
    Chapter 4: The Moves of Argument in Infographics
    Chapter 5: The Moves of Argument in Video
    Chapter 6: The Moves of Argument in Social Media
    Chapter 7: Coaching Students' Work with Digital Arguments
Louise Lewis

Teaching in a digital age - an Australian perspective - 44 views

    Adoption of disruptive strategies in digital teaching and learning is not as easy as providing technology for technology sake. Why isn't digital teaching being adopted as rapidly as needed in Australia? This recent white paper may offer some clues.
Louise Lewis

What 21st Century Skills? - CloudEd - 77 views

    Getting into the mindset to foster 21st century skills in learners.
Louise Lewis

The Internet's Dark Ages - The Atlantic - 51 views

  • It’s not a place in any reliable sense of the word. It is not a repository. It is not a library. It is a constantly changing patchwork of perpetual nowness.
  • It’s unstable.
  • “Except when it goes, it really goes,” said Jason Scott, an archivist and historian for the Internet Archive. “It’s gone gone. A piece of paper can burn and you can still kind of get something from it. With a hard drive or a URL, when it’s gone, there is just zero recourse.”
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has a trove of cached web pages going back to 1996.
  • It is not just access to knowledge, but the knowledge itself that’s at stake.
  • Ephemerality is built into the very architecture of the web, which was intended to be a messaging system, not a library.
  • And yet there are no robust mechanisms for libraries and museums to acquire, and thus preserve, digital collections.
  • Vaughan was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in
  • The Internet is now considered a great oracle, a place where information lives and knowledge is stitched together.
MaryLiz Jones

Daily Planning Worksheet - 83 views

    Weekly planners, whether digital, handwritten, or typed, can help you get a handle on your to-do's for each week. This sample daily planning worksheet is one example. Read more about strategizing your time in the associated post: " 7 Step-Prep: Make a Weekly Plan for YOU!"
Doug Saunders

Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' - YouTube - 36 views

    Mind reader illustrates the importance of being careful what you post online.
Deborah Baillesderr

Seesaw - The Learning Journal - 57 views

    A student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and share artifacts of learning. Teachers get student work organized in one place and parents get a window into their child's day!
H DeWaard

63 Things Every Student Should Know In A Digital World - 118 views

    63 Things Every Student Should Know In A Digital World
Sharin Tebo

Turn snow days into e-learning days with these 6 simple steps | eSchool News | eSchool ... - 40 views

  • It’s time for e-learning to become common place in public schools, starting with snow days.
    • Sharin Tebo
      Just because students are not at school doesn't mean the learning stops. What instead of mandating kids have internet access at home, there are pre-made activities that don't foresee the dependency on the Internet and instead, can be approved by a parent/guardian signature that such learning activities took place during the day off school for whatever reason.
  • Online learning also helps teachers reduce their stress load. It provides a predictable avenue for educators to budget their curriculum goals with available teaching days. Finally, e-learning days provide students with academic consistency and predictability, eliminating any snow day confusion.
Alias Librarian

technology rocks. seriously.: BEFORE You Post: THINK - 64 views

    Updated THINK posters.
Alias Librarian

Derek E. Baird :: Barking Robot - 13 views

    Great site by expert on teen media, Derek Baird. Lost of links, lessons, infographics...

The Challenges of Digital Leadership - 46 views

    Scott McLeod summarizes the reasons that technology is not used effectively in independent schools, and gives suggestions for how to do it better.
Doug Henry

EarSketch - 45 views

    EarSketch teaches computer science through music composition and remixing! No prior knowledge of either computer science or music is needed. See "More About EarSketch" below to learn more about the software. I'm a student, how do I get started? Access the latest version of EarSketch here.
wendy allen

The Power of Digital Story | Edutopia - 45 views

  • places of learning must be places of listening that allow time and space for the speed of life to be digested in a meaningful way.
  • the flood of technology tools that allow for instant communication has spun us back into a golden age where story again dominates the media landscape
  • Great digital stories are rooted in their narrative.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • A thousand words isn't the true power of images. Great images link story elements, humanize the abstract, and force the audience to see invisible people and places. Images are a gateway into the soul of stories.
  • the best of digital storytelling comes from the art of iteration
  • Today's best tools for digital story will quickly become relics
  • story inspires story
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