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Deborah Baillesderr - 35 views

    106 Ways Parents Can Help Students Achieve
    106 Ways Parents Can Help Students Achieve
Ms. Rowley

As IQs Fall, Can Gamification Help? - 22 views

  • If Flynn is right, IQ and other standard tests have improved our conceptual sorting skills and atrophied our common sense.
  • As standardized tests became more important, our education system shifted toward emphasizing abstract thinking
    from Education - Instructional IT -

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Free Tools for Providing Remote Tech Help - 0 views

    Providing remote tech help
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Teach Parents Tech - Help for Technology Beginners - 4 views

    An easy way to help the technology phobic in your district.
Smith Shots

Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion | Economy on GOOD - 55 views

    "Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion"
N Butler

trakAxPC Help Centre - Video Tutorials, Wiki and Forums for trakAxPC - 19 views

    trakAcPC was recommended to create enhanced Podcasts. It is similar to Garage Band.
Darren Jones

HELP. Trying to figure out how to use Diigo in my class. - 51 views

Hi Joshua, I think it's because my sticky note was private. For some reason my Diigolet wouldn't let me add a public one, but if you are able to make your one public that should do it. Hopefully!

Help post it classroom blog open resources

Amy Holton

Need help with massive share - 15 views

Is there a way I can share a massive number of bookmarks with a group I have formed for faculty without having to post them one at a time from my library? I also have them as an html file from my ...


started by Amy Holton on 14 Sep 12 no follow-up yet
Christian King

Teens Get Math/Science Help at Alleyoop - 94 views

    An excellent adaptive learning site that provides online tutoring, interactive tools, and challenges in a fun and engaging way. Students need to use "yoops" (a virtual currency) to progress through activities. This does eventually require students to pay their way through the course as free yoops become increasingly difficult to acquire.. which is the largest drawback.

Lit Trip Tips - 5 views

    Help creating Lit Trips for Google Earth
Patrick Black

iTunes - Books - The Two Kids and Desert Town by Mr. Smith's 5th Grade Class - 54 views

    written by special education students, for special education students!
Brian Peoples

HippoCampus US History - AP US History I - Homework Help - 2 views

    Comprehensive online textbook
Kelsey Coker

Outlook 2003 - Gmail Help - 0 views

    • Kelsey Coker
      The instructions transitioning from step 1 to step 2 were a little confusing because in order to finish step 1 (enable IMAP) you need to know how your server (Outlook 2003, in my case) should be configured. Otherwise the explanation was easy to follow.
Greg Limperis

HippoCampus - - 59 views

    Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework
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