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Bill Noomah

Using Google Analytics and Student Created Content - 70 views

    A fifth grade project using student drawings and Google Analytics as a vehicle to learn about intellectual property, fair use, and privacy.
Greg Limperis

Six ways to keep teenagers safe online | Macworld - 51 views

    Some good guidance and some technical steps you can take. But the biggest takeaway is to be involved with your child, talk to them about your expectations, and spend time unplugged.
Glenn Hervieux

Calif. school district monitors kids' social media - 28 views

    "Geo Listening " provides a service that monitors the posts of the 14,000 students in the Glendale Unified School District, to help curtail cyberbullying, drug use, and other problems. This article provides for great discussion with students, teachers, admin., and parents.
Glenn Hervieux

Using Blogs to Help Students Develop Global Awareness - video - 82 views

    Linda Yollis, an award-winning 3rd grade teacher, made this video with her students to share how they have used blogs to learn the importance of connecting online with others online, about Digital Footprints and Internet safety, and sharing their voice. I think you'll enjoy it and hopefully think about the ways you encourage students to make their writing/learning visible and connect with others, whether it be a blog or an interactive online discussion. 
Michele Brown

AUP Online - Lersun Development - 26 views

    AUP Online is an instructional program that requires no staff development, is self contained, interactive, with electronic AUP document sign off.  This program provides a cost effective method to comply with the CIPA mandated instructional requirement, and provide much needed instruction to students as they participate in their online world.
Kim Collazo

Webonauts Internet Academy | PBS KIDS GO! - 3 views

    Internet Safety exploration site
Michael Garrity

Clawson Kids Learn - 67 views

    Three pages designed to provide elementary teachers resources for 1. Interactive Sites 2. Research & Internet Safety skills and 3. Keyboarding skills.
Bill Genereux

Online "Predators" and their Victims: Myths, Realities and Implications for Preventio... - 107 views

    The cyberpredator as portrayed in the media is largely inaccurate. Read this study to learn the truth about what is happening.
AnnMarie Furbur

ThinkB4U - 13 views

    Google and Common Sense Team Up

    We're excited to announce our collaboration with Google, Inc., on a new digital literacy portal, ThinkB4U. ThinkB4U is a "choose your own adventure" style interactive learning site designed to get everyone -- from parents to students to teachers -- thinking about how to use the Internet safely and responsibly.

    ThinkB4U is a "choose your own adventure" style interactive learning site designed to get everyone -- from parents to students to teachers -- thinking about how to use the Internet safely and responsibly.
Darcy Goshorn

Digital Literacy Tour - 14 views

    At Google, we support the education of families on how to stay safe online. That's why we've teamed up with online safety organization iKeepSafe to develop curriculum that educators can use in the classroom to teach what it means to be a responsible online citizen.

    The curriculum is designed to be interactive, discussion filled and allow students to learn through hands-on and scenario activities. On this site you'll find a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation.

Children's Internet Protection Act | - 61 views

    • anonymous
      Compare this to my school's Internet protection policy
    • James Allen
      is it a good comparison or no?
    Description of CIPA
Chris Betcher

Connect Safely |A Parents' Guide to Facebook | Safety Advice Articles - 107 views

    Welcome to A Parents' Guide to Facebook (PDF). It's designed to help you understand what Facebook is and how to use it safely. With it, you will be better informed and able to communicate with young Facebook users in your life more effectively.

Media and Technology Resources for Educators | Common Sense Media - 14 views

  • gital driver's license
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    <P>with complete confidence. Our online trainings show you how.</P></DIV>
    <DIV><A class="link" href="">More about
    parent professional development</A></DIV></DIV>
    <H2 class="pane-title">Research Credentials</H2>
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    <P>Check out our DNA. Our programs are built on respected digital ethics
    <DIV><A class="link" href="">More
    about parent research credentials</A></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV>
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    <H2 class="pane-title">Turn wired students into great digital citizens</H2>
    <DIV class="pane-content clear-block"><span class="read-this-more">Get all the
    tools you need with our FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum and
    Parent Media Education Program. The relevant, ready-to-use instruction helps you
    guide students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world
    where they live, study and play. Every day, your students are tested with each
    post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile update. Will they
    connect with like minds or spill ...</span> <A class="read-more-close"
    href="">read more</A></DIV>
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    Digital citizenship curriculum targets 4th, 5th graders
    Lesson plans, articles, and tools to teach Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety
    Internet safety FREE curriculum and implementation guides. The site has admin, teacher, and student resources. Digital Passport is one of the Internet Safety programs available.
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