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Martin Burrett

Mapswipe - 53 views

    "Want to explore the world through maps and help with humanitarian work at the same time? Map remote locations to help the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres and do just that!"
Martin Burrett

myHistro - 36 views

    A superb history tool which combines timelines, maps, text and media, such as videos and audio. A great way to add depth to the story of past events.
Lauren Rosen

Historypin - Activities and Downloadable Resources - 40 views

    Ideas for integrating HistoryPin
Aidan Rowe

Create Site Maps | Gliffy - 55 views

    "A site map lets you take a closer look at the pages in your site and how they lead into each other, whether you want a guide to post on your site or a concept diagram to present to stakeholders."

Google My Maps - Mister Sill - 50 views

    Jim Sill's resource for all the secrets to using My Maps
Jac Londe

Chrome Experiments - Experiments - 65 views

    Some times some brilliant peaple invents
    new manners to see the world and make us understand more easily
    abstracts concepts.
Gerald Carey

The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, but Germany is still divided - The Washington Post - 21 views

    A good site show how maps of different population data can be used to compare to formerly distinct populations
Martin Burrett

Using Online Maps in your teaching - 92 views

    Great set of tools and ideas for using maps to take students to places there may never visit in reality.
Randy Rodgers

Jauntful - 106 views

    Site lets users create interactive maps of any location. Users add pins, then share stories or information, images, etc. Could be a good tool for students learning about historical places, local communities, etc. Also a good tool for writing short expository texts.
Deborah Baillesderr - 56 views

    "Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share"
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