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Glenn Hervieux - 42 views

    Sexting handbook by Common Sense Media that talks straight guidance for teens and parents. Definitely one for Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

NYCDOE_Create the Digital Image You Want | Piktochart Infographic Editor - 62 views

    This infographic describes how your digital footprint is permanent and how it can positively or negatively affect your future.  Videos included in the infographic discuss how college admissions and future employers use the data found.  Links to various websites on digital citizenship and safety are found at the end.  This is a great lesson to start the school year, especially in a 1:1 district.
H DeWaard

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids about being online - 14 views

    guide, helpful for parents and educators, easy to read and use, contact, content, conduct

Who Are You Online? Considering Issues of Web Identity - - 90 views

    "NY Times writers collaborated with the Common Sense Media writer Kelly Schryver to focus on the increasingly important and nuanced question "Who Are You Online?" Times and Learning Network content as well as offerings from Common Sense Media's K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum for teaching and learning about this complex issue." Lots of avenues to take this material in working with students.
    Kelly Schryver presents a variety of links related to this topic, in collaboration with Common Sense Media.  Could be useful for student consideration.
Elizabeth Resnick

Teacher Guide- YT Curriculum- FULL - 51 views

    YouTube's policiesHow to report content on YouTubeHow to protect their privacy onlineHow to be responsible YouTube community membersHow to be responsible digital citizens
Dean Mantz

'Pre-crime' Comes to the HR Dept. - - 35 views

    Great article talking about how "H R" departments are starting to search for the "Real You".
Paul Bogush

Five Ideas for Making a Purposeful and Professional Digital Footprint - 48 views

    Five ideas to enable educators to develop and model a purposeful and professional digital footprint.
    1-Model responsible footprinting with your own practices in blogging, commenting, social networking, and picture posting.
    2-If you have established a professional blog, share it widely and proudly such as placing it in your email signature (if your employer will let you) and as Jeff Utecht suggests include your blog url when you comment on others blogs and in other forums. This enables others to see best practices and is a great way to get the conversation started.
    3-Google yourself (aka ego surfing). If you have something posted online that you'd be uncomfortable having a current or future student, parent, colleague, or employer find, delete it (if you can) or request that it be deleted. There are ways an aggressive internet detective can still find this information, but most won't go through the trouble and the mere fact that you deleted it shows some level of responsibility.
    4-If you do have online personal information and/or interests you wouldn't want discovered, use an unidentifiable screen name/avatar. This means you may need to update your screen name/avatar in your existing online presence.
    5-Engage in the conversation and professionally comment, reply, and present online, onsite, and at conferences.
Paul Bogush

When YOU Are the Brand - 37 views

    Personal branding and it's importance
Tracy Tuten

The Fischbowl - 23 views

    Insightful blog on using social media in education
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