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Lesley Grant

iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, & Android Apps - 114 views

    tested ipad apps that are appropraite for ages 0-4; 5-8; 9-12. Includes tips for parents, books and stories, creative apps.
Deb Minter

Rulemaking in Early Childhood - 50 views

    The rationale and guidelines for rulemaking with young children.
Deb Minter

When Children Make Rules - 37 views

    The article discusses the importance of rule making in the classroom and how constructivist teachers successfully implement child made rules.
Steve Ransom

Newsroom | Alliance for Childhood - 0 views

  • In many kindergarten classrooms there is no playtime at all. Teachers say the curriculum does not incorporate play, there isn’t time for it, and many school administrators do not value it.
    • Steve Ransom
      Then you can't really blame teachers here. Policy/curriculum has to change.
  • “We have had a politically and commercially driven effort to make kindergarten a one-size-smaller first grade. Why in the world are we trying to teach the elementary curriculum at the early childhood level?”
  • Finnish children similarly have a lengthy and playful childhood, not beginning formal schooling until age 7. Yet Finland consistently gets the highest scores on international exams.
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  • Crisis in the Kindergarten describes the current state of public kindergartens in the U.S. as “a national disgrace.”
    New studies show play losing out to formal lessons and tests, even though multiple benefits of imaginative play are well documented
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