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Garrett Eastman

Develop ing and Testing Smartphone Game Applications for Physical Activity Promotion in... - 0 views

    Abstract: "The purpose of this research was to develop and test smartphone game application for physical
    activity promotion in adolescen
    ts. The first study included various user
    centered approaches (e.g.
    qualitative data, idea sessions)
    to get feedback on what was desired from the adolescents in terms of game
    development and design. The second study examined the degree to which mobile heal
    th studies reported
    on internal and external validity indicators. The last study evaluated the smartphone game applications
    through a mixed
    methods approach.
    The results of this research showed that ph
    ysical activity while playing
    smartphone game
    tions can yield moderate physical activity intensity. Moreover, adolescents had moderate
    perceptions of the games and recommended specific changes to the games.
    Likewise, t
    he data suggest that
    smartphone physical activity game applications
    can be enjoyable
    if they are aesthetically appealing, easy
    to use,
    foster social peer interactions
    . Overall, t
    demonstrated that smartphone games that
    were developed and designed based on adolescents' preferences and persuasive technology design
    could increase physical activity in adolescents and provides a
    tool for further exploration."
Garrett Eastman

Mobile phone apps/games and its effect on the market - 0 views

    Abstract: "The advantage of using app verses tradition browsing on mobile devices in the market can
    improve communication with customer. Allowing more creative way to promote brand and
    advertise to the growing crowd of mobile ecommerce. Mobile apps will be a great tool to
    simplify the customer‟s path to products that they value in the future as mobile market grows
    larger and more complex. Organizations that fail to see and act on the potential of the growing
    mobile market will get left behind. Additionally those that can simplify mobile commerce,
    making commerce more interactive with less hassle, give customer the experience they want,
    more secure, and put all that in the palm of a customer‟s hand will be able to ride the trend to
Garrett Eastman

Can you make money with free services? - 0 views

    A presentation arguing that you can using internet games with enhancements available through micropayments
Garrett Eastman

Adding play to the HHS toolbox - 0 views

    Presentation by Erin Poetter from 2012 Games for Health conference
Garrett Eastman

Rising up from 38 Studios' ashes - Business - - 1 views

    Employees from Curt Schilling's failed game company pursuing new opportunities
Garrett Eastman

Game Design Secrets - Wagner James Au - Google Books - 0 views

    Excerpts in Google Books for this new title which covers iOS, Facebook and web games with emphasis on marketing and monetization
Garrett Eastman

Viral game sparking iPhone-demic - 0 views

    "A new iPhone game that turns players into pathogens keen on destroying humanity has gone viral and its creator and locals say the app does a better job of teaching users about disease than terrifying them. In the two weeks since its release, Plague Inc. has become the top paid app for iPhones."
Garrett Eastman

4 ways developers will use SmartGlass to enhance Xbox 360 experiences - 1 views

    "SmartGlass, a software-based application that extends Xbox 360 experiences onto smartphones and tablets, does shine best when paired with television or movie entertainment. That's where programmers have fleshed out the most whiz-bang features at this time, but game designers have clever plans for this tech, too."
Garrett Eastman

Honor Bound: The Casual Transmedia Game A Case Study of a New Game Design Framework - 0 views

    CTG is a game that combines elements of ARGs and casual gaming, another gaming genre that
    Schluckebier | Senior Communication Thesis 2012 | 4
    is increasing in popularity with the rising rate of smartphones (Chau 2006). In combining these
    elements in a CTG, a game can be designed that caters both to hardcore gamers, to casual gamers and to those who have no gaming experience "
Garrett Eastman

Serious gaming is more than entertainment - 0 views

    SOUTH FREEPORT, Maine - Ben Sawyer helped train the next generation of university leaders, worked to school Cisco employees in binary math and is hoping to help at-risk youths avoid the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. For him, it's all a game - a serious game. Sawyer is the co-founder of Digitalmill Inc., a game design consulting firm that is focused on the "serious games" space."
Garrett Eastman

The Digital Doctor is in ... your phone - 0 views

    "Alan Price had a successful career in the video game industry as chief technology officer for EA Games in Canada. But a desire to create games that would do more than simply entertain, combined with a transformation in his industry that has seen video games shift from consoles to smartphones and social networks, prompted Price join the burgeoning digital health sector where he's creating wellness apps for kids."
Garrett Eastman - Postmortem of my Android Game App - 0 views

    Considers the Google OS not worthwhile for commercial projects but for "hobby" development
Garrett Eastman

The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study | Smashing UX Design - 0 views

    "The app world is becoming cluttered. The best launch initiatives are those that involve choosing strategic partners, creating clever story angles that dovetail with newsworthy occasions, and running a cause marketing campaign and contest. This case study will cover some of these tactics and offer some of the lessons we learned along the way."
Garrett Eastman

Video Game to Promote Organ Donations - 0 views

    Posted in News, Business, Government & Regulation, Transplant PITTSBURGH-A new video game called "Doctor Transplant" will go live and be available as a free download on the Apple App store in April, and Facebook shortly after. Developed by a professor at University of Pittsburgh's school of Public Health to encourage organ donations.
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