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Garrett Eastman

Marketing in Game Design - 1 views

    Abstract: " wanted to inspect how developing a game
    rspective a
    on the game design. The purpose of this
    thesis is to
    the valid aspects of product marketing
    for games
    , how they are
    perceived in game industry and how those aspects affect to the game design.
    question I am asking is how to make marketing
    nt part of
    game development
    Through m
    y thesis project, Puzzleplatf
    orm, I s
    tudy how the marketing aspects
    the game concept itself
    and how
    se aspects can be implemented in the game
Garrett Eastman

Mobile phone apps/games and its effect on the market - 0 views

    Abstract: "The advantage of using app verses tradition browsing on mobile devices in the market can
    improve communication with customer. Allowing more creative way to promote brand and
    advertise to the growing crowd of mobile ecommerce. Mobile apps will be a great tool to
    simplify the customer‟s path to products that they value in the future as mobile market grows
    larger and more complex. Organizations that fail to see and act on the potential of the growing
    mobile market will get left behind. Additionally those that can simplify mobile commerce,
    making commerce more interactive with less hassle, give customer the experience they want,
    more secure, and put all that in the palm of a customer‟s hand will be able to ride the trend to
Garrett Eastman

Defining Gamification - A Service Marketing Perspective - 0 views

    "During recent years "gamification" has gained significant attention among practitioners and game scholars. However, the current understanding of gamification has been solely based on the act of adding systemic game elements into services. In this paper, we propose a new definition for gamification, which emphases the experiential nature of games and gamification, instead of the systemic understanding. Furthermore, we tie this definition to theory from service marketing because majority of gamification implementations aim towards goals of marketing, which brings to the discussion the notion of how customer / user is always ultimately the creator of value. Since now, the main venue for academic discussion on gamification has mainly been the HCI community. We find it relevant both for industry practitioners as well as for academics to study how gamification can fit in the body of knowledge of existing service literature because the goals and the means of gamification and marketing have a significant overlap."
Garrett Eastman

Game Design Secrets - Wagner James Au - Google Books - 0 views

    Excerpts in Google Books for this new title which covers iOS, Facebook and web games with emphasis on marketing and monetization
Garrett Eastman


    "As marketers invest more and more money into in-game brand placements, little research has tested the effects of
    videogame customization and controller type in relation to advertising effects, even though these factors have demonstrated
    importance in other areas of gaming research. Results from an experiment show that game customization significantly increases
    recall of an integral brand placement-one that is central to actual game play-but not of peripheral brands, which simply appear
    within the game. Regardless of brand type, players using a traditional controller exhibit significantly greater recall than those who
    use a newer, more naturally mapping controller. An interaction effect indicates that the influence of controller type disappears
    when customization is allowed; this effect is not specific to either type of brand. These results are interpreted through models of
    processing fluency and the limited capacity model of motivated mediated message processing. The article concludes with
    marketing implications regarding technological videogame advances."
Garrett Eastman

PromaxBDA Announces 2012 Game Marketing Summit Keynotes and Speaker Roster - 0 views

    "April 17 in San Francisco, CA at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. AOL's Digital Prophet David Shing will be the Marketing Keynote speaker and Electronic Arts Digital EVP Kristian Segerstrale will be the Innovation Keynote speaker. Additionally, Activision Publishing, Inc. Vice President John Coyne and LifeCourse Associates Founding Partner and President Neil Howe will be among a number of highlight speakers at the Game Marketing Summit, a full day event that brings together the leading companies and industry brand and marketing executives for discussion, deliberation and debate around the issues and opportunities in the video game entertainment industry."
Garrett Eastman

Game Development for iOS with Unity3d - CRC Press Book - 0 views

    Forthcoming June 2012
Garrett Eastman

Slow Play Strategies: Digital Games Walkthroughs and the Perpetual Upgrade Economy - 0 views

    "disruptive and resistant practices that exploit, explore, dissect, and above all, linger on the "old games" that videogame advertisers and marketers would perhaps rather see resigned to the bargain bucket or the back of the cupboard."
Garrett Eastman

The Virtual Hand: Exploring the Societal Impact of Video Game Industry Business Models - 0 views

    Application of political economics to the study of video game industry business models
Garrett Eastman

Replayability of Video Games - 0 views

    "what makes a video game replayable and why exactly the replayability of a game should matter to the companies producing the games and the consumers buying them.
    Information on replayability is very important to both the companies producing games and the consumers purchasing them. It is necessary for companies to achieve a balance in the amount of replayability a video game possesses. In other words, companies should aim for a certain ―value‖ of game play per dollar. If a game is not replayable, consumers will quickly tire
    of the game and discard it, as it does not have high replay value. This takes away from the popularity of the game and possible sales from future games in the same series. On the other hand, if the game is too replayable, the consumer may not feel a need to buy any more games and video game companies will be unable to generate a profit. For companies, the value of the game requires a delicate balance to produce a game which will keep players interested long enough for the company to develop a new game before they tire of the game they have, but not too long so that when the company release the new game the buyers are in line waiting for it."
Garrett Eastman

Predicting Video Game Sales Using an Analysis of Internet Message Board Discussions - 0 views

    "In this study we build and analyze corpora of
    internet message board discussions and use this analysis to build a model that attempts to
    predict videogame sales figures. Weekly corpora are built by downloading and processing
    text consisting of the discussions of a large community focused on the topic of videogames.
    This text is then analyzed to determine which videogame titles generate the most discussion
    within the community for each week. We use support vector regression to create a model that
    is able to make predictions about future sales figures"
Garrett Eastman

Hasbro to build game development center in RI - Mass High Tech Business News - 0 views

    "Center of Excellence for Games," game marketing and game development for Hasbro moved to Rhode Island with unfortunate results for some Massachusetts employees.
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