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Garrett Eastman

Video Games Around the World - 7 views

    Published May 2015, from publisher's description: "Video games have become a global industry, and their history spans dozens of national industries where foreign imports compete with domestic productions, legitimate industry contends with piracy, and national identity faces the global marketplace. This volume describes video game history and culture across every continent, with essays covering areas as disparate and far-flung as Argentina and Thailand, Hungary and Indonesia, Iran and Ireland."
Garrett Eastman

BrainQuest: an active smart phone game to enhance executive function - 0 views

    Abstract: "Brain Quest is an active smart phone game designed to promote both physical activity and executive function in 10-11 year old children. This paper describes the user centred design process which involved a team of psychologists, HCI experts, physical activity specialists and thirty four children over a period of 18 months. Results of two preliminary studies are promising, suggesting that BrainQuest is enjoyable, promotes moderate physical activity and has the potential to provide cognitive scaffolding of the key executive function (EF) skill of multitasking."
Garrett Eastman

Gamification in Health Care Is Booming, but Is it Effective? - iHealthBeat - 1 views

    "Tom Baranowski of Baylor College of Medicine, Willis Gee of Cigna, Cameron Lister of Brigham Young University, Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and Rhett Woods of Rally Health spoke with iHealthBeat about the growing use of digital gaming to encourage healthy behaviors and reduce costs."
Garrett Eastman

Video Game Accessibility: A Legal Approach | Powers | Disability Studies Quarterly - 1 views

    "Video game accessibility may not seem of significance to some, and it may sound trivial to anyone who does not play video games. This assumption is false. With the digitalization of our culture, video games are an ever increasing part of our life. They contribute to peer to peer interactions, education, music and the arts. A video game can be created by hundreds of musicians and artists, and they can have production budgets that exceed modern blockbuster films. Inaccessible video games are analogous to movie theaters without closed captioning or accessible facilities. The movement to have accessible video games is small, unorganized and misdirected. Just like the other battles to make society accessible were accomplished through legislation and law, the battle for video game accessibility must be focused toward the law and not the market."
Garrett Eastman

Understanding Gamification of Consumer Experiences - 1 views

    From the abstract: "we present
    an experience framework in order to show the effect of gamification
    on consumers' experiences that is illustrated through four extended
    examples. We conclude this article with a few implications for future
    research into, as well as practical application for the successful gamification
    of consumer experiences. But first, we discuss what gamification
    is and what it is not."
Garrett Eastman

Games Autonomy Motivation & Education - 2 views

    From the summary: "This thesis reviews and utilizes concepts from cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and game design to bring forth a number of design principles for educational games that may improve students' motivation to learn. The main contribution of this thesis is a novel approach to serious game design, namely envisioning play and learning as a restructuring practice. This change of perspective, from a formal game design approach (focused on rules and regulations) towards a more activity centered approach (focused on process and style), may help designers to leverage the motivational potential of games, in order to make education more engaging to students."
Garrett Eastman

The Popularity of Gamification in the Mobile and Social Era - 1 views

    First chapter of Bohyun Kim's recently published Understanding Gamification (remaining chapters require purchase or subscription,) an issue of the journal Library Technology Reports. Topics include game mechanics, gamification in libraries and education, and elements of design.
Garrett Eastman

U California Santa Barbara Launches Multidisciplinary Game Research Center -- Campus Te... - 0 views

    "The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) has launched the Center for Digital Games Research to study digital media and games from a multidisciplinary approach. Launched with seed funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the center brings together 30 faculty members with expertise in "human-computer interaction, virtual environments, simulations, social networks, data mining, interactive storytelling and narrative, media neuroscience and behavioral health," among others, according to a news release."
Garrett Eastman

How to be a gamer! Exploring personal and social indicators of gamer identity - 0 views

    "Over the past decades, digital games have continued to extend their audience as they moved into the cultural mainstream. Despite this fact, however, only a portion of those who play games consider themselves a gamer. Drawing on insights from social identity theory, this study explores the factors that contribute to why people attribute a gamer identity to self or others."
Garrett Eastman

Disciplinary integration of digital games for science learning - 0 views

    From the introduction: "In this paper, we focus on theorizing the design of digital games to support the learning of
    core scientific concepts and representational practices. Theoretically, we consider two frameworks: Knowledge in Pieces (or KiP) (diSessa 1993; Hammer 1996; Sherin 2001; Clark et al. 2009) and Science as Practice (or SaP) (Pickering 1995; Lehrer and Schauble 2006a; Duschl et al. 2007). While KiP is a theory about the structure of human knowledge, SaP is a theoretical perspective about the development of scientific expertise. Grounded in the history of science, SaP argues that the development of scientific concepts is deeply intertwined with the development of epistemic and representational practices (e.g., modeling). We report how these theoretical frameworks have shaped the design
    of our digital games for learning
    Newtonian dynamics across an extended design experiment. We show how shifting from KiP
    to SaP as the underlying theoretical anchor has ena
    bled a shift from designing games that
    focus on conceptual integration (Clark and Martinez-Garza 2012) to games that focus on disciplinary integration. Whereas conceptually integrated games integrate the targeted
    conceptual relationships directly into the mechanics of the core game environment, disciplinary integration extends conceptual integration by incorporating disciplinary practices
    as well as conceptual relationships into the mechanics of interacting with, manipulating, or
    navigating the core game environment. "
Garrett Eastman

From the Archives: All About Games - 3 views

    A compilation of articles previously published on Chronicle of Higher Ed website on teaching with games, education and play, gamification, game software
Garrett Eastman

Finding a Place for Video Games on your Campus - 0 views

    University of Minnesota librarians deliver an engaging slide presentation with creative ideas for initiating a video game culture in libraries, noting the many educational applications.
Garrett Eastman

Can Playing Video Games Help With Dyslexia? - 0 views

    "Most parents prefer that their children pick up a book rather than a game controller. But for kids with dyslexia, action video games may be just what the doctor ordered."
Garrett Eastman

Glitch and Public Domain Game Resources - 5 views

    A defunct game releases its code into the public domain. What opportunities does this present for developers and students?
Garrett Eastman

THE CUBE - A145 megapixel interactive AV experience at QUT - 3 views

    An interactive sci tech oriented video project at Queensland University of Technology
Garrett Eastman

Valve helps teens prepare for the game industry with new Pipeline experiment - 1 views

    "Valve wants to help. The 17-year-old Bellevue company just launched Pipeline, an experimental project aimed to educate high schoolers about the ins and outs of the video game industry."
Garrett Eastman

Creating an Online Game for Farm Safety - 0 views

    From the abstract: "New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Healt
    h (NYCAMH) has a need for a
    web-based educational game to educate families on farm saf
    ety. This project demonstrates a
    proposed game design that combines the elements of gaming th
    at enhance learning with the
    feedback received from NYCAMH. Feedback was solicited th
    rough a series of prototypes
    delivered to NYCAMH through an agile software development
    process. The proposed design
    follows a constructivist approach to place the learner in
    a context based on reality. The aspects
    of the game design that engage and motivate students by blend
    ing entertainment with learning
    are discussed."
Garrett Eastman

Acclimating Students To College Campus Utilizing G ame s - 0 views

    Using a video game to orient incoming students to college offices and services and improve the game as a result of participant feedback.
Garrett Eastman

Mapping 3D Character Location for Tracking Players' Behaviour - 1 views

    Abstract: "Serious Games are increasingly used as a tool for
    various applications contrary to the traditional enterta
    purpose. Many game engines are available, and Unity3D is
    another example that presents some features such as rapid
    prototyping and an easy learning curve. The 3D space where
    action takes place is sometimes hard to map into a logical
    memory structure
    providing flexible access to that information.
    The problem of tracking players
    as well as their
    in 3D environments arises when there is no previous knowledge
    of the scenario representation and the creation of a memory data
    structure poses
    an extra effort for the modeller.
    The proposed
    solution in this paper, albeit simple, is a straightforward way to
    track the location of the video game character and map it when
    she passes certain limits. Th
    is mechanism
    proved to represent
    a key step
    addressing the important issue of tracking
    the decision
    making process of players for future analysis and
    behaviour elicitation."
Garrett Eastman

Can Digital Games Boost Students' Test Scores? - 0 views

    On educational games and learning outcomes and consideration of games as complements to teacher instruction and collaboration
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