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Scott Beamer - 10 views

  • Diigo has been an often requested addition. We have some concerns, however. First Diigo's API requires sending your username and password in the clear on each request. In practice, that may not be a problem, but we prefer to send aaccount credetials over encrypted channnels. That doesn't seem to be possbile with Diigo, currently.
    • Scott Beamer
      I hope Diigo fixes this soon....
    Capture your Tweets with URLs in them and save said URLS to your Diigo bookmarks!
Never Knew

Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome - 18 views

    Cross reference (2007-05-03), keep diigolet active - maybe Greasemetal can be used similarly to GreaseKit.
Chris Lott

Blog this? - 5 views

UPDATE: I see it is in the "more actions" tab-- wasn't there at one point a way to do it by right-clicking on a page and/or from the toolbar? Is there any other way besides going back to one's book...

blogthis blog tools

Graham Perrin

Post to Diigo not working - 6 views

Problems with both and

resolved worksforme bug tools bookmarklet post Diigo

George Bradford

Enhancing Linkrolls - 32 views

I would like to be able to modify the script for linkrolls that will inserted into another website so that the linkroll script will pull any submissions for bookmarks/titles/descriptions by *any* g...

diigo tools linkrolls enhancement

started by George Bradford on 08 May 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

tool bar - 11 views

Certainly, you may disable or uninstall the Diigo extension. In its place, you may use Diigolet: - that is, a step below Diigo in the list of tools. If you ...

Diigo toolbar Diigolet tools help resolved

Graham Perrin

Broken links - 242 views

Cross reference

diigo tools suggestion

Graham J

Autopost to blog not working? - 37 views

Is the "Auto Post to Blog" tool working for anyone? It's not working for me, I'm using a MetaWebBlogAPI blog. The strange thing is that "Send To Blog" works, so I know that the blog is accepting p...

diigo tools blog xmlrpc

started by Graham J on 18 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

System requirements for Diigo for Firefox - 34 views closing paragraphs of comment 4 suggests that Diigo Toolbar presents without error in Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5.6, Intel. Beyo...

Toolbar Firefox browser system requirements tools gpd4

David Corking

7 Reasons Diigo Tastes Better Than Delicious | | 2008 - 5 views

  • 7 Reasons Diigo Tastes Better Than Delicious
  • I’ve used Delicious for a long time to manage my Web bookmarks. It was easy to use, accessible from any browser, and worked well with Firefox. For all my needs, it was a great bookmarking service.
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • Then I found Diigo, and suddenly Delicious didn’t look so good anymore. Diigo is another social bookmarking service (and one we’ve covered before), offering all of Delicious’ relevant features and much more. I left Delicious, and haven’t ever looked back. There are a lot of things I love about Diigo, but there are seven features that sold me on using Diigo for all my bookmarking needs. These are all in addition to the features I deem non-negotiable for social bookmarking sites- tagging, Firefox extensions, looking at popular bookmarks, etc.
  • 1. Highlighting
  • 2. Saving Pages is Easier Than Ever, Regardless of Browser
  • If you’re using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Flock, the Diigo toolbar has all the features you could want - bookmark, search, highlight, and organize all your Web pages right from the toolbar. If you’re not into those browsers, though there’s a great bookmarklet that lets you do most of that with any browser. I use Chrome, and all the functionality I need is built right into the bookmarklet. Delicious becomes more difficult to use outside of Firefox (there are bookmarklets, but they pale in comparison), and Diigo keeps on working fine.
  • 3. Functional Commenting and Real Conversations
  • This is one of my favorite features of Diigo - when you’re reading a page, you can make comments right on the page, that show up as speech bubbles. If another Diigo user comes across the page, they’ll be able to see your comment. You can see (in the Firefox sidebar) who’s reading a page you’re on, who’s talking about it, and a real conversation can happen - unlike in Delicious, when all you can see is someone’s bookmarks.
  • 4. Send Bookmarks to Facebook or Twitter with one click
  • With one click, you can send a Diigo bookmark to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog. It truly takes one click, from “Send” to the service you want to use. If you want to send bookmarks to Facebook, you’ll have to install the Diigo Facebook app. You can also have Diigo create a daily digest of your latest bookmarks and send it to your blog, which I’d debate the usefulness of, but the functionality is there. Being able to bookmark a site on Twitter in particular straight from Diigo is big for me, and makes Twitter easier and quicker to use.
  • 5. Sites Help You Find Deeper Cuts
  • When you bookmark a page with Diigo, it bookmarks more than just the link (like those other sites). It bookmarks the entire page you were on, which has two great implications. First, it means you can preview sites within the Diigo page. You can view your bookmarked page, without ever leaving Diigo. It also means that you can search the full text of pages you bookmark.
  • Your bookmarks live in Diigo, so if a site goes down or is unavailable, you can still find it in Diigo, as well as search and view it. Diigo’s become a social-bookmarking machine, and I left Delicious and never looked back. If you want to make the switch, you can import your bookmarks from most other services- making the switch is so easy, there’s no reason not to! Diigo’s the new gold standard in social bookmarks. Do you use social bookmarking services? Which one? What are the killer features that make you use the one you’ve got?
  • I’m a big YouTube fan, but there are way more videos than I can possibly figure out. With “Sites“, you’re able to go through a particular site (including MakeUseOf) and find out what other people are bookmarking and reading about. You can create a watchlist, and whenever someone bookmarks a page from that site, you see it. It’s a great way to find popular and cool stuff in big, content-full sites that you might not notice otherwise.
  • 6. Simultaneously bookmark things to Diigo and Elsewhere - even Delicious! If you have a Ma.gnolia, Delicious, or Simpy account that you want to hold on to for posterity, you can set up Diigo to simultaneously bookmark pages to Diigo and to your other service, using the “Save Elsewhere” feature. I like this because it means you can use the vastly superior Diigo, but for all four different services. Just enter your account info, and you can start bookmarking all over the Web, with one click!
  • 7. Bookmark and Search Entire Web Pages
  • I seem to always bookmark a page, and then come back to it later and forget what it was that I cared about on the page
  • No more searching through the page again to find what it was you cared about.
    Hear hear to all of this. I have used the "full text'" search in Furl many times, and I am delighted that Diigo has a similar feature.
Leonie Wagner

free survey tool needed - 38 views

Hey there, I am looking for a free online survey tool for my diploma thesis... Can anyone help?


started by Leonie Wagner on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Mr. DiGi

Save Elsewhere doesn't work for Simpy - 55 views

Tags are included in exports (I tried Netscape format) - it is not so simple to get them out but they are inside... Or you can try API, but is is not so simple ( I d...

simpy tools

ignt rn

Search results - 36 views

Currently, when you are browsing search results, there's no button that lets you save them as bookmarks (like the "preview/save/quicksave/comment" bar when you're browsing your watchlist or friends...

searching tools

started by ignt rn on 03 May 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

educators group - 1 views

    Diigo - This cool tool has transformed my bookmarking, blogging, sharing, and twittering. Install it, set it up to send to your delicious account. Join the educators group (getting close to 400 members) and ad4dcss groups - when you send things to the group, make sure you select at least one of the tags that "pops up" (these are from our tag dictionary.) Also, go to tools and set up a nice little daily autoblog based upon a tag you specify. (Some just put the tag "blog" for everything they want to go to their blog that day!) To get the most out of it, you definitely should use firefox and install the cute little bookmarklets. This is a definite tool for those writing papers!
Mah Saito

Top Ten Tools: 2008 Update « Zigmasb's Weblog - 0 views

  • 8. Diigo: Diigo is my primary social bookmarking tool and how I generate my daily bookmark posts for my blog. I do so much online research for both the courses I develop and for my own personal learning; a good system to track all the resources I find is indispensable. Diigo’s also improved a lot since I started using it, and they’ve learned to take user feedback seriously.
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