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Kala Parva

Linkroll not functioning - 35 views

Dear Sandy, Thank you and the Diigo team for the quick response. It works fine now. Cheers Santosh

Linkroll Tags Error

Roger Sevilla

Enhanced Linkrolls and only these tags - 56 views

Thank you! I looked pretty hard and never found those directions on the site. Perhaps that nugget should be a bit more "discoverable"? (in fact I found directions to use "tag1 +tag2" ) Thanks again!

linkrolls enhancedlinkrolls linkroll enhanced

Nathan Budd

Problems with Enhancing Linkrolls and Wordpress - 170 views

Well I'm glad that you've got it figured out at least, that's half the battle. Please keep me updated on how this progresses. Thanks for your help!

help linkroll WordPress

Graham Perrin

Linkroll not working - 29 views

Thanks for the reply :) Tag: resolved

diigo bug help linkroll resolved

Jeanette Brooks

Group linkroll isn't updating - 20 views

Thank you Vincent! Appreciate your help!

group linkroll updating help

Graham Perrin

no icon on enhanced linkroll - 18 views

Hi I have been trying to set up the MyDiigo linkroll on my WordPress blog. But altho I tick the icon box (cos I want it) the icon never shows up and neither do my bookmarks. can someone help me pl...

bug icon linkroll diigo

Graham Perrin

enhanced linkroll: preview: description present but not required - 11 views

1. 2. de-select the option    [  ] show description: 3. filter by tag Bug Descriptions appear in the preview. Scope I have not tested to see whether des...

bug linkroll preview description gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 11 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

group: wording: titles of home page, invitation, e-mails, feed, linkroll etc. are misle... - 12 views

If the group is named Organisational restructuring working groups then the title of the home page is Group Organisational restructuring working groups's best content ...

wording group suggestion RSS feed page title linkroll gpd4

Graham Perrin

Linkroll problems - 23 views

> 3) For some tags in 'only these tags', no bookmarks are appearing > even in the preview even though there are bookmarks > tagged with that tag. Please enable e-mail notification for group lin...

bug linkroll

Vincent Tsao

group linkroll not retrieving tagged items - 30 views

Cross reference

bug fixed verified resolved thanks group tag linkroll gpd4 thank you

Graham Perrin

Enhanced Linkroll and Private Bookmarks - 36 views

I don't use linkrolls, sorry; you could experiment …

linkroll private

Katie Bercury

Enhanced Linkroll not updating - 29 views

I have been using the Diigo linkroll in my wordpress sidebar for a very long time now and just realized that it isn't updating. I have it set to only present my links with a particular tag, and it ...

WordPress linkroll bug

Paula Hay

linkroll HTML? - 43 views

Hi Joel, the formatting for the linkroll text isn't working -- bold, sizing, etc. I believe it was conflicting with my existing stylesheet, but without knowing what the HTML of the linkroll looks l...

linkroll css

KARR 4.0 !

Group Linkrolls - 31 views

My Pleaser :) BTW whats ur Blogs address and what it about . linkroll help resolved

Graham Perrin

Private items on Linkroll - 22 views

I have successfully set up an enhanced linkroll on my website, but it seems to include the items items that I have marked as private. Is there anyway to customize the script to prevent it posting p...

linkroll private resolved

Paul Streby

Enhanced linkroll doesn't work - 70 views

theenergynet wrote: > 1. Your enhanced linkroll script fails to work properly. I created an enhanced linkroll in Firefox, but when I checked the "only annotated" box, nothing showed up. I have ...

bookmarks geomap library linkroll network newsvine script

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